Continuity mistake: When Tallahassee first appears, driving the Escalade, he smashes into a car, which badly dents his "snow plow" (very easy to see). In the next and subsequent shots, it is as nice and straight as before.


Continuity mistake: When Columbus brushes Wichita's hair behind her ear and kisses her, he leaves his hand behind her ear. Her hair changes position between shots; in some it is all behind her ear, in some it is over Columbus' hand, and in others it is half and half.


Continuity mistake: In the Pacific Playland scene, Wichita and Little Rock are seen riding a Swinging Ship when all of a sudden, zombies begin to pile over the park's fence. In the next scene, the two girls are shown running down a stretch of walkway shooting at the zombies that are chasing them. When the camera is focused on the zombies pursuing the girls, in the background (top left corner) you can see the Ship ride sitting still. After the camera gets a shot of the girls, it goes back to the shot of the zombies and the Ship is now moving in full swing. The next time the zombies are shown, the Ship is sitting still again. There was no time between shots for the ride to have started and stopped so quickly.

Continuity mistake: When Tallahassee is locked in the prize booth, he is holding a SIG and a Colt 1911. When he is done and spins his guns, he is holding two Colts.

Grumpy Scot

Other mistake: When Columbus is face-to-face with the clown zombie, he looks up at Wichita, who is on the ride, stuck at the top of the tower. Columbus looks almost straight up at her, but when Wichita looks to Columbus for help, she should look almost straight down, but instead she looks straight ahead. There is no other reason why she would have looked straight ahead because a) Columbus was directly below her, b) Little Rock and Tallahassee were to her right, and c) she almost perpetually had her eyes on the zombie climbing the tower towards her.


Visible crew/equipment: As Tallahassee is driving them to Bill Murray's house in the Hummer, you can see the camera crew riding alongside in the reflection on the truck.

Zombieland mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Columbus and Tallahassee first meet, they are sitting in the car and Tallahassee picks up his bottle of 'alcohol'. The label on the bottle changes sides depending on camera angle. From Columbus' side the label is facing toward the front of the car (with Tallahassee's fingers over it), but from Tallahassee's side the label is facing towards the driver's window. It then changes back and forth depending on camera angle. (00:09:20)

Zombieland mistake picture

Continuity mistake: After Tallahassee and Columbus find the yellow vehicle, Tallahassee paints the number "3" on the sides. The style that the "3" is painted in changes throughout the movie.

Continuity mistake: Woody Harrelson locks himself in the booth at Pacific Playland and locks/closes the security screens on three sides. After he is surrounded by zombies, one of the side cages has been pushed opened a bit, leaving quite a gap. The scene pans around to various angles as Woody fires away, and in a subsequent shot, the screen is shut again. With both his hands full, he couldn't have shut it.

Other mistake: Most of the time when driving, the windows are down (possibly so no camera reflections are seen) but their hair mostly doesn't move and there is no wind noise in the truck like there would normally be.

stuck in eternity

Factual error: During the stop in the small town while still in Texas, and Tallahassee breaks all the windows in the minivan, a Bank of Coweta sign is visible over one of the buildings. The Bank of Coweta is a local bank in Georgia, and has no branches outside of the state.

Continuity mistake: When Wichita and Little Rock are about to enter Pacific play land. you are able to see Wichita wearing the hair loose. just after crossing the main door, Wichita is wearing her hair tied.

Plot hole: With people around the world turned into zombies, there is no way to maintain power plants, thus no lights should be lit, not to mention the functionality of an amusement park.


Continuity mistake: When the younger sister (Little Rock) is picking up the fake ring in front of the gas station, behind her is a PT Cruiser getting gas. Immediately when the gas station attendant comes out to speak to her, the car has vanished. There was no possible way the car was driven away in the split second scene switch.

Anthony Lemons

Revealing mistake: During the opening scenes, just before the "double tap rule" a car hits a zombie in a security guard uniform. The windshield breaks a split second before the zombie hits it.

Grumpy Scot

Visible crew/equipment: In the scene in which zombies climb the Tower of Terror-style ride to get Wichita and Little Rock, a safety harness is briefly visible on one of the male zombies.

Continuity mistake: In the scene at "BM's" house, when Columbus and Wichita are drinking wine and talking about 1997, the bottle candles on the table between them change positions and heights between camera angles.

Factual error: When Tallahassee and Columbus open the crashed Hostess truck, a huge pile of individual Sno-Balls packages pour out. A real delivery truck would have the product packaged in boxes on shelves in the back of the truck. Even if a Hostess employee was frantically filling the truck before he fled for some reason, Hostess products come from the factory and distributor in boxes.

Grumpy Scot

Continuity mistake: When Bill Murray first does his signature hand pray/bow maneuver for the praises from Tallahassee, Bill's hands go instantly from up in front of him to his pockets between camera angles.


Continuity mistake: The yellow Hummer goes from being initially dirty on the doors, to shiny clean when they get out to investigate the girls' Cadillac when it breaks down.


Continuity mistake: When Tallahassee and Columbus discover the abandoned Hummer, the camera pans in on the two hands attached to the steering wheel. From this angle, you can see Columbus looking in through the passenger door window while the door is shut. Immediately the camera pans to another angle, showing Tallahassee pulling one of the hands off the steering wheel and in this shot, Columbus's door is open. There wasn't enough time between shots for him to have opened the car door and there was no sound indicating that he had done so. (00:09:30)

Character mistake: When Tallahassee firsts meets Bill Murray, He says "six people left in the world and you're one of them." At that point they only know of 5 - the 4 main characters and Bill Murray.


Other mistake: After Columbus wakes up and realises the girl he let stay the night has turned into a zombie, he repeatedly hits her over the head with the commode top, but in the next shot, it is clean as a whistle - there is no blood or head matter on it at all. Also the bottom of the lid is real with grooves and crevices but after the second hit in the living room the bottom ridges are perfectly oval and smooth.

Continuity mistake: When Little Rock takes Columbus and Tallahassee hostage inside the Hummer, she holds up a gun to Tallahassee's neck. In this shot, her hair is in front of her ear. The next time she is shown, where she shoots the gun through the sun roof, her hair is shown tucked behind her ear two different ways. Seconds later, when she takes Tallahassee's gun away from him, her hair is in front of her ear again. This pattern continues for the rest of the scene. Since both of her hands were on the gun, she shouldn't have been able to adjust her hair.

Continuity mistake: When Tallahassee first enters the fried Twinkie shop storeroom, there are Twinkies hanging out from the box. However when he goes to grab one he has to reach inside and there's not any outside the box anymore.


Continuity mistake: When Rule 4 (Seatbelts) is shown, the arms of the woman on the ground change position.


Continuity mistake: When Tallahassee is taking cover in the booth, he is closing the security screens, but he does not lock them, He does not lock them later either, because you can see that the gate is slightly open, but later you can see a big lock holding the screen closed. (01:15:50 - 01:16:40)


Continuity mistake: In the scene after Wichita and Little Rock stole Tallahassee's SUV, we see a huge shot of the camera panning downward as Columbus is talking to Tallahassee. We get to see a clear shot of the sky, which is very cloudy and no visible sun. As the camera moves with the two as they continue off screen, the next shot is from directly in front of them walking forward. However this time the sun is glaring brightly behind them leaving shadows from the buildings and lighting the road up with the bright sun. But in the shot before it was a very cloudy day. (00:27:20 - 00:28:20)

Mike Franco

Factual error: During action sequences in the amusement park the girls attempt to escape in their Hummer, and a zombie head-butts the passenger window, causing it to shatter. As has been demonstrated on numerous occasions, including a Mythbusters program, tempered automotive glass will not break when struck by a blunt object and that would include a zombie's head. Only a blow from a sharply pointed object will break tempered glass.

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