The American

Corrected entry: When Mathilde fires at George Clooney in the final scene, the rifle blows up in her face causing a wound like she's been shot through the right eye. However, as she was using a telescopic sight, the explosion from the gun would have hit her face from below, near the jaw.

Correction: The chamber explosion blows the telescopic sight off, turning in into a projectile which shoots inte her right eye.


Corrected entry: Never heard of bullet-speeds being expressed in mph, usually in meters per second or feet per second. Anyhow, 360 mph is still well above the sound barrier, so any suppressor or silencer will NOT silence the sharp whip-like crack of a bullet going through the sound barrier.

Correction: 360 mph is about half the speed of sound.


Factual error: Clooney refers to the rifle as an "M14". The Rüger Mini-14 is a different rifle than the M14 (used e.g. by the Marine Corps prior to the M16).

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Jack: Did you ever wanna be anything but a priest?
Father Benedetto: Have you ever wanted to be anything other than a photographer?
Jack: I do what I'm good at.

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Trivia: When Jack is entering the bar where he receives a letter from a friend, a song is played on the radio. The song is 'Tu vuò fà l'americano' by Italian singer Renato Carosone. It means 'You want to do American' or 'You're an American wannabe', a reference to Jack, who is American, and of course the title of the movie. (00:38:45 - 00:39:50)

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