Michael’s incompetency

TV The Office (2005)
I want to see if people have worked for managers that seem as incompetent as Michael, yet were also successful. Or discuss his character development. He seems too incompetent, oblivious, and unintentionally offensive to ever remain as a manager, let alone rise to the rank of manager. But then they show him having great salesmanship skills (like when he got the contract with the county the night he hooked up with Jan) that seem completely out of character. But then can’t use that same salemanship skill in other situations (like apologizing for the offensive watermark). Sure, it’s funny to have a character like Michael Scott, but does anyone else think there’s times where he’s essentially out of character for the sake of the plot? (And I’m looking for a forum discussion that doesn’t involve “well, that’s just how it’s written”, etc). Bishop73

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