Battleship (2012)

34 mistakes

Other mistake: When Alex Hopper is being tasered and arrested for robbing the convenience store, you can see his shirt is almost clean on his back. But he fell on the bottles and sodas rack in the store, the shirt should have stains.

Continuity mistake: The Sampson is hit by one shell at first, leaving a large hole on the port side of the bow. But when it's being pelted with shells during the second volley, the hole in the bow is gone.


Continuity mistake: In the scene on the mountain where the Hawaii police ask Mick and Sam to leave the mountain. Mick and Sam ask why and they are told during the conversation that the aliens have blocked all cell phones, radio and internet but in the next scene with the police they use a radio to communicate with each other.

Continuity mistake: At the scene when Hopper is playing soccer he receives a kick to his face, however the blood on his face changes between shots.

Factual error: After the Missouri knocks the shield down, the admiral orders all aircraft launched, but the flight deck is shown in sailing transport mode, not flight readiness. Would have taken an hour or more to clear the deck and launch.


Factual error: Gliese 581 D in the Gliese 581 solar system, is Planet G, which is 20+ light years from Earth, which means it takes 20 years, not 6 years, for them to receive the message.


Factual error: With about 20 minutes left in the movie, after they show them carrying the shell to the 16" gun, they show the gun barrel being raised to firing position and then being loaded and then fired. The Iowa class battleships 16" guns can only be loaded in the down position.

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Continuity mistake: When Hopper climbs to the roof of the convenience store, the time displayed in the upper left corner of the screen (presumably a video surveillance camera) goes from 12:11.57 to 12:12.12, then back to 12:11.36.

Factual error: Landsat 7 is not a communications satellite. Landsat 7 is an earth resources satellite. It takes pictures of the earth and then sends them back to be analyzed. It wouldn't have the capability of aiming at and broadcasting to a distant star.


Factual error: When the alien ship crashes into Hong Kong's Bank of China building, flaming debris can be seen flying past the statue of the Big Buddha, which was also established in an earlier shot as being located just behind the financial area of the city, Central. In reality, the Big Buddha is nowhere NEAR Central, out of view of the Peak, and not even located on Hong Kong island - but on Lantau island, to the west. The Big Buddha is also not included in the Hong Kong city skyline.

Other mistake: The shot of the fleet outside of the barrier is reversed. The Aircraft carriers landing deck is slanted right instead of left.

Other mistake: Alex Hopper's brother receives posthumously a Navy Cross (2nd highest award) for attacking the aliens, but Alex Hopper only receives a Silver Star (3rd highest award) for saving the world?

Factual error: When Alex Hopper is being tasered, and arrested for robbing the convenience store, you can see a billboard in the background. However, billboards are illegal in Hawaii, which means the scene must have been shot elsewhere.


Factual error: When Hopper orders to drop the port anchor during the final battle, the chain changes between being stretched and taut from scene to scene.

Visible crew/equipment: Sam and Mick are watching the John Paul Jones sink. A reflector screen is seen on Mick's binoculars.


Factual error: After getting his silver star, Hopper is spoken to by a special warfare commander who has the Navy and Marine Corps medal. But the colors are reversed. The blue should be on your left, and the red should be on your right as you stand face to face in front of the wearer.

Character mistake: When Hopper is being chased by the alien and he goes on deck, Rihanna goes into the control room and aims the cannon at the alien's head. Just before she fires she says "Mahalo" which is thanks in Hawaiian. It would have been better to say "Aloha", which is Hawaiian for hello and goodbye, just before she fires the cannon.


Continuity mistake: After the Sampson is hit, and the captain says "continue fire", there is a shot straight from the front of the ship. That shot is flipped, you can see the damage done by the shell is now on the other side of the ship.


Continuity mistake: The USS Sampson has no Close In-Weapons System at the bow when the movie starts, but uses one to counter enemy fire later.

Factual error: By the time the survivors of the JPJ arrive on board the USS Missouri, there are less than 3 hours before the satellite is in position. When lighting off cold boilers, it takes longer than that to get steam up, yet within minutes the bridge is informed that they have steam in all 8 boilers. If it was that easy, all the battleships at Pearl Harbor on December 7th 1941 could have gotten underway immediately.