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Shouldn't there be a distinction between regular factual errors and anachronisms? I always liked the word and the type of mistake. Is it an option to make them a seperate mistake type?lionhead

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You know... the more I think about this the more it seems that this does need to be an added part of the site. Or at the very least edit the Factual Error mistake type to be Factual Error/Anachronism.
Cause there are a lot of these! Even the way people talk. Like the opening of Hotel Transylvania 3 is set in the I think the late 1880's or early 1900's and yet the people talk with modern slang like "I'm freaking out" and stuff.

So I'll talk with Jon and see if we can work something out to get that mistake type a thing on the site.

3 weeks ago

Quantom X Premium member

I can see how that would work as a separate mistake type. However most people wouldn't even know what that means.

3 months ago

Quantom X Premium member

Fair point.

3 months ago


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