Corrected entry: When Paul is patched though to Dan with the hostage working group Dan asks Paul how much battery life is left on his phone. When Paul pulls the phone away from his head you can see the Blackberry is upside down, qwerty keyboard in his ear and screen and speaker at his mouth. When the kidnapper calls in 1 minute later the phone is instantly right side up.


Correction: Sixty seconds hardly qualify as "instantly".

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Corrected entry: At one point when Paul is looking at his phone's battery, there are 2 bars left. In the next shot it jumps to 3 bars of battery left, the phone battery symbol then changes to 2 bars in the next shot where the battery's life decreases to 1 bar left.

Correction: The battery indicator bars can show more or less power remaining depending on what functions are active at the time. If the power remaining is right at the "margin" between one level and the next then during a call you may see only two bars, but hang up and it may jump to three, for example.

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Corrected entry: The film is set in 2006, however Paul is in possession of a Blackberry Bold Smartphone, which was released in 2009.

Correction: It's not a Blackberry Bold.It's a Blackberry Curve 8900. You tell by the rollerball, a Bold has a touchpad. But it is a mistake either ways 'cause the Curve 8900 came out in 2008.

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