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When submitting for a tv show, if you've got multiple mistakes for 1 episode you have to click submit something else for bones. Then scroll thru all the options until you get to your episode.

While this isn't a problem for the most part, by time you get to season 11 it's really annoying having to scroll thru to the episode. Especially if using a mobile.

Is there a way you could put a link after submitting an entry that is along the lines of "submit something for the same episode"

Just would save a fair bit of time. Especially when watching the show with my partner who doesn't let me pause to type out each mistake.A Demon Premium member

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Very good point! Hopefully not too fiddly to add - will get on it when I can...

3 weeks ago

Jon Sandys Premium member

Right, finally got around to doing this - clicking "add something else" now defaults to the episode you just submitted for. Partly it's easier to code it that way, partly it avoids having the clutter of "add something else" and "add something else for this episode". If you wanted to submit something else for a different episode you'd have to change the episode anyway, so hopefully it's not too big a pain! But if it's a grind and having it as a separate option would be better, let me know.

6 days ago

Jon Sandys Premium member

Works perfectly. Even as you move on to the next episode it's only 1 episode to move and not have to go thru all of them. Thanks Jon

3 days ago

A Demon Premium member

You're welcome!

2 days ago

Jon Sandys Premium member

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