How did you find the website

Pretty simple really. I was shown it by a friend around 2003 for the first time signed up eventually to keep track of films then got to start spotting things n it's grown from there A Demon Premium member

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You know... I've been thinking about it and I honestly can't remember how I found this site.
I know it was about 4-5 years ago, and I was dating my ex-girlfriend and baby mama at the time. I just can't remember HOW I found the site. But when I did I liked it, paid for premium and then got started

3 months ago

Quantom X Premium member

I actually just remembered how I found this site. I was watching my old VHS copy again of my favorite Bond film, Goldeneye. And at the end I remembered how it always bothered me how unrealistic Alec Trevelyan's character acted during his death scene with not only surviving that fall head first on his back onto hard concrete from hundreds of feet up, but then being able to still scream at the top of his lungs as the Cradle fell down on him. I began looking online for mistakes in Goldeneye wondering if anybody else felt that way about that mistake and that's when I came across this site... And nobody had brought that death scene up as a mistake. So I made an account and added it myself. I then started watching through my other VHS Bond films to find some more and well that's how it all got started.

3 months ago

Quantom X Premium member

You know how it goes, you are looking for mistakes in movies. Been interested in them since forever, perhaps starting with Jurassic Park when it just came out and noticing some fake scenes, like the Velociraptor jumping on the game keeper. But found this site when i saw some painfully obvious mistakes in Constantine, continuities ironically(i hate continuities) and i had to share. Found this site in the process.

3 months ago


See i never really spotted them before coming here

2 months ago

A Demon Premium member

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