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Continuity mistake: When Hamish proposes to Alice the scene goes back and forth from them to the audience. In the first shot of the audience there is a bearded man behind Imogen's left shoulder. In the next shot he is standing some steps to the left behind a post. The next shot he is back behind Imogen's left shoulder. In Imogen's closeup he is now standing behind her right shoulder and when Alice runs off he is back behind her left shoulder. (00:10:38 - 00:12:02)

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Trivia: In the Red Queen's castle, after the Mad Hatter is arrested, you see a large mural on her wall around the doors. There you can see the Red Queen riding the Jabberwocky in the same looking armor as Alice later wears. You can also see the Pheonix from the book "Alice's Adventures In Wonderland"


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Question: Why is it that everyone is in the exact same position at the gazebo when Alice left to follow McTwisp when Alice returns? Clearly, some time has passed while she was in Wonderland, so it's confusing how it would still be the same day at around the same time.

Answer: It could be time moves differently in Wonderland, than in the real world. In many time machine movies, the Hero goes off on his adventures, then returns as if no time has passed.

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