Django Unchained

After gaining Broomhilda's freedom, Candie insists that Shultz shake his hand, despite the papers being signed and the money paid. Schutlz agrees but as he approaches Candie, Schutlz shoots him instead. Django grabs a gun and a massive shootout starts up. Django shoots a ton of Candie's comrades, but has to stop when one of them shows up holding Broomhilda hostage with a gun to her head. Django gives himself up and is about to castrated when Stephen walks in, telling Django and his captor that Django is going to be sent to a mine for hard labor. While on the way to the mine, Django convinces the people taking him there that he is indeed a free man and also a bounty hunter. They agree to split the proceeds with him on a bounty (which he concocts using an old wanted ad) and untie him. He kills them and returns to Candyland, where he kills all of the white people, including Candie's sister. He lets the two female black servants go, but shoots Stephen in the knees, then lights dynamite and leaves the house. He meets Broomhilda outside and they leave as the house explodes, killing Stephen.


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