Episode 6:1 "Mr. Monk's Biggest Fan": kidney failure of Otto

TV Monk (2002)
I'm not quite confident enough to call this a movie mistake, but in this episode the killer uses a toxic substance to make a mold of Otto's teeth. It is also separately mentioned that Otto died of kidney failure. The connection is never mentioned that the substance was likely what caused kidney failure, and Monk doesn't even figure that out; he just assumed it was chance that the dog died in that three-day period.Mechanic1c

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I’m not sure why the writers chose kidney failure to be the cause of death unless they had also planned on indicating Ringel was responsible, but then had to scrap the idea due to time. It seems the main take away from Otto dying wasn’t what he died of, but that he just happened to die 3 days before the murder. In the episode, there was no indication that the plaster used was toxic. When Monk sees the plaster he reads “do not ingest”. To me, this wasn’t to indicate toxicity, but got Monk thinking about plaster in the mouth, which then he deduced as Ringel used the plaster to make a mold of Otto’s teeth. (Captain Stottlemeyer also deduced, on his own, that Ringel must have made a mold of Otto’s teeth).

7 months ago

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