X-Men: First Class

Continuity mistake: When Mystique is on the exercise table and Erik lifts the bar off her, her right leg changes from stretched out to bent from the different camera shots.


Factual error: The establishing shot of Shaw's boat says they're in Miami. Yet in the scene, we see a very large suspension bridge in the background. The bridge is the St Simons Bridge leading from Brunswick to St. Simons, Georgia.


Continuity mistake: The position of the pig farmer's hand moves after Erik stabs it to the table towards the end of the scene.


Factual error: Erik arrives in Argentina at a place called Villa Gesell, shown to be a town in middle of mountains. Villa Gesell is a beach town on the Atlantic Ocean coast, with no mountains.

Factual error: In the scene where they first pull up to the mutant research facility, they are in a 1972/3 Cadillac when the movie is set in 1962.

Continuity mistake: In the original X-Men film, Xavier mentions that he met Magneto when he was 17. In this film, he doesn't meet him until well into his 20's.

Continuity mistake: In a scene where Xavier is pointing a gun at Magneto the distance between the gun and Magneto's head changes between shots.

Other mistake: The knife used in the Argentina pub scene never has any blood on it, despite being driven into one man's stomach and another man's hand-twice.

Visible crew/equipment: In the scene where Sebastian Shaw is revealing the Magneto helmet to Emma Frost in the submarine, you can see the microphone in the helmet's reflection throughout the entire scene.


Factual error: In the scene where Xavier meets Raven, in 1944, one of the first shots shows a picture of Albert Einstein taken in 1947. (00:02:25)


Factual error: When the US & Soviet navies attack the mutants on the beach they fire a large volley of surface to surface missiles. This is supposed to be 1962, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and ship launched surface to surface missiles had only just been introduced and weren't very common. But what makes this a technical error is that in the barrage we see RGM-84 Harpoon anti-ship missiles, introduced in 1977, and RGM-109 Tomahawk missiles (could be anti-ship or land attack) developed in the 70s and first entering service in 1983.


Other mistake: When Shaw enters the CIA research facility, he grabs a man by the collar and tosses him into the air, yet he never comes back down.

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Factual error: A Westland Bell 47G helicopter with the a registration of G-CHOP is seen to land at the Russian army camp/military headquarters when Charles, Magneto and the X-Men are approaching. The registration denotes it is a British aircraft, so unlikely to be in the middle of Russia, and this particular model was built in 1966 - four years after the Cuban missile crisis


Continuity mistake: In this movie, Emma Frost is seen as an adult woman [roughly around the same age as Professor X and Magneto]. But the character is also in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, set years later when Professor X and Magneto are much older, but in that movie she's younger than she is in this one. Although in Origins she is Kayla Silverfox's sister and her surname is never heard - the character was advertised and created as Emma Frost.


Factual error: The aquarium in the lounge area of CIA facility where the young mutants gather has several blood parrot cichlids in it. This is a hybrid ornamental fish developed in Taiwan in the mid 1980s and did not exist in 1962.

Factual error: In one scene when Sebastian Shaw talks to Emma Frost in the submarine you can see the TV playing in the background, and right next to it is a Revox A-77 reel to reel machine. This movie is set in 1962, but Revox didn't introduce the A-77 until 1967.

Factual error: When sitting in Xaviers mansion there are cushions on the sofas made from a Sanderson fabric, Dandelion Clocks, this fabric was designed in 2009 but the film is set in 1960.

Continuity mistake: When Xavier freezes Levene in the hallway he has a jet of water against his lips. In the next shot the jet of water is against his nose even though he didn't move. (00:30:45)

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Continuity mistake: After his mother is shot, Erik squashes the bell on the doctor's desk. Its shape is completely different in all subsequent shots. (00:07:50)

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Continuity mistake: When the young mutants are showing each other what they can do, they all have a glass of cola, all four sitting on a corner of the table. But when Banshee wants to show what he can do, the glasses are instantly lined up. (00:51:00)


Continuity mistake: When Banshee is diving into the water, his "wings" are still attached. The shot angle changes, and his wings have disappeared before hitting the water. (01:39:20)

Continuity mistake: Towards the end, when Moira is pushing Xavier's wheelchair in front of the X-Mansion, when they stop, Xavier's wheel's position change between shots without them moving.


Other mistake: Near the end of the film, Magneto finally kills Shaw by pushing a coin through his brain. The blood on the coin is already dry when it hits the ground, even though only seconds have passed, and since we're shown blood leaking from the entry wound later, we know that it wasn't dry to begin with.

Continuity mistake: When Magneto is in Argentina, the two guys sitting at the bar change the distance between each other, between shots.


Continuity mistake: In the original X-Men movie, Professor X wonders why he can't read Magneto's thoughts, only to learn that Magneto has his special helmet. First Class contradicts this by establishing that Xavier knew about the helmet in 1962.


Factual error: Miniskirts weren't in fashion until at least 1965-66, and the high rise hemlines worn by many female characters weren't around until '68 or '69.

Continuity mistake: Before Shaw takes the grenade from Hendry, the latter one has his finger in the pin, and has it half pulled out by then. Look closely at Hendry's hand: he is still holding the pin, while Shaw takes the rest of the grenade, but in the next shot, Shaw pulls it out again. (00:28:10)


Factual error: The scene at the beginning is set at a German concentration camp in occupied Poland in 1944 (as annotated). When Erik enters Shaw's office, the song "La Vie en Rose" by Edith Piaf is playing. The song wasn't written until 1945 and wasn't recorded until 1947.


Factual error: The Cuban Missile Crisis was in 1962. Rossiya Hotel (shown in the background of the Red Square overview) was built 1964-1967. (01:10:05)

Factual error: During the bar scene in Argentina, Magneto uses a dagger he took from one of the former SS Soldiers. It appears to be a Reichsarbeitsdienst dagger with the inscription "Blut und Ehre." This is incorrect as the inscription should read "Arbeit Adelt." "Blut und Ehre" was inscribed on Hitler youth knives as that was their motto.


Continuity mistake: When Erik is about to lift the submarine out of the ocean, most of the hand he is using isn't that clean. However, after lifting the submarine out of the ocean part way and the shot cuts back to Eric, most of his hand is clean.

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Other mistake: In the version I watched, the subtitles that cover Sebastian Shaw's conversation with the Russian leader, had typos - the word 'missile' was spelled 'missle' on two, possibly three occasions and the word 'placed' was spelled 'places'.

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Continuity mistake: The Nazi doctor shoves a coin towards the edge of his desk, telling young Erik to move it or he'd shoot his mother. In a shot from behind the desk, the coin is much closer to the edge than in other shots. (00:07:15)


Revealing mistake: In the submarine, when Emma goes to get ice for Shaw, Azazel's tail is missing when he helps pull the submarine's ladder down.

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Factual error: When Erik pulls the bullet out of Xavier's back, the bullet should be covered in blood, but it is completely dry.

Factual error: When the US government deliberates about blocking access to Cuba, they request the 7th fleet to be dispatched for the blockade. The 7th fleet is on the Pacific Ocean, not on the Atlantic. (01:47:00 - 01:48:00)

Factual error: There is a pinball machine in the lounge area of the CIA facility where the young mutants gather. The pinball machine's name is "Fun Land", it is a 1 player (1 at a time) machine made by D. Gottlieb and Company in 1968, and did not exist in the film's 1962 timeframe.

Continuity mistake: The bartender points a gun at Erik, and his finger is inside the trigger guard. When Erik pushes the trigger using his superpower, suddenly the trigger guard is free of the finger.This is intentional, intended to illustrate the fact the Erik pushes the trigger, rather than the bartender pulling it. (00:24:40)

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Continuity mistake: Erik meets two Germans at the bar in Argentina, a pig farmer and a tailor. The amount of beer in the farmer's glass increases after Erik walks towards him. (00:23:20)


Continuity mistake: A sleepy Raven snuggles up to Charles and tells him to read something to her. He reads her his thesis. The way he holds his thesis and the way his left hand rests on the sofa behind her is different between shots. (00:13:40)


Other mistake: In the credits James McAvoy is listed as Charles Xavier (Age 24), then Laurence Belcher is listed as Charles Xavier (Age 12). The opening scene plays in 1944, while the rest of the movie plays in 1962 - a difference of 18 years, not 12.

Factual error: The CIA is operating within the United States, given that they're not allowed to do so. Everything the CIA did in the film really should have been done by the FBI.


Character mistake: When trying to teach Banshee to fly, he is told to make his sound waves super sonic. Sound waves cannot be super sonic. Sound can only travel at the speed of sound, it always does. I guess they were trying to tell him to use a very high frequency, but the speed would still be the speed of sound.


Revealing mistake: When Xavier saves Erik from drowning, the two have an exchange of words while floating at the water's surface. During these shots the water is churning violently around them but the two look stationary, indicating they are standing on a solid platform.

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Continuity mistake: When Erik is first attempting to lift the submarine, he'd using his left hand. In subsequent scenes, specifically when Riptide turns into heavy wind to break Erik's grasp, he's now using his right hand.

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