Other mistake: Throughout the entire hub world, Gotham, almost anywhere the character goes is crowded with the Joker's goons and henchmen who come to attack and attempt to kill the current character being played. However, if the character currently being played is The Joker himself, the goons and henchmen will still attack and attempt to kill him anyway.

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Suggested correction: Several times, you can see that the thugs are not the Joker's goons.

Question: How do I get my custom character to fly? Sometimes I press the jump button twice and it will fly but other times, when I press the jump button, it jumps once and then falls down. It doesn't fly at all.

Chosen answer: I am afraid custom characters do not possess the ability to fly. The LEGO pieces that construct the custom characters are taken from the designs of other characters within the game and will be able to use the weapons owned by some characters, but a custom character flying is not possible. The only characters who can fly are those who have already been designed into the game that way (e.g. Superman, Green Lantern).

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