Waste of talent

Movies People Self/less (2015) Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds can act but never seems to get the chance to do so in recent films.. Maybe that's on him for his role choices, I don't know. But he's been in loads of films where he's just playing the same type of action-y character - his character in Self/less is interchangeable with him in Safe House for example. Is it just easy money to be in this kind of film (which basically descends into a chase sequence) or did it look better on paper when he read the script??

And the climactic scene where he sets the bad guy on fire with a flame thrower was just nasty. How can you have sympathy for his character after that?

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As the main character he normally has trouble staying on point because he usually is more of a comedian than an actor (same with Chris Pratt often). That was painfully obvious in Green Lantern. But Deadpool is a role he was born for. His talent is best use as that character and i hope he makes many films and cameos.

11 months ago


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