Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me

Corrected entry: When Dr. Evil drinks Austin Powers' mojo, the song "Let's Get it On" by Marvin Gaye starts playing. This song was written in 1973, but Dr. Evil was supposed to have travelled to 1969.


Nick Poppadukas

Correction: He could have brought it back with him.

Greg Dwyer

Corrected entry: Scott is seen in the first movie as a teenager, and is assumed to still be in this movie. However, if Dr. Evil and Frau had gotten together in 1969, then Scott would have been 30 years old in this movie, as it's set in 1999.

Movie Nut

Correction: Scott may not be a teenager. Just very immature. Much in line with his actor Seth Green.


Corrected entry: At the end Austin and Felicity are standing around in Austin's pad. She turns to Austin talk for a bit, then Fat Bastard comes in. Felicity and Austin retreat up the step and Fat Bastard talks. When he is falling to the ground, Austin and Felicity do the exact same "retreat up the step" thing. When he's finished falling, Felicity turns to Austin again but they've reused the part where she turns to him at the beginning and dubbed over what she says at the end of that shot. It may seem a bit confusing, but it is fairly noticeable.

Correction: While they do go up the steps when Fat Bastard comes in, it's clear they also go down at some point to get closer to him as he's expressing his feelings, and there's plenty of time when off camera to do so. When they go back up the stairs the second time it's not the same footage reused. You can see the tilt in Felicity's head is more prominent the first time. They just probably rehearsed and reshot the scene so much that they end up taking the few steps similar ways both times.


Corrected entry: When Dr. Evil goes in the time machine for the first time, it shows a split screen of him and both portals are set to 1969.

Correction: While the portal says 1999 at first, once the time coordinates are entered, both time portals will read the same date, in this case 1969. Further evidence of this is when Austin Powers goes back 10 mins. When he puts in the time in the "present", the portal reads "10 minutes ago" and when he arrives in the past, the time portal still says "10 minutes ago".


Corrected entry: When Dr. Evil and Mini Me are playing piano, the visible movements of their hands and arms do not match with the melody.


Correction: It's clear that it matches (although arm movements don't always tell you what the hands are doing), but we even see shots where we see the piano keys being played, which also matched the audio.


Corrected entry: In the shot where Rob Lowe is telling Dr. Evil that Mini Me bites, he holds up his right hand a few seconds before showing Dr. Evil the wounds Mini Me had done to him. Then when he really shows Dr. Evil the wounds, cuts and bandages suddenly appear from nowhere.

Correction: The bites and bandages are always on Number Two (Lowe) during the scene. We see them when he reaches for the cookies. When he does lift his hand (before showing the bites), we only see his palm, but we still see tape/bandages around his fingers.


Corrected entry: Towards the beginning there's a scene where Austin and Felicity are interrogating Mustafa at gunpoint. During this entire scene, Felicity is holding the trigger on the gun down.

Correction: No she's not, that's just how the gun trigger looks with the hammer cocked. When the hammer is cocked back, the trigger also moves back to its second position, which is what we see. Only when the trigger is squeezed into the 3rd position will the gun fire.


Corrected entry: When Dr.Evil is saying zip-it to Scotty right before they unveil the time machine, he is talking to his left with Mini-Me to the right of him. When the time portal is unveiled, Scotty is suddenly sitting on the right of Mini-Me (on the far side of Frau and her lover).

Correction: When Dr. Evil says "unveil the time portal", Scott is to the left of Dr. Evil and Mini-Me. And Mini-Me is in the same spot, to the right of Dr. Evil.


Corrected entry: In the scene when Austin is about to travel into the future you can clearly see as Basil types in the date '1969' that the numbers are already on the screen.

Correction: The numbers are not already on the screen, it's just the way LCD lights are where we see the image of the unlit parts.


Corrected entry: When Austin and Ivana Humpalot are playing chess and getting "hot" with the chess pieces, notice that Austin is playing with the tips of two white bishops. Bishops are never next to each other and he was playing the black pieces.

Correction: Austin simply moved the pieces together to play with them. The audience just didn't see this because it was a jump cut, like much of the scene. And he was playing with Ivana's pieces and not his own - he reached across the board because his black pieces are visible in the background.

Corrected entry: In the beginning before Vannesa blows up you'll see eyeballs have appeared on her from nowhere.

Correction: As a fembot with her face removed, she always had eyeballs, they just also had the countdown showing. Before she explodes, it's the same eyeballs but without any red countdown numbers because after 0 it went blank.

Corrected entry: In the chess scene where they start out playing chess and start licking the pieces etc., the square in the lower right corner is black. In chess, the lower right corner square is always white because the queen goes on color and if the bottom right is black, the king and queen are reversed out of position.

terry s

Correction: The chess board is obviously the wrong way round; a simple mistake to make.


Corrected entry: Austin goes back in time 10 minutes and meets his past self. However, Austin From 10 Minutes Ago did not repeat the events of Regular Austin and also did not go back in time to 10 minutes ago, so therefore Regular Austin should have just disappeared, because of no Austin going back in time to repeat the infinite loop.

Correction: By going back in time and changing the past he creates an alternate time line; a common convention of science fiction movies.

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where Austin repeatedly uses Robin Swallows as a human shield, an additional bit was filmed but not used. When Felicity picks up Austin in the 'Vette and they drive away, a car with more bad guys chases them. It pulls up next to them and one of the assassins starts firing a machine gun at them. At the last second, Austin reaches down and pulls out the body of Robin Swallows, again using her body as a shield. He turns to Felicity and says, "Glad I brought her along," then tosses Robin's body out of the car and they drive off. It's a really funny bit, but would have created continuity problems since we see her body lying on the sidewalk when Austin and Felicity initially drive off.

Mark Bernhard

Correction: How is this trivia? This is nothing more than the description of a deleted scene.

Corrected entry: When Fat Bastard is gassing the guards at the Ministry of Defense, he seems to be unaffected by the gas despite not wearing any protection.

Correction: Such is the case with many people's gas: they seem completely unaffected by it even though it forces everyone else out of the room. Also: it's a joke.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: In the opening scene when Austin discovers that Vanessa is a fembot and she explodes, he picks up her hand. Even though they are married, she is only wearing an engagement ring; no wedding band.

Correction: It is not uncommon for a women to wear what looks like an engagement ring instead of a wedding band. My wife does.

Corrected entry: When Felicity is in the gas chamber it takes 36 seconds from the time the gas starts flowing until the moment Felicity's heart stops. The second time around (when there are two Austins) they waste so much time with talking that it takes more than 45 seconds until Austin frees Felicity.

Correction: Simply explained by the not so simple "chaos theory." Austin changed something subtle by going back, and the gas did not affect Felicity as quickly.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: Throughout the film, during the 60s, the cars are shown with white rear number plates. In the UK, the cars had black plates with silver lettering, changing to white at the front and yellow on the back at the beginning of the 70s.

Correction: Actually, the newer style plates were in use from the mid 1960s, alongside the old black and silver versions until the early 1970s.

Andy Benham Premium member

Corrected entry: Why didn't Mini me die when he was ejected into space?

Correction: In real life, of course, he would have. However, this is a movie. There are lots of things in this movie that do not happen (as far as we yet know) in real life, such as time travel. However, the directors still had a need for Mini Me in the next movie - so they shot the movie as they did. And, since they intended it that way, it is not a mistake.

Zwn Annwn

Corrected entry: Felicity's flashback of Basil's saying "remember, by any means necessary" is different to how he actually said it.

Correction: Like any flashback how we remember a memory can differ from how it looked or happened.

Lummie Premium member

Corrected entry: Some sounds of Mini Me's voice are squeaky. But in the part where they're singing and playing the piano, you hear that Mini Me's voice is deep.

Correction: I fail to see how this is a "mistake" since it was planned by the director. The joke is that Mini-me, who never talks in the movie but does "squeak" occasionally, has this one deep voiced line; notice the reaction of Frau and Number Two; how shocked they are. Remember the dramatic difference between what Jim Nabors, of Gomer Pyle fame, sounded like talking (Shazaam) and singing. About the same as Mini-me.

Zwn Annwn

Corrected entry: The actor (Mike McDonald) who finds the penis-shaped ship on radar is the same actor who, in the first one, gets run over by the steamroller.

Correction: That is not Michael MacDonald. He appears earlier, as the guy who discovers Dr. Evil while watching Jerry Springer.

Corrected entry: When Mini Me is first introduced and is sitting with Dr. Evil stroking Mini Mr. Bigglesworth you can clearly see he hands it to someone barely below the table line instead of all the way to the ground.


Correction: He doesn't hand it over to anyone, he just drops the cat under the table.

Mortug Premium member

Corrected entry: Dr. Evil has a button pad on his meeting table. It is to get rid of anyone who is sitting in their chair, if they are "bad". When Mini Me is first introduced, he comes to the table. Scott makes fun of him, and Mini Me jumps to hit Scott's button. When you see his hand and the pad, the very bottom name you can see, is "Mini Me". If Dr. Evil did not know about him then why was his name already on there? If someone else put it there, wouldn't Dr. Evil have noticed it? Also, on the same pad, Dr. Evil's name is on there too. If it is for Dr. Evil's use only then why would his own name be on there?

Correction: Considering how wealthy doctor Evil is, he could have easily had a new button installed upon Mini-Me's creation. As for his own button, if Austin Powers ever tried to capture him he could self-terminate, or it could lead to an escape hatch.

Corrected entry: As Felicity drives Austin away from his pad, you can tell that she is on a green screen because there are parts where she turns the wheel, but the car doesn't turn.

Jackie Menechino

Correction: It is obvious this was done on purpose, to mock old-movies with bad blue-screen effects.

Corrected entry: When Austin and Ivana Humpalot are playing chess, Austin starts choking on the chess piece. He spits it out and it hits the vase, but you can clearly see that the chess piece that he spit out starts to fall to the ground and then magically flies up to the vase and hits it.


Correction: This is partially true, however, there is no footage of the chess-piece "flying up into the vase." You simply see something strike the vase, and it appears to be at a proper angle, so technically, if Austin spat it out hard enough, it would work.

Corrected entry: When Austin is fighting Ms Spitz, after the knife has been thrown in her back and before the machine gun fire, you can see she has more than one hole in the back of her dress. If she hadn't been shot yet, where did those holes come from?

Correction: She has been shot, as you can hear the gun before she gets picked up. You just can't see those holes exploding onto her back because they occurred off screen a split second earlier.

Corrected entry: When the moon base self destructs, there is no debris visible at all where the moon base used to be.

Correction: This is impossible to tell, the camera pans up and fades out, so you cannot see where it used to be.

Corrected entry: When Dr. Evil is negotiating with the President of the United States in 1969, one of the military officials is the exact same actor, at the same age, who played the general from "International Man of Mystery" (1997) who was in the scene when Austin was unfrozen.

Correction: Not an error, merely a coincidental resemblance.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Mini Me is first seen, in the shadow on the screen where he is projected as full size before Number Two says he is 1/8 the size. Mini Me is in a different stance in the shadow projection than when the screen lifts to show him to everyone.

Correction: He could have moved while the camera panned down to him. There was at least one second of spare time, which one can easily change position in.

Corrected entry: At the end of the photo shoot with Rebecca Romijn (in a cameo) and Ivana Humpalot, Austin tells them to get up. You can see them begin to rise, and the camera cuts to Austin. Then it cuts back to Ivana who is standing up and smoking a cigarette. She could not have gotten up, taken out a cigarette, and lit it in the short time between these shots.

Correction: This is deliberately mocking the stereotype of Evil Russian henchwomen in movies, who are always standing tall, looking sexy, holding a cigarette, to attract the protagonist.

Corrected entry: When Mustafa falls off the cliff he says, "I think my legs may be broken, let me try to stand up...yes THEY"RE broken" implying that both are broken. Then he continues to say, as if he only tried to stand on one leg before, "Let me try the other one...OW".

Correction: Well, you try making sense after falling down a cliff and breaking your legs.

Corrected entry: Probably deliberate, but when they are in 1969, all the music you hear is actually from the 1970's.

Correction: There is nothing wrong with this. All the music is added for effect. It is not literally playing "In" the movie. And even if it is, Austin may have brought back some records and such with him.

Corrected entry: When Austin and Felicity are looking through the binoculars at Dr. Evil's lair, the cord is round Austin's neck and Felicity keeps nearly strangling him. One time she yanks the cord and Austin is clearly pulled down into her lap, but in the next shot he's in between her breasts (when he goes "mummy, mummy").

Correction: Austin goes out of camera, so you cannot see where his head ends up. Neither Felicity's breasts, nor lap, are visible in the shots, so this mistake is not valid, because you just can't tell.

Corrected entry: In the scene when Austin tells Felicity that Fat Bastard is at Paddington Station, they both pull out their guns. Felicity seems to pull her gun out of nowhere. Where could it possibly have been stashed in that skin tight, skimpy dress she is wearing? Surely a bulge would be visible? (I noticed plenty of curves, but no bulge!)

Correction: In all seriousness, the gun can be placed for easy accessibility between her upper thighs, with no bulges and perfectly hidden. Not unheard of, and absolutely plausible.

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: When Austin and Felicity need to go to the moon they get on the Apollo 11 which was launched 16th July 1969, but earlier in the movie, when Austin went to go and see his frozen self, a sign in the background said it was November 1969.

Correction: Actually, the sign in the background said "Current Date: May 27, 1969. Date frozen: November 11, 1967." So when Austin went to see his frozen self, it was nearly two months before Apollo 11 was launched.

Corrected entry: When travelling back to 1969, there is no reason why Austin's teeth would go back to their original state.

Correction: There is also no reason he should be able to travel back in time. It's a story, and one aspect is bad teeth.

Corrected entry: When Austin and Felicity go to see "Frozen Austin" Austin takes a photographer's camera and takes pictures of his frozen self, and then when he's finished he throws the camera back to the photographer. But later in Austin's "Shag Pad" he is developing the pictures. Though how could he? 1. The camera wasn't his and 2. He threw the camera back to the photographer.

Correction: The photographer could have sent the film to Austin or he could have sent it to Basil and Basil could have sent it to Austin.

Corrected entry: When Dr. Evil is going back in time, he tries, realizes it's not turned on, and tells Number 2 to turn it on. Then he calls for Mini Me to come along. If you thought he was going to make it through the first time wouldn't Mini Me come the first time?

Correction: Dr. Evil might have forgotten to call Mini Me the first time he was going to go through the time machine, and then he remembered and called him.

Corrected entry: In the final scene with Dr Evil he is giving Mini Me a "little prick" but if you look closely Mini Me hasn't got his trousers down and he is bent over. When he stands back up he can clearly be seen to pull his trousers back up, which were never actually down.

Correction: His pants are never down. He mimics the motion, but the fabric never moves.

Corrected entry: When Mini Me is inside Austin's pants, and then gets outside the moon base, Austin never pulls his pants down so that Mini Me can get out, and there's no sign of ripping in Austin's pants after that.

Correction: The air lock was supposed to have "sucked" Mini Me out of the moon base. The next time you can see all of Austin, he has changed clothes.

Corrected entry: When Austin spits the chess piece (pawn) and breaks the vase, it flies over Ivana's shoulder, who is sitting across from him. In the very next scene the broken vase has somehow moved "behind" Austin. <


Correction: Austin turns before spitting it out, sending it sailing behind him.

Corrected entry: Right after the part with all of the "shh" jokes and the young Number 2 comes up, Dr. Evil starts hitting Number 2 with the bouncing earth ball. He does it three times, then Number 2 starts to cry, or at least he is supposed to be. He is really laughing.


Correction: Thats the whole point. The ball didnt hurt him, so he decide to get it over with and pretend to cry so he could sit down. Also, he thought it was funny so he just did it.

Corrected entry: Frau announced the countdown for Dr. Evil & Mini Me's departure to the moon, yet we later see her on the moon.

Correction: She could have taken a later ship. I'm sure that all the people in the moon units weren't on Dr. Evil's ship, so they must have used other transportation to get there. Frau could have been on one of the other ships.

Corrected entry: Number 2 was killed by Dr Evil at the end of Austin Powers 1,however, he appears in both this film and in Goldmember, both in chronologically later dates to when he was "killed".

Correction: He wasn't killed. He was dumped into the "fire death chamber" and burnt a little. He has burn scars on his face in the sequels to prove this.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: When Austin was with Ivana Humpalot he rips open his shirt and snaps his necklace but in the next scene it's back together.

Correction: She doesn't snap his necklace. It just gets shoved to the side unbroken.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Austin and Ivona are "playing" chess the viewer can see when she is holding one of the chess pieces that her nails are not painted. But later on when she has another piece, her finger nails are painted red. They stay red for the rest of the scene.

Correction: The unpainted nails are Austin's, you can tell by the shape.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Felicity is in the glass tube, when Austin and Austin 10 min from then are talking about being sexy bitches, the gun from Austin's hand just disappears.

Correction: When Austin (ten minutes before) shoots Dr. Evil and Dr. Evil is telling him he can go back in time to save Felicity, Frau shoots the gun out of his hand. After Austin travels ten minutes into the past, you can see that he no longer has his gun. When Past-Austin is shooting just as future Austin was before, you can see future Austin (with no gun) pointing around the room. He is just reenacting what is supposed to happen, because right after this, he mouths the word "laser", signaling Dr. Evil to yell the command to fire the laser, just as he had before.

Corrected entry: Fat Bastard sings the Chili's babyback ribs song when he is talking about eating Mini-Me. However this is 1969 when that song let alone Chili's did not exist.

Correction: In both AP 2 and 3 it states that Fat Bastard is from modern ages and not from the past. Therefore he COULD know about Chili's.

Corrected entry: Near the end of the film, Dr. Evil declares that he is Austin's father. Austin believes him for a second. However, a flashback in 'Goldmember' reveals that Austin, Basil, no. 2 and Dr. Evil went to the same school at about the same age. Austin should have known that Dr. Evil wasn't his father.

Correction: Austin's an idiot. He even admits "right, idiot..."


Corrected entry: In the scene where Dr. Evil is explaining the "death star" to his partners he says: "As you all know, the moon rotates around the Earth..." This is wrong. The moon REVOLVES around the Earth, while rotating on its axis. There is a big difference, well, at least according the the New York State Earth Science regency...

Correction: The movie makers may have done this mistake on purpose to make Dr.Evil look stupid.

Corrected entry: Mustafa explains to Austin and Felicity that he can't stand being asked the same question 3 times, and so on the 3rd time, he answers. But just before Mustafa reveals this to them, he is asked a question by Felicity and he tells the answer straight away, instead of waiting for it to be asked 3 times. (Incidentally, the answer he gives to that question is that he can't stand being asked the same question 3 times.)


Correction: He only has to be asked three times if he doesn't want to give the answer. He has no problem telling Felicity he hates being asked the same question, it's only information about Dr. Evil that they have to force out of him.


Corrected entry: When Felicity and Austin are in the tent on Dr Evil's volcano island, and Felicity is pulling objects out of the bag, you can't see the shadows of any of the other objects in the tent, such as the table that the bag is sitting on.

Correction: It's highly likely that the table is in line with Austin's arms and legs. Also, not everything in the tent would be silhouetted, just everything between the light source and the tent canvas.

Corrected entry: When Frau announces that Dr. Evil has a clone, Rob Lowe announces that he is exactly the same except for 1/8 his size. Mini-Me was definitely bigger than 1 foot tall, so to be 1/8 his size, Dr. Evil would have to be 8 feet tall or taller, which he definitely was not.

Correction: Not the case - it's overall body mass, not just height. Imagine a stack of dominoes 2 wide and 4 high, making 8 in total. Remove all but one, and you're left with a stack of one, which is 1/8th the original's size, but only a quarter of the height.

Corrected entry: When Dr. Evil sings "Just the Two of Us" he said, "When I heard Frau say I had a clone." But it was Number Two who told Dr. Evil he had a clone. Frau Farbissina only told the people to send in Mini Me.

Correction: Arguable - No. 2 said they started a program to clone him, but he only knew a clone had actually been created when Frau shouted to send it in.

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Ivana Humpalot: Do you know how we keep warm in Russia?
Austin Powers: Oh ho ho! I can guess, baby.
Ivana Humpalot: We play chess.
Austin Powers: I guessed wrong.



During the bedroom scene with Felicity and Fat Bastard you can clearly see the air hose that fills his suit when he rolls over in the bed.



In the opening musical sequence (in the pool) Austin and the water ladies jump out of the water, the lady behind Austin to his left, can clearly be seen laughing because her water cap has fallen down.