7 Seconds

Continuity mistake: In this scene during the police car chase, we see the silver-coloured car driven by Wesley Snipes has the right side mirror damaged and hanging on loosely. When the police car and Snipes' car collide side-on, the mirror falls off and is shattered to pieces. The car chase continues and the mirror is mysteriously back on Snipes' car.


Continuity mistake: In this scene we see the police car chasing Wesley Snipes' car. During the chase we see that Snipes' car has sustained heavy damage to both front doors, then when the car finally comes to a stop after the chase, it has repaired itself. The doors are repaired with only slight damage to the right front.


Alexsie Kutchinov: We have a saying in my country - don't blame the baker, when the butcher bakes the bread.
John Tuliver: What the hell does that mean?
Alexsie Kutchinov: It means you're fucked.

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