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Factual error: Anna is in Wales needing to get to Dublin, which is straight across from Wales. Why would the boat sail right round the lower part of Ireland and round to the other side of to Dingle?

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Suggested correction: They had landed in Cardiff, Wales, which is not directly across from Dublin. Since there were no flights out, she wanted to take a ferry to Cork, not Dingle. Cork is pretty much straight east of the Bristol Channel that she would have sailed from, so it's not as if they had to sail south to the lower part of Ireland. While she could have tried to sail to Wexford or Waterford, there could have been several reasons that we don't see why she chose Cork. From there, the storm diverted the ship to Dingle (in the same way her flight was diverted), which was not her original destination.


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Just before Declan and Anna are going to sleep in the B&B, when she agrees he can sleep in the same bed he is holding a pillow. He then puts the pillow on the bed and the pattern on his and hers pillows are on the left side, however the next scene shows that his pillow pattern is on the right.