Stupidity: Character Viewer: Some of SpongeBob's animations are broken and unused and may not be present in the final, also more of the character's unused animations can be seen, but not when playing the game. You can see their unused and broken animations when viewing the characters. (00:18:51)

Bug: Level One: Find Officer Nancy in Downtown Bikini Bottom. If you jump into the air and push the "Talk to Officer Nancy" button whilst in the air, you will see SpongeBob and Officer Nancy aren't even looking at each other yet the conversation still goes anyway as if they were looking at each other. This only works if you push the talk button whilst double jumping in the air and you are coming from the left hand side of the street.

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Trivia: The "I Married A Sea Bear" article from the SpongeBob episode "The Camping Episode" is seen on the desk next to the TV in Shady Shoal's Retirement Home.

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Chosen answer: Rock Bottom was featured in the episode "Rock Bottom".

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