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Corrected entry: Episode 1, It's About Time: Marty goes back to 1931 in the DeLorean to save Doc from being killed by Kid Tannen. Marty had to find Doc's younger self, get alcohol from a soup kitchen without anyone noticing, give a summons to his grandfather without trying to disrupt the time line and finish an experiment to get him out of for burning down a speakeasy using a drill in the experiment. However, Marty had a time machine. He could have just gone to before Doc even burned down the speakeasy and bring him back to his time but instead chose to go through all that when he could have gone to somewhere else incredibly simpler. The DeLorean was about two miles away from where he was, but he still had an ENTIRE DAY to save Doc.

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Correction: Marty actually had this exact idea, but Doc told him he shouldn't do that, as if Doc wasn't arrested in the first place, Marty wouldn't come to 1931, as their would be no hint of Doc being present in this time, creating a paradox.

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