I Am Number Four

I Am Number Four (2011)

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Corrected entry: Mark tells the trio they need to head west, since he told his father number four was heading east. As they drive down the highway however, the morning sun is rising ahead of them.

Correction: Which they may have to do in order to get to an Interstate, or highway, or go back to town to get money or supplies. When he says head west, he's not implying they must head west immediately.


Corrected entry: When John first tries his newly acquired powers out, he is on a cliff and looks down to the rock he's going to back-flip onto. However, in the overhead shot while he is in the air the rock is not visible in the water until he lands on it.


Correction: His body obscures it when he jumps. It's also hard to see it because the water (and the rock) is in the shade BUT it is there.


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