Factual error: During the riot at Rikers Island, Castle is able to enter Death Row and torture an inmate in the electric chair for information. New York State abolished the death penalty back in 1965.

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Suggested correction: This game is set in a fictional universe. Whatever laws and practices take place in the real world don't apply here.

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The Marvel Universe may be fictional but a lot of the story-lines take place in real world locations such as San Francisco and New York so real world rules would still need to be applied.

This is a world that features many government agencies that don't exist in our world, such as S.H.I.E.L.D., and as such, different laws could exist and they would fall under artistic license. Unless the writers themselves specifically acknowledge that the rules of our world also apply to their work, then we have to accept their fictional universe exactly as it is presented to us.

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