Spoilers! The Last Jedi - what did you think?

Movies Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017)
Opinions? I enjoyed it, but wasn't blown away - entirely too long for a start! But I do like a lot of the core concepts - destroying the old to make way for the new, undermining a few of the sown seeds, etc. Seems like it's divided a lot of fans though...Jon Sandys Premium member

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I enjoyed it well enough about 80% of the time, but I'm surprised the reviews were quite so glowing - it's about half an hour too long, and suffers from a false sense that it's drawing to a close after Laura Dern smashes the enemy fleet at light speed. That would have been a strong time to wrap it up, instead of having a whole nother pass at the third act on the salt planet.

I enjoyed all the bits about the force though - Luke's lessons with Rey, his final intervention, Rey's connection and struggles with Kylo Ren. I found Finn's character a bit bland again, he seems underdeveloped or.. Something.

I was expecting some kind of meaningful send off for Leia, so was almost disappointed she survived being blasted into space and freezing because that would have been poignant - and thought it was then a real missed opportunity not to have her be the one who rammed the fleet at light speed - surely they could have cut or CGI'd her into those scenes instead of Laura Dern?

Overall 7/10, would recommend with the caveat not to have too high expectations.

11 months ago

It was no more than alright as a movie from the perspective of its place in the continuity. This is especially true if someone has seen Empire Strikes Back, which this movie borrows heavily from, although not quite as badly as the first one did from New Hope (that was just a near-copy). It had a few interesting little parts here and there - Luke's brush-off gesture to Kylo, the conflict between them to begin with (we're still not sure exactly what happened in that hut), the dice(should have been fuzzy), and definitely the best part of all, the Admiral's strategy to help save the survivors (VERY good scene in terms of idea and execution).

However, aside from those little parts, it felt, again, like Abrams was simply using an opportunity to re-shoot a movie he liked when he was younger, rather than adding anything novel. The dark cave, the assault on the rebel base by walkers and the defenders in speeders, the dialog being repeated from ESB, the Falcon swooping in to take out TIE fighters and clear the way, including the accompanying Wahoo! response, the scene in the throne room, the new Ewoks, even Rey's actions and reactions using the laser turret were almost copies of Luke's in the original trilogy. Even the battle scenes, whether in space or hand-to-hand, lacked any real tension, not pulling me in. It was more "ho-hum" than "wow!"

It's as if Abrams either has no sense of plot and character development, has one but doesn't care to actually do it, or is so afraid to deviate from the original that he can't/won't try. Whichever way, it felt stale and repetitious. I suppose someone who has not seen the original trilogy might enjoy the movie more, as more of a stand-alone, but as someone familiar with the story the movie felt like a retread rather than a true sequel. And, as others have said, it felt too long. The attempts at humor also tended to fall flat. "Can he hear me?" might have been cute to some, but the idea of a military commander wasting all that time during a battle, especially under orders of someone who can kill you literally with a thought, is asinine.

Overall I didn't mind watching it, but only because I paid matinee price for it. I doubt I'll choose to watch it again if it comes on broadcast.

10 months ago

Correction - I assumed it was another JJ Abrams directed movie (saw his name as Producer, and it felt like one of his). I have since realized that it was written and directed by Rian Johnson. My apologies, Mr. Abrams, for attaching your name to this movie and my comments. It is Mr. Johnson who should shoulder the blame for the sins detailed above.

10 months ago

I enjoyed it, though I would say I liked "The Force Awakens" better if only because there were more familiar characters in "Force". It was certainly interesting and a bit surprising to learn the real cause of Luke and Kylo's falling out. Yoda's return as a Force ghost was definitely unexpected without feeling shoehorned in. I agree that it was longer than it needed to be, though I'm not really sure which parts should have been shortened or removed altogether. I'm still looking forward to Ep. 9...

8 months ago


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