127 Hours

127 Hours (2010)

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Corrected entry: Aron removes his wristwatch with some difficulty using his mouth. He uses a Suunto Vector watch, it has a wristband that requires 2 hands to reattach, or a lot of time and effort to do it with one hand. A few minutes later you can see the watch on his wrist again. Guess he didn't escape sooner because he took hours putting his watch back on. (00:19:00 - 00:25:00)


Correction: What? He was going somewhere, so didn't have time to reattach the watch? He had nothing *but* time. There's no mistake.


Corrected entry: Aarons's facial hair never grows even though he is stuck for 5 days.


Correction: I usually go for a week without shaving with little discernible hair growth.


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