Anyone else disappointed she adopted it?

Movies Juno (2007)
I didn't know the outcome and was expecting Juno to change her mind about adopting out the baby all the way through the pregnancy.. Especially after it turned out that Jason Bateman was not into adopting and splits with the wannabe mum.

It's a nice thing that Juno stuck to her word about going through with the adoption, because it would have been crummy of her to pull the rug out when the adoptive mother was so keen - but at the same time it doesn't sit quite right with me as a satisfying ending..

When it shows Juno and Bleeker sitting on the wall playing guitar at the end all I can think is 'if they stay together into adulthood, and have another child, how are they going to deal with the fact that they gave away their first child, the older sibling of their current child?' I can only think that would have a negative impact in a relationship, because of doubts or regret or what ifs..if you assume it will really never bother them, that feels kind of sad too.

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