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Other mistake: They go into the world's deepest copper mine to an underground computer office with windows lit from outside.

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Suggested correction: That is probably exactly how it would look. Most underground facilities are conventional buildings, trailers, or modular units arranged in a large lighted tunnel or cavern. This is the arrangement in Cheyenne Mountain Complex, the previous U.S. Antarctic base (under the geodesic dome), and for offices and data repositories in salt mines. The buildings have windows, and the caverns are lighted to facilitate movement between buildings.

Jackson Curtis: When they tell you not to panic... That's when you run!

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Trivia: Though named differently, all the state leaders (plus the governor of California) shown in the movie are of the same gender, ethnicity and general appearance as their real-world counterparts who ruled in 2009.

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Question: If all this happens on the 21-12-2012 why do we not see one Christmas decoration throughout whole film?

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