Has it been stated in the show, or are there any plausible working theories, about when the new timeline becomes set? For example, in the pilot episode, Flynn goes back in time to alter the past. Yet in the present day, the past had not yet been changed (everyone knows the Hindenburg still exploded before landing). But when the trio came back to the present, after history has been changed, the present is immediately changed and no one (save those who went to the past) remember the original timeline. So how come history was no changed immediately once Flynn stole the time machine? And if the reason/theory is something like “you have to wait for the time machine/travelers to return, in a later episode, when the trio’s time machine is damaged and they’re stranded, they buried a message to be found in the present. This essentially altered the current present without the machine returning. Bishop73

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It is correct that all changes in time should change immediately. The problem is that there always has to be someone who remembers what the past used to be so they can correct the changes, otherwise no one would even know the past was changed and the episode would only last five minutes. This happens often on Star Trek (City on the Edge of Forever, Yesterday's Enterprise, the 2009 Star Trek movie, etc.). The Star Trek animated episode Yesteryear theorized that those who visit the past when the changes are made aren't aware of the changes and remember the old past. This seems to be the case on Timeless since they always have to ask if something was changed after they return.

7 months ago

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