The Mummy Returns

Corrected entry: Rick and Jonathan jump through the bathroom window. All the glass is gone as they fall.

Correction: No, it's not. I literally just watched this film last night and was looking for some of the mistakes listed here for fun. They leap through the window, and there's glass all around them as they fall.

Corrected entry: When Lock-Nah discovers Alex building one of his clues for Rick and Evey in the sand, his mouth isn't in sync with the words when he says "Leaving breadcrumbs, are we?"

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Correction: That's because his teeth are clenched, meaning that your lips don't need to move a lot. Look carefully and you can see his lips moving just a little bit.

Corrected entry: The mummies that attack during the scene on the doubledecker bus are supposedly pretty tough and can smash through brick and masonry walls. However, during the fight just before the bus hits the bridge, the mummy fighting Fraser acts like a normal person. The two grapple together, and the mummy has his hands around Fraser's throat and tries to strangle him. Not only does Fraser fend him off, he even breaks his grip and dives to the floor before the bridge hits. Pretty wimpy for a mummy that just tore through a steel bus roof. (00:44:30)

Correction: The mummy wasn't trying to strangle him; he was trying to do what Imhotep would do in terms of sucking his life out, (he even opens his mouth really wide to try and do this but Rick kept interrupting by punching him). In terms of being "wimpy", Rick just poked him in his eye sockets and the mummy reacted. Then Rick hit him before falling down when they were approaching the low bridge, and all of that was a surprise to the mummy; he had no time to react, especially when he couldn't even see what they were about to hit.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the father says "You know, those snakes are very poisonous." Then the mother says "Only if they bite you." You can clearly see the snake's colours are red touching black which clearly means that the snake is not a venomous snake. (00:07:00)

Correction: The rhyme applies only to the coral and king snakes of North America. So it is possible that the snake is venomous, even though it is obviously a king snake. The coral snake does not have red touching black though there are bands of yellow in between.

Corrected entry: Director Stephen Sommers appears as the man in the bathtub in Izzy's place.


Correction: Incorrect. Sommers did indeed record some audio of himself humming that is looped into the scene, but the man in the tub is just an extra.

Corrected entry: When Ardeth Bay finally kills Lock-Nah, another enemy is about to shoot Ardeth in the face. But he is saved by Jonathan who is standing right next to him. They then flash to him back up on his sniper position next to his sister. How did he move so quickly?

Correction: Jonathan isn't next to him. He's up on the ridge with Evie. They just zoomed in on him.

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Corrected entry: In the beginning, Ardeth calls Anubis the "dark god." However, Anubis was not an evil god, simply the one to perform the weighing of the hearts ceremony for the deceased. The fact that he deals with the dead may have created a false impression. But a much better "dark god" could have been Set, god of chaos.

Correction: Anubis was the god of the afterlife and the Egyptian underworld. That's pretty dark stuff - doesn't have to mean evil.

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Corrected entry: In the jungle / oasis scene the clumsy Jonathan grabs a rifle and the "tatooed face guy" asks him if he can handle a rifle. This rifle is a Lee Enfield Mark 4 rifle. The movie takes place in 1933. At this time the Mark 4 was not available. (01:24:25)

Correction: The rifle is actually the predecessor to the Lee Enfield - it is a Lee Metford Rifle Mark I which was first in use in 1888.

Corrected entry: After Rick and Evie open the chest with the bracelet in it, the Nile begins to rush in. They are running down a corridor and Rick has his rucksack (with the chest in it) in his left hand. The Nile is shown rushing in upon them. They turn to face the oncoming water and Rick puts both arms around Evie. You can see both his hands. Then he reaches up and holds onto the grate with both hands. When the wall collapses and Rick and Evie wash out, the rucksack is back in his left hand. (00:16:15)

Correction: Not a mistake. You cannot hold your wife together with something in your palm. The rucksack must have slid down and up to his elbow which is hidden behind Evy. We will not be able to see that. Once he loses control of his wife in the water and flushed out we can see Rick holding the rucksack again.


Corrected entry: After Evie has been taken from her house, Rick, Ardeth, Jonathan and the kid run to get the car and give chase. As they get round the corner of the house they all stop running and are just walking to the car. As they have only run a a few paces they can hardly be worn out but since this is an emergency why do they stop running? (00:32:55)


Correction: Not a mistake. Rick and Jonathan jumps off from the bathroom and sees that Evy was abducted and taken away by the bad guys. They start running towards the car but the bad guys was shooting towards Rick and Jonathan, they hide themselves from the bullets and sees "Evy" is out of reach to give the chase. Then Ardeth comes near them and they start walking together towards the car.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Alex is escaping the train, he has to pull the emergency stop cord to make the train stop and even Imhotep is surprised that the train is stopping. However, their destination was Karnak so that Alex could see the next step of the journey. As Alex enters the ancient city, the bracelet reacts and he sees the next step, thus, they are at Karnak. Shouldn't the train have been stopped or in the process of stopping already without Alex pulling the cable if they had reached their destination? (01:02:00)

Correction: That depends entirely on where Imhotep & co. were planning to stop! The entire Karnak Temple Complex is a VAST area, the size of a small city. It's possible that the train had just reached the outskirts of the complex, but still had a bit to go before reaching the station itself (which would be in the nearby village of El-Karnak, but not necessarily near the ancient complex), or that they were planning to stop somewhere else on their way past the complex. Most likely, they would try to avoid suspicion by going past the complex and to the station, like a normal train would.


Corrected entry: In her visions, Evie is shown to be Nefertiti, with Seti I being her father (or whatever he is surposed to be). However, the visions are set in 1290 BC, in the 19th Dynasty. That's correct in terms of Seti I, but Nefertiti is from the 18th Dynasty and is believed to have lived between 1370-1330 BC, over 200 years before Seti I.


Correction: She is not Nefertiti, but Nefertiri. A different person with an almost-identical name. And even if the names WERE identical, she is always meant to be an unknown princess from the 19th dynasty, never the famous wife of Akhenaten.


Corrected entry: Jonathan is unable to start Rick's car as the key breaks off in the ignition. In 1933, no cars would have ignition keys as the starter motor wasn't invented until 1936.

Correction: The electric self-starter first appeared on Cadillacs in 1912; it was invented by Charles Kettering. I have personally ridden in a 1929 Model A Ford with both a dash-mounted ignition switch and an electric self-starter. Both were standard equipment. The starter was actuated with a foot pedal, but the ignition switch had to be "on" for the starter to work. Just because the car has a dash-mounted ignition switch does not mean said switch controls the starter, but if the switch was inoperative, the starter would not work.

Corrected entry: If Rick received his Maji tattoo when he was a kid in the orphanage, there is no way that it would look as good as it does as an adult. Just his body growing would have stretched the tattoo considerably.

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Correction: This is not a mistake. Rick doesn't specify how old he was. He could have been 16 in the orphanage, in which case his body was very close to full grown, thus not changing the tattoo much.

Corrected entry: In the flashback scene where Nefertiri is looking out the balcony when her father is murdered, the dialogue is different from that in the beginning of The Mummy.

Correction: First off, this flashback is from Evie's point of view. So it's a matter of how she recollects it. Second, it's a flashback from another life, thousands of years ago. Understandable that she might not remember every minor detail, her main recollection is her father's murder.

Corrected entry: In the first movie, Anack-su-namun is already established as pharaoh's wife. However, in the second one, the pharaoh says that she is soon to be his wife.

Correction: No, she was the Pharaoh's favourite mistress in the first film. They were never married.


Corrected entry: In the scene where they enter the museum, and begin fighting, Brendan fires a shot from his shotgun, and you can see one of the shells being extracted jams his shotgun. (00:39:46)

Correction: Unless he somehow fires the gun despite the jam (which he doesn't), then this isn't a mistake. Gun jams happen in real life, so why can't it happen here?

Corrected entry: Another timeline mistake - when Anck-sun-Namun is convincing the three henchmen to open the chest on the train, one of them says four men opened the very same chest nine years ago, referencing the four Americans from the first movie, which was in fact seven years ago (The Mummy took place in 1926 and The Mummy Returns took place in 1933, thus seven years' difference).

Correction: Character mistake.

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Corrected entry: Imhotep calls the temple of Karnak by it's modern Arabic name. He should have called it 'Apat-Suwt' which was it's name in Ancient Egyptian.

Correction: "Mistakes" of this type - and the standard correction - are so common on this site that they should have their own category. Films are shot in a language that can be understood by modern audiences, in this case Arabic (and English). Ancient Egyptian vanished from the earth 3,000 years ago and nobody even knows how it was pronounced.

Corrected entry: Near the end when Rick stabs the Scorpion King with the Spear of Osiris, the spear stops Rick from falling. This is impossible because the spear is so smooth it should just slide back out.

Correction: Even smooth spears gain purchase when stabbed into something, ESPECIALLY if it's alive, muscular and active. Alive things are always slightly tense. Muscles are dense. Active muscles are tenser, meaning that they would've contracted around the spear. (That's why its so hard for stabbed people to get daggers out).

Corrected entry: When Imhotep is brought back and the dark-haired woman introduces herself, she claims to be Anck Su Namun reincarnated. This wouldn't have mattered in the slightest to Imhotep as the ancient Egyptians didn't even believe in reincarnation. This also applies to Evie being the Pharaoh's daughter reincarnated; when Anck Su Namun's spirit is put into the woman's body and she 'becomes' her, she should not have believed Evie to be a reincarnation of the princess.

Correction: Who's to say for certain what can or can't happen in the afterlife? Whatever Imhotep believed in when he was alive, may have been changed by what he learned after his death(s).


Corrected entry: Brandon Fraser's friend pours a glass of brandy for each of them, and then fills the glasses again before either of them has taken a drink.

Correction: I have watched the movie several times and cannot even find the scene this mistake refers to, I believe this mistake was posted under the wrong movie.

Corrected entry: When the mummy and Brendan first see each other (in the warehouse) you see Brendan reload his shotgun, cut to the mummy who yells "YOU", cut back to Brendan reloading his shotgun, smoking cartridge and all. I didn't hear a shot between the first and second reload. (00:39:34)

Correction: There is continuous gunfire in the scene, so you cannot tell if he fired off a shot or not.

Corrected entry: In one of the shots of the guy putting out his arm to catch the magi's messenger bird (its the shot of the man standing in front of the army) You can see a red rubber glove on the man's hand to stop the claws of the bird scratching him.

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Correction: Actually, this makes sense. Anyone would want to wear protective clothing when dealing with animals with claws/talons.

Corrected entry: Rick enters the pyramid looking for Imhotep after his wife Evie is killed by Ankh Su Namum. His son Alex then comes up with the plan to bring her back to life, and he and his Uncle Jonathan then do just that, all without Rick's knowledge. Later, when Rick is busy fighting off the Scorpion King, Evie shows up as if nothing had happened, and he reacts by calling out her name. Shouldn't he be at least a little bit shocked to see his dead wife walking about the place?

Correction: He IS surprised, which is why he called her name in such a desperate and confused way.

Corrected entry: In The Mummy, when the Pharaoh walks in on Anck Su Namun he asks her who touched her. In Evie's flashback during The Mummy Returns the Pharaoh doesn't ask about the smeared paint on his mistress' arm.

Correction: You don't see the entire scene from "Mummy One" so it is possible this was just missed.

Corrected entry: When Evie has the flashback where she is fighting Anck-Su-Namun, you see her twirling the sais around quite fast. It is quite obvious that these are aluminum sais, not full weight sais. It is close to impossible to do that particular move at that speed with full weight sais. (01:08:05)

Correction: I have a friend who is a martial-artist and he can spin swords, sais, and other weapons pretty darn fast. Plus, we don't know what the sais in the movie are supposed to be made of, they could very well be lighter "training-sais" for the girls to use.

Corrected entry: After John and O'Connell jump out of the window of their house, they land and you can see bullets hit the rail from the front. When the camera pans up, a bad guy is shooting from behind. (00:31:55)

Correction: The bullets hit the top of the railing, but the sparks from it fly in all directions, so it may seem like they are hitting the front, but it's not.

Corrected entry: On the ledge in the oasis, Ardeth tells Jonathan that the only way to kill an Anubis warrior is to cut off its head. Yet, during the first "battle" between the Magi and the Army of Anubis, there are at least 2 Anubis warriors that are headless. How are they meant to be killed? (01:45:09)

Correction: There are no headless Anubis warriors. There are some with only partial heads, or skulls where their heads should be, but none without at least most of a head.

Corrected entry: At the end Izzy saves them just in the nick of time. Just before this part we see many shots of the entire area getting sucked in to the pyramid. You can see for miles, but no airship... (01:53:55)

Correction: Izzy comes from above them, so he conceiveably could have been "above camera" in those shots.

Corrected entry: The length of the boy's tie varies throughout the movie.

Correction: Ties can be untied and adjusted to different lengths. If it's too tight, or uncomfortable, Alex could have loosened it, whihc would make it appear longer, and later tighten it, making it look shorter.

Corrected entry: The flooded corridor and the front area by the boy where both at the same ground level, since when the wall broke it caused the water to spill through. Since it was the Nile that was flooding the place, there should be more than enough water to drown all three of them, instead of that little water that spilled out.

Correction: The "Little water" that spills in? A ton of water spills in, enough that Alex has to run for his life. And also, the hole from which the water spills is only big enough that water is being let in at a fairly slow rate (For such a large amount of water.) And also, you have to consider, it will have to fill the rest of the temple/area they are in before the level will start to totally rise, so they are safe for at least a few minutes. Enough at least to get their stuff and get out.

Corrected entry: During the fight at the O'Connell estate, there is a shot in which Rick jumps onto a chair (causing it to fall over) and then runs to the bathroom. As he does so, there is a mysterious blast of steam or smoke, I'm guessing from a hydraulic device in the chair.

Correction: The blast of steam came a long while after the chair fell over and the bad guy started firing shots at them. I don't know how homes in England are made, but it appears that the bullets hit a pipe or something that caused steam to come off. It appears to be an intentional effect that the movie wanted, not a hydraulic device in the chair.

Corrected entry: When the Scorpion King eats the black scorpion at the beginning, it is blatantly obvious it is a prop scorpion, as there is almost no movement, even though it was stinging him and attacking in the previous shots.

Correction: The scorpion's tail and claws seem to be moving quite a bit when the Scorpion King eats it. Even as he bit the scorpion, the tail was still moving.

Corrected entry: When Alex begins to make the first sand castle, he uses water from a cup brought by Lock Nah. The only problem, when he pours the water onto the sand, there is not nearly enough for a sandcastle like the one he made, and I seriously doubt he asked for any more water, as they were in the desert, and it was in short supply.

Correction: Actually, you see the water spread over a very a large area and would have been absorbed a lot in the area where he just poured it. The sandcastle is not very big. He seems to have just enough water and wet sand to build a sandcastle that size.

Corrected entry: The chronology is off. The movie begins in 3067 BC, and continues in 1933 AD. But that's only 3999 years, because you have to subtract a year when you go from BC to AD (to make up for the fact that there was no 'year zero', and so 1BC to 1AD were only one year apart, not two). At most, that's still a year short, and the Scorpion King is arising too early (supposed to ride every 4,000 years).

Correction: However, scholars have questioned how accurate our calendar really is. Many scientists believe that our calendar is approximately 4 years off. I have read evolution reports that place our calendar as far as 15 (usually more like 7) years behind (meaning it would be 2020 instead of 2005) to 2 years ahead (really 2003). So it is possible.

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Corrected entry: At the end when Alex is reading from the book of the dead, how did he get it open? In the first movie, they had to have a key to open it. (01:45:25)

Correction: The bad guys used acid to open the bracelet case, so I don't think it's a big stretch that they would use the same method to open the books.

Corrected entry: Here's a mistake only a South African would notice. Towards the end of the film, when Arnold Vosloo throws the spear at the Scorpian King and Brendan Fraser catches it, he shouts "Nee", which is the Afrikaans word for "No" (Arnold Vosloo's home language.) A few seconds later he exclaims again, this time using the correct "Egyptian" word for "no". (01:54:05)

Correction: Actually, he uses the same word both times, but it could be misinterpreted as to what word he says.

Corrected entry: If the horsemen introduced are the leaders of the twelve tribes, why are there only nine of them? (00:58:20)

Correction: I just watched this scene and count 12 leaders, including Ardeth Bey, throughout the scene. The only time when there are only 9 visible is when they are leaving and at that point the dust that the horses kicked up and the terrain are making it impossible to get an accurate count.


Correction: Just because there are twelve tribes doesn't mean there has to be twelve leaders. They might be like a "board of executives" that governs all tribes. Seeing as they are a fictional creation in the movie, you cannot apply any existing tribes for comparison.

Corrected entry: When they talk in Egyptian (and they do, and some of it actually makes sense too.) they use the word Selaku for Scorpion. This is fine - Mr Smith who wrote the Egyptian did some work on pronounciation so he is as correct as he can be, but the Egyptians never used the letter L. It should be Seraku.

Correction: Ancient Egyption hasn't been spoken in about 3,000 years, so how does anybody know about what letters/sounds they used?

Corrected entry: In the bus chase scene they come across a bridge. A sign reads "low clearance" or whatever. The roof of the doubledecker bus gets cut off. There are two mistakes in that scene. (1) The bridge is the tower bridge of London. Doubledecker buses actually CAN pass under that bridge. (2) If there is a low clearance at one side of the bridge, why isn't it the same on the other side? On the opposing side they could just drive through without any obstacles.

Correction: The bridge is not the Tower Bridge and it's never implied it is. What they are going under is any low bridge in London over a one way street, that's why the clearance is only on one side. The Tower Bridge appears in the scene after, which takes place some time later.

Corrected entry: When the Medjai face the final onslaught of the Anubis' warriors, they keep their swords in a ready stance, but they don't move them even when the army hits them. That would be a perfect way to fight if they want their heads chopped off, since the swords would have no hitting power if swung from that stance. (01:54:45)

Correction: They WANT to get their heads chopped off. The entire army of Medjai barely fought off the first wave. The survivors give up and crave a quick death.

Corrected entry: In the first kissing scene with Imhotep and his woman. An inoculation scar is clearly visible on Imhotep's left arm. Boy, the ancient Egyptians sure were advanced in medicine...

Correction: Yes it's an innoculation scar for the actor but it could easily be a scar from an insect bite or something on Imhotep.

Corrected entry: In the beginning when they're running from the nile, they grab on to the steel grate above them... Didn't know the Egyptians made steel! (00:16:15)

Correction: Egyptians were using iron from 4000BCE and producing it themselves perhaps as early as 1000BCE. The grate may be iron.


Corrected entry: Probably one of the few times the plot of an entire movie hinged on a mistake. When Mathayus the Scorpion King is dying of thirst in the desert, he prays to Anubis, god of death, to bring him an invincible army to crush his enemies. Anubis does this, but in return makes Mathayus his eternal slave. The problem is: Anubis ISN'T the ancient Egyptian god of death. Although he almost always ends up miscast as this, the truth is he is the god of mummification and the GUARDIAN, not the god of, the dead. The true god of the dead is as yet unidentified in the Egyptian pantheon, but more likely than not belongs to Anubis's mother, Nephthys.

Correction: Anubis is Guardian of the Necropolis, where the dead bodies are kept, so if you want an army of mummies, it might make sense to ask him. If you want an army of dis-embodied ka's (souls), then you could ask Osiris, the God of the Afterlife and Anubis' father.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Alex gets kidnapped on Tower bridge, Brendan Fraser runs after him and as the bridge lifts, he jumps across to the other side. When they show him again, he is actually hanging on the wrong side of the bridge.

Correction: He doesn't jump across the gap. He jumps to land at the edge of the side he's already on.

Corrected entry: When Rick, Evie, Jonathan and Alex are 'walking' up the pyramid at the end to be rescued, there are steps there for them. The Ancient Egyptians NEVER made pyramids with those kind of ridges on them. They were smooth and even if there were stairs. At the size that they were, the pyramid could only have been about 10 metres tall. (01:58:25)

Correction: If you were to visit the Step Pyramid at Saccarra (somewhere between Cairo and the ancient capital of Memphis) you will see at leat one pyramid that was built (by an architect named Imhotep) in the same fashion as the one shown at the end of "The Mummy Returns")

Corrected entry: When Ardeth sends Horus back to report to the Med-jai, Horus flies over the bad guys and is seen by Lock-Jaw. Tell me this: If they were following the bad guys and the Med-jai were following them, how did Horus fly over the bad guys? They were in the opposite direction he was supposed to have gone. (01:16:30)

Correction: While in the canyon, the heroes - who are traveling by air - pass the bad guys - who are traveling by land. When they pass, Imhotep sends the water elemental after them. The heroes then enter the valley - ahead of the bad guys. Because they are ahead of the bad guys Horus has to fly past the bad guys thus giving them a chance to take out the bird.

Corrected entry: In the first film, Imhotep must kill the Americans and take their organs etc. in order to regenerate. When he meets the first guy he takes his eyes and tongue, because before he had none. Then when he dies at the end, he is shown rotting back to his original, eye-less state. But in this film, when he is regenerated he already has eyes and a tongue, but he hasn't killed anyone yet. Where did they come from? (01:37:45)

Correction: If you listen to the chanting the men are useing to bring Imhotep back it is different then what Eve said in the first film. It's possible that this new spell could have brought him back stronger than before.

Corrected entry: In the bus chase scene, Fraser shoots a shotgun through the roof of the bus. The damage that is done looks like single bullets were shot - not like the typical shotgun damage.

Correction: The shotgun may not have been loaded with "shot". Shotguns may also fire solid slugs. The rifled type, the Brenneke, was introduced in 1898. The smoothbore slug was introduced in 1936. One would assume that given O'Connell's plethora of weapons, he may have shotguns loaded with either type. He definitely would understand that solid slugs work better than buckshot against a large creature.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, when it shows the Meji on his horse, there are many tracks all around him, as if someone, or many people were there before.

Correction: Many people, like the surviving Magi, who were there minutes before and left to regroup. Ardeth Bey remained to see if his friends had survived. Alternatively he's been there a while waiting and his horse has been pacing around.


Corrected entry: When Rick saves Evie from being thrown into the fire in the museum, he cuts the ropes that are binding her hands and feet. The ropes are still left around her wrists and ankles, but she can now run. For the next several minutes, as they are fighting the Mummy and his armed guards, her bindings appear and disappear. When Rick and Evie run from the museum and she stops to pull the bench in front of the doors, all of the ropes are completely gone.

Correction: Evy takes off the bonds offscreen in a logical order: after Rick cuts the cross-ties, she removes the rope on her right hand so she can take a gun. Offscreen, the ropes around her legs work loose and fall off, and next time we see her legs they are free. Finally, when she goes up the stairs, the rope on her left hand is gone. It's not impossible for her to get out of the ropes and they never reappear after she has removed them.


Corrected entry: When the cast is sent back to ancient Egypt and after Arnold Vosloo and Patricia Velasquez have killed the king and she urges Imhotep to go. You can see at the bottom left hand corner, her arm from the present come into the scene but it is smaller than normal. Someone didn't get the timing right.

Correction: That's actually a shot of the pool that present-day Imhotep and Anck-su-namun are sitting in front of which Imhotep is using to show Anck images of the past. Hard to recognize, but the wavery nature of the image projected onto the water gives it away.


Corrected entry: When Rick climbs the bridge and sees the bad guys speed off down the left side of the road. A car is approaching in that lane and swerves into its own left lane to avoid it. That means the car was driving on the right side of the London.

Correction: The other car approaches in its left lane, swerves right to the median to avoid the oncoming kidnap vehicle, then swerves left back into its original lane while the kidnap car begins on its right lane and crosses the median to travel properly in the left lane. It sounds complicated because of the diagonals, but it just means that both drivers were reacting to each other and moving toward their own lanes.


Corrected entry: When looking for the Oasis, Rick says something along the lines of "That's the Blue Nile down there. We must be out of Egypt be now". The Blue Nile starts in Sudan, hundreds of miles away.

Correction: If Rick is referring to modern Egypt, his comment is perfectly valid. The modern border is a line in the sand, not visible except on a map. Today it can be recognized as the end of Lake Nasser, but the Aswan high dam which formed the lake was not built until the 1960's. (The comment is not in error anyway, being in Sudan certainly implies being "out of Egypt") If Rick is referring to ancient Egypt, his comment is still not in error. The Blue Nile starts at Khartoum, which was a part of ancient Egypt, but near the border. If they were looking down at the river and could not see the junction with the White Nile, they were likely outside ancient Egypt as well.

Corrected entry: Please explain to me how after their son is kidnapped in London, Evie, Rick, and Jonathan, DRIVE up to the hot air balloon place in Cairo the very next morning? How long would it have taken in 1933 to get from London, England to Cairo, Egypt? In this movie, overnight. It can't be a time lapse - we know the kid has only a few days to get to the pyramid.

Correction: After Imhotep tells the boy he has to get inside the pyramid within seven days of putting the bracelet on, the boy says that he only has five days. That means two days were spent travelling to Egypt.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Anuck and Nefertitti are fighting with the short swords in front of a larger audience in ancient Egypt, they are using Japaneese daggers, called Sai. Talk about globalisation.

Correction: Although this is true, it is quite possible that the Egyptians had their own form of the sai. For one thing, the octagon arms are much thicker set. Traditional Japanese sai have thinner arms and are almost always silver, a good deal of the time with bound handles.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the balloon has crashed at the edge of the oasis of Ahm Shere, Izzy complains that he won't be able to get the balloon back in the air because he needs gas, or hot air at a push, neither of which is readily available in a desert oasis. The next we see of him is when he rescues Rick, Evy etc from the top of the pyramid. How exatly did he manage to re-inflate the balloon? It's never mentioned.

Correction: It is never explained, which is why it can't be a mistake. Since we don't know what he did or how he did it we can't argue that he couldn't find the time or the resources.

Corrected entry: As soon as Rick and Evelyn get home in London, they begin talking about going back to Egypt to look for the Oasis. Evelyn says the last known expedition to find the Oasis was sent by Ramases IV, but the words are hardly out of her mouth before she begins listing famous historical generals (Napoleon, Alexander the Great, Caesar) who sent expeditions. You even see Roman standards and Centurion corpses later on in the movie.

Correction: This is an "answer's in the question" mistake - she says that the last group to find the oasis was sent by Ramases - Napoleon, etc. sent expeditions, but they never returned.

Corrected entry: The balloon guy says something like "do you know how many cubic metres it takes to fill this thing (the balloon)?" when the metric system didn't come in for another 40 odd years.

Correction: The metric system was developed in France in the late 18th century, in fact during the French Revolution.

Corrected entry: In the original movie the Mummy calls Evie by the name of the lady he was trying to bring back from the dead in the beginning. Yet in this movie you learn that Evie is Nefertiri reincarnated. It is obvious that Imhotep would have know who Nefertiri was so he wouldn't have called Evie by the other name.

Correction: He doesn't think she's Ank-su-namun reincarnated, it's just that she's the first attractive woman he's seen in thousands of years, so she reminds him of his lost love.

Corrected entry: It seems a bit odd that Ardeth Bay at the same time as facing the armies of Anubis personally is seemingly a true muslim referring time and again to Allah in Arabic. Islam being monotheistic it would deny the existance of other deities.

Correction: Allah is merely an Arabic word for God. My family are Arabic Catholics, and the term Allah is used in Church, and in everyday conversation to refer to God. The term Allah as it is referred to in the movie is perfectly correct in it's context, as the guy who uses it is merely referring to his God. The expressions he uses are common to all Arabic religions.

Corrected entry: In the scene, right before Imhotep sends the tidal waves after the heroes, he is walking near the waterfall. But all the water in the stream is moving towards the waterfall, instead of away from it, as it usually would.

Correction: The stream was not created by the waterfall. The stream flows down the canyon past where the waterfall is and the waterfall is pouring into the stream. Therefore it can flow toward the waterfall.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Rick and Evie are grieving the loss of Alex you can see the side of Rick's ammunition belt. The shotgun rounds are filled with a white powder signifying blank ammunition.

Correction: .(Shotgun cartridges from the time were capped off with paper at the end. This is what is seen, not white powder. The end of a shotgun shell must be sealed. How would we see the powder?)

Corrected entry: This story takes place in 1933. However, during the sequence of events in Rick's home, they are attacked by people trying to retrieve the scorpion bracelet. One of the villians begins shooting at Rick and his brother-in-law with a Sten submachine gun. This firearm wasn't invented for another 10 years, until after the outbreak of WWII, in 1943.

Correction: Close examination of the weapon in question shows that it has 1) A full-length ventilated handguard around the barrel in front of the action; 2) A wooden shoulder stock. NEITHER of these features was present on the early model STEN. These features WERE present on the German MP-18, MP28-II, and the MP-34. The MP18 used the Luger 'Snail Drum' magazine exclusively, while the weapon in the film has a standard straight box magazine. The most likely weapon, given the time frame, is an MP-28-II. Although there may have been prototype MP-34s in existence in 1933, they would not have been available outside Germany. The MP-28-II was made in a variety of calibers for the export market as well, making it historically correct in the context of the film.

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Rick O'Connell: Knowing my brother in law, he probably deserves whatever you're about to do to him. But this is my house, and I have certain rules about snakes and dismemberment.



In the British Museum, when Rick and Ardeth are saving Evie, Rick gives her a .45 pistol and they start to shoot the guards, her pistol fires once and the slide locks back meaning the pistol had no ammo, but she keeps firing as if the magazine was still full.



In the tomb, Alex knocks over the columns the same way Evie knocked over the bookcases in "The Mummy."