Spoiler! What will happen to the Skywalker lightsaber?

Movies Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017)
Now it's broken, will Rey try to fix it if possible, or use the Kyber crystal for a new weapon?Darth Crucible

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Did she keep the broken pieces? I can't remember the details of the scene. If she kept (or could have kept) the pieces then it would be one of those Chekhov's gun things and I would expect to see it reappear in the sequel. If not then it's less likely to reappear, but still not impossible.

11 months ago

I believe she will use her skills as a scavenger to repair the lightsaber and claim it as her own believing herself to be its rightful heir.

11 months ago


We won't know till the next film comes out. However, I don't think she kept the parts, and it's likely that with Kylo's hatred of Luke that he will throw away the pieces. That or it will just be left in that ship as they junk it or whatever, considering that it's Snoke's ship who is now dead. And the ship got completely trashed by Holdo when she lightspeed through it.

The most likely case for Ray is that Luke will come back as a Force Ghost and guide her into creating a new saber, which only Force sensitive people can do safely and effectively if you do it with a natural crystal for the best effects. The alignment of the crystals in the sabers has to be precise and perfect. And seeing as how natural crystals are imperfect, it takes a very specific alignment that pretty much only Force users can achieve. Other wise the saber will detonate in your hand upon activation.

Sabers CAN be made with artificial crystals that are manufactured... but they are flawed and not near as powerful.

4 months ago

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