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Corrected entry: In "Meet the Parents," Jack had a son. Aside from the fact that it would get in the way of the plot of "Little Fockers," why isn't HE taking over as family patriarch?

Correction: Jack mentions in the movie that his son was definitely not up to the task of being able to take over as the family patriarch, leaving Greg to be the only remaining choice.


Corrected entry: In "Meet the Parents", the cat Jinx is strictly an indoor cat, never allowed out. In this film he's happily running around at the outdoor party.

Correction: These are two different movies, with years between them. Jinx could easily be an outdoor cat, now.


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Jack Byrnes: I'm watching you.
Greg Focker: Yeah, well I have eyes too, so I'll be watching you... Watching me.



When Jack is doing a search for "Andi Garcia" on Google, the links show up in the searches he does as purple and not blue which means that they have already been visited, despite the fact that he's supposed to be doing this search for the first time.



Originally, Dustin Hoffman turned down the film due to his dissatisfaction with the screenplay. Hence him being in Spain learning the Flamenco. Poor test screenings lead to him changing his mind and being inserted into the film via costly reshoots.