The Matrix

Corrected entry: Cypher alerts the agents to the location of Morpheus' base of operations via cell phone tracing. But since the agents can transport to any body in the Matrix that hasn't been unhooked, and they can trace calls in about 30 seconds as we saw at the start, it would have been easier if they had transported to the nearest bodies, got into the building, killed Mouse, destroyed their equipment and then summon the police. All this they could have done in 5 minutes while everyone was at the Oracle, but instead we get a very long, action packed confrontation.

Correction: The agents made a different call, they wanted to trap the entire party but their primary target was Morpheus and they had to make sure he wouldn't get away. Anything else they tried could cause Morpheus to escape.


Corrected entry: To exit the Matrix the character must find a secure phone line with which do so, we see this in the subway when Trinity lifts the receiver and places it to her ear and then zips down the phone. However surely to enter the Matrix the same must be true, so who or how is the receiver on the phone lifted in the Matrix for them to enter?

Correction: It is not the same way. As seen in the film when they enter the matrix they are just there, similar to how we see them enter the simulators. It is like adding in a line of code to a program. Adding it is easy, but to remove it without causing bigger issues is difficult.


Corrected entry: Tank explains to Neo and Trinity that the reason the agents took Morpheus is because all captains to the ships are given codes to access Zion's mainframe and if an agent gets into the system it could destroy them. In the Matrix: Reloaded though, the Architect tells Neo "This is the sixth time we have destroyed it and we have become quite exceeding at it." Talking about Zion. If the machines have successfully destroyed it in the past six times, why would the agents need to even get into the computer to destroy them when they would just do it later?


Correction: As the Architect stated, they've gotten better and better at destroying Zion. This is just another attempt to continue improving and become even more efficient.

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Corrected entry: When Neo is on the rooftop, and the helicopter is crashing, he winds the rope around his arm and as the helicopter goes down, it drags him to the edge of the building which is surrounded by blocks of some kind. Notice, when he hits the blocks, the block under his right foot wobbles showing it's not real.


Correction: Notice, when he hits the blocks, the block under his right foot wobbles, showing the enormous force its under from Neo's skid and Trinity's fall. Creating drama as to whether or not Neo will be jerked over the edge as well.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: While explaining the Construct, Morpheus tells Neo, "Your appearance now is what we call residual self image. It is the mental projection of your digital self." What he really meant is, "It is the digital projection of your mental self." (00:40:00)

Correction: That is not a mistake, Morpheus spoke correctly. They are in the construct, therefore it is Neo's digital self. His clothes and hair are his mental projection. Just as if Neo were dreaming it would be: "It is the mental projection of your dreaming self."


No, they are in the construct, a digital environment. So the projection is digital (being that it exists in a digital environment) and the self is mental (being that it is what he thinks it should be). The correction of the movie quote is correct.

When in the Construct, it's like being connected to the Matrix. The people in the Construct are Avatars of themselves, which means they are their digital selves. The projection of themselves is based on what their Avatars are thinking.


Corrected entry: Linked to another mistake about Neo's keyboard switching from a normal keyboard to a MS Natural keyboard, look at the windows key (between the ctrl and alt keys) - it has no Windows logo or writing on it. (00:07:35)

Correction: How is this a mistake? Many users (especially hackers) customize their keyboards. I have friends who only use Linux and intentionally remove any Microsoft logos from all their hardware.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: When Neo just enters the apartment room and is shot by Smith, the next shot is when Smith fires the Deagle, but the camera is an overhead shot. You see the casing get ejected straight up into the air. This is not possible as the Deagle and other pistols eject the spent casing upwards and slightly to the right over the user's shoulder.

Correction: When firing semi-automatic pistols, I've had shell casings fly to the left, slightly forward and even had one hit me square between the eyes! Straight up is certainly possible. And honestly, "Deagle"?

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: The word "cypher" means: a non-entity, not real, zero...which is what Cypher is; he chooses the Matrix as opposed to reality and being "real". And "trinity" refers to God and a woman in love; Trinity is like Neo's god: she gave him life and saved him from dying.

Correction: While cypher CAN mean zero, based on the high number of computer references in the movie it most likely points to "a secret method of writing or cryptic code" based on him being secretly plotting against the main characters. Also, "trinity" refers to the Holy Trinity of the Father, the Son, and the holy ghost (spirit), as denoted by the exceptionally high amount of biblical references.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Agent Smith shoots Neo in the block of flats, he is forced backwards against the wall. This is an impossible move, as the bullets would just pass through him.

Correction: He's not forced back against the wall. He staggers back, because he's just been shot in the chest. He's not going to simply stand still. When Smith is shooting him repeatedly, he's just twitching and jerking around out of pain and/or shock, not because the bullets are knocking him around.

Gary O'Reilly

Corrected entry: Worth noticing if you're a Sydney inhabitant: In the scene where Trinity picks up Neo under the bridge while it is raining, the impression you get is that they drive a fair distance before Neo is asked to make a decision by Switch. Neo opens the car door and the camera shot is of him looking up a dimly lit street. For anyone who knows the city of Sydney you will realise quite quickly that the car has not travelled more than 10 feet because the bridge he was standing under is right next to the street he is looking up. (00:22:00)

Correction: This isn't the real world, it is the Matrix, and since this is the 5th or 6th time the Matrix was created, who's to say that the machine-created world could not be slightly different each time it is made, as nobody would in the Matrix would ever know the difference, because this is the only world they have ever known. If anything, you might re-submit this as Trivia, but it is not a mistake for the film.


Corrected entry: After the Agents ram the phone booth and brick wall, the truck reverses out. A brick is visible on the engine. A few shots later, the brick's mysteriously disappeared.

Correction: Large trucks vibrate when the engine is running, and as you mentioned, this is several shots later. The brick likely slid off the angled hood of the truck due to vibration/movement of the truck itself.


Corrected entry: In the scene at the end of the movie where Neo is running towards Agent Smith. He appears to be stopping just before diving into Agent Smith.

Correction: He is actually bracing his feet for the launch/dive into Agent Smith's chest.


Corrected entry: In the beginning after Neo wakes up next to his computer, and the Guy knocks on his door, when Neo answers the door, a chain is hooked across it. After he gets the money from the guy, he shuts the door and goes to get the disk from inside the book, then goes to back to the door to give it to the guy. He opens the door and the chain is not hooked anymore. You don't hear him take the chain off the door before he opened it, and he didn't take the chain off after he shut it, either.


Correction: The scene cuts straight from Neo taking the disk to him opening the door. We don't see him walking back to the door, so presumably he removed the chain during the portion of time we skip.

Corrected entry: Morpheus is tortured, drugged, and shot in the leg. Then he's rescued by Neo dangling from a helicopter and dropped onto a rooftop. After Neo pulls up Trinity from the falling helicopter, the talking scene at the end of all of this has Morpheus reminding Neo that "he IS the one". I know this is picky, but Morpheus is very alert, chipper, and looking way to good after having been tortured, drugged, and shot in the leg just moments ago.

Correction: Firstly Morpheus was never tortured (asside from the beating by the cops when he is first 'arrested'). Secondly the truth serum is wearing off. Thirdly, Morpheus spent a good deal of time explaining to Neo (and the audience)that the Matrix is not real, and you can bend & break the rules (As witnessed by the 'jump' program etc). Obviously it was difficult for Morpheus to concentrate while being beaten by the cops. Then he is drugged, so still can not concentrate or reach the right frame of mind. By the time he is rescued, he has recovered enough to be able to break the rules, just as Neo does by returning to life.

Soylent Purple

Corrected entry: When we see Trinity kick a cop and that cop falls into another cop, then they both hit the wall, if you slow it down, you can actually see they hit the wall twice. (00:02:55)


Correction: The necessary use of slow motion invalidates mistakes such as these, unless the frames reveal something such as a crewmember in shot.

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Corrected entry: At the beginning of the film when Trinity sees the telephone box, there is a large lamp-post that she runs past, yet when you slow it down, she's in line with the post not in front of it from the previous shot, also if you pause it or slow it down, you can actually see that the path she just run down has shortened somewhat. (00:05:10)


Correction: The necessary use of slow motion invalidates mistakes such as these, unless the frames reveal something such as a crewmember in shot.

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Corrected entry: At the very beginning of the film when we see Trinity kick the chair at a cop, it knocks him back a bit and the chair falls to the ground, yet when the scene cuts to a different cop who is just about to fire upon Trinity if you pause or slow it down you can again see the chair flipping over and heading towards this second cop. (00:03:00)


Correction: The necessary use of slow motion invalidates mistakes such as these, unless the frames reveal something such as a crewmember in shot.

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Corrected entry: When Morpheus is showing Neo the construct for the first time they're walking down the street beside a construction site with green cloth covering scaffolding surrounding the building. They walk past an uncovered part that has an ATM and the bank logo is a yellow diamond with the bottom-right part being black. This is the logo for the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, nowhere near the USA that the events are supposed to be taking place in.

Correction: It is a training simulator programmed by the free humans, not a part of the Matrix. It can take place anywhere they want it to. Besides, it is never stated that the Matrix takes place in the USA, it takes place in a fictional world created by machines.


Corrected entry: When Neo is being lifted from the sewer into the ship by the grappling hook, you can see his right leg quickly move away from the edge of the hatch door just as he is entering the ship.

Correction: There is no reason why Neo should not move. He is not unconscious (yet), and even though his muscles are weak, he can still use them to some degree, for instance to pull in a leg that is about to be banged into a metal hatch.


Corrected entry: If the agents can brick up walls by changing the matrix, like in the house after the visit to the oracle, then why don't they just brick the cast into a room without a phone/exit and leave them to starve to death?

Correction: The machines want information about Zion and for that they need to capture them.


Corrected entry: Just after the big lobby scene, you see Trinity and Neo enter the lift, look on the left wall and it says "Levels 40-82," yet when Neo stops the elevator, he stops it at 41, but the elevator drops a lot further than one floor. (01:39:50 - 01:40:20)


Correction: As they enter the building on the level where they enter the lift, it's pretty clear that they're not on the 40th floor at the time. That lift is simply designated for use to reach the upper floors from the ground floor. Thus they enter at ground level, take the lift up to floor 41 (halfway between the ground floor and the roof) where they exit, then the lift drops back down that same distance.

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Corrected entry: After Neo "wakes up", a grappling hook picks up Neo after he falls into the sewer. It has a different number of arms going up than going down. (00:34:45)

Correction: Not true, I count six when it is going down, six when it is inside the ship, and the shot where it comes out of the water, it's kind of blurry, but it still looks like six.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Neo is arrested and brought out of the building we see a reflection of Neo in the mirror on Trinity's bike. We see the agent's right hand on Neo's arm and his left arm on Neo's shoulder, but in the next cut we see the agent's left hand has dropped to nearly his side and though his right hand is still on Neo's shoulder the agent's arm is touching the shoulder from Neo's side rather that from the rear as in the previous cut. (00:16:00)

Correction: I have checked this mistake many times, in slow motion and using frame by frame, the agents hands do not move from Neo's shoulders or arms, but at the end you do see one of the agents hands on top of Neo's head.


Corrected entry: At the beginning, the Agents ram into the phone booth and brick wall. All three hop out. When the Agent to the right turns to Smith and says something, the white screen is reflecting off his sunglasses.

Correction: Only Agent Smith comes out of the truck, and that light you see could very well be a street light like the ones beaming out from behind the agents, it could be classified as a mistake if you could see a "white pane ", but this shot is too far away to determine this.


Corrected entry: When Morpheus is explaining about the past, it shows the wrecked city with the Twin Towers still standing.

Correction: Well, it would have been rather surprising (and disturbing) if the makers of The Matrix could predict a terrorist attack two years in the future and directed the film accordingly.

Dr Muppet

Corrected entry: A huge mistake in this movie's rules. Agent Smith pulled out a capsule of liquid that transforms into a tiny sentinel that was inputted into Neo's navel. For Neo to see this tiny robot enter his navel would have been impossible based on the plots rules. If this scene and the scenes where the group in the car ejected the robot from his navel were omitted then the movie would have been completely on track per plot rules. Total mistake on editors and writers. Can you see the implications to the movie if machines were able to be in the matrix?

Correction: There is no indication that the sentinel came from outside the Matrix.

Corrected entry: When the crew is hiding in the walls, the first shot shown of them in the walls you can see the opening where they entered ABOVE Morpheus's head, then they move down a little bit, so they should be a ways below the hole, yet Neo is in line with the Agent and Morpheus is above him.

Correction: Neo is attacked by the Agent on a different floor other then the one they went into.

Corrected entry: When Trinity is getting arrested, she kicks the cops into the wall, then kicks a chair into them. Just before she kicks it, the back of the chair is wooden. When it is flying through the air (in that same shot) it is rubber and aqua coloured.

Correction: The chair is always the same but it appears to change color when the cop's flashlight reflects off of it.

Corrected entry: If Tank can generate all sorts of guns and other weapons in the Matrix, (i.e. right before Trinity and Neo try to rescue Morpheus) why on earth doesn't he generate some sort of bullet-proof vests or body armor. It would be a lot safer, but no one ever has any. (This is especially obvious when Neo fights Smith in the train station.).

Correction: Quite simply, because there would not be a point in wearing them. The agents can also generate other weaponry and ammunition in the Matrix, so they would just get themselves armor-piercing rounds or heavier weapons. Body armor would just be bulky and in the way when fighting.


Corrected entry: When Cypher throws away his phone it is the other way round in the second shot looking into the bin. (01:05:15)

Correction: The camera simply changes angle for these two different shots, so it's not a mistake.

Corrected entry: In the begining of the movie, Trinity is attacked in a hotel. This is the same hotel Neo runs into while running from the Agents in the end.

Correction: Not really trivia, it is part of the plot. That is why Agent Smith turns his head slowly to look at the sign with a smile on his face: He knows which room Neo will be going to to use the phone, which is how he got there first to shoot Neo.

Corrected entry: During Neo's last training program (girl in the red dress), Morpheus says that the agents are guarding all the doors and holding all the keys, and then in Reloaded we learn about the Keymaker and the endless halls of doors.

Correction: He doesn't mean it literally, it's just an expression to explain to Neo how heavily the odds are stacked in favour of the machines.

Corrected entry: When Tank lays the breakfast 'slop' in the tray to Neo it looks very liquidy. When Neo tips it off his spoon it's much more solid. (01:02:40)

Correction: It's like oatmeal, if you scoop it from the bottom you'll find its more solid.

Corrected entry: After the lobby shootout Neo calls the elevator. You can see that there is a "down" button, so the Lobby cannot be the lowest floor inside the building. But the elevator crashes there although it should have fallen even lower. Given the brakes were destroyed there'd be no way of preventing it going to a restricted, lower level.

Correction: The builders could have used the same panel with two buttons for all the floors, the down button just isn't working on the ground floor. Sometimes elevator cabins even have more numbered buttons than there are floors in the building, with the higher ones just not working.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Fishbourne takes Keanu in the programm (with the red woman) and explains the Matrix, he freezes the programm. You can see the pedestrians (pay attention to the people near Keanu and Agent Smith) change positions between shots, although they aren't supposed to move. (00:54:55)

Correction: Wrong. Neo and Morpheus are the only ones moving between the shots (as they are supposed to), all the program-generated people are standing in identical positions.

Corrected entry: When the woman in the red dress walks past Morpheus and Neo in the agent training program, the shot from the front shows her being followed by a man and woman arm-in-arm, but in the next shot which shows her from behind the man is nowhere to be seen. (00:54:48)

Correction: The man didn't disappear; the woman is on the leftmost edge of the screen and the man is on her left, so he just isn't visible in the shot.

Corrected entry: After Neo gets the bug in him, Morpheus is talking to him on the phone and says something about the line being tapped, and how they can't know how important Neo is, otherwise he would probably be dead. He then says "Go to the Adams Street bridge." Now if the line's tapped, why has Morpheus let the bad guys know how important Neo was, and also where they're going to meet him? Also, if the agents then had that info, why didn't they do something about it?! (00:21:00)

Correction: Just Morpheus' overconfidence. Believing Neo was The One and nothing wrong could happen to him, Morpheus didn't care about anything else. He was lucky that either the agents didn't really listen to the conversation, or they were too busy to deal with them.

Corrected entry: At the disco, the first time the camera shoots Trinity's head near Neo's, her ear is totally clear, but the second time, it has a little hair over. (00:10:30)

Correction: The ear is never covered with hair, just the shots are from different angles and it seems so.

Corrected entry: As we see after Morpheus' rescue, the person who is being brought out of the Matrix disappears. After Morpheus is captured and Cypher is brought out, the phone he used should be off the hook. As such, it shouldn't be ringing when the rest of the group arrive to the same shop.

Correction: In the shots before Neo and Trinity arrive you can see TWO phones, one that Cypher uses and one that is ringing for Neo and Trinity.

Corrected entry: When Neo is shooting the minigun at the agents while trying to rescue Morpheus, you can hear individual shots coming from the weapon. But, a mini gun fires so fast that individual shots cannot be heard.

Correction: The only time you hear individual shots is when it is in bullet-time or slow motion.

Corrected entry: When Neo throws up blood in the Matrix during the fight scene between him and Agent Smith, Neo also coughs up blood in the real world. Trinity says something like "He's killing him." and tears a piece of her shirt off to wipe away the blood on his mouth. Look carefully at Neo's mouth while she is doing this. Funny how there's no blood there.

Correction: The shot that shows that Neo is spitting blood in the real world shows that most of the blood is still in his mouth, and there are only a few drops on his lips. As Trinity wipes up the blood, the angle of the lighting hides these few drops.


Corrected entry: When Neo comes back to life after being shot by Smith he stands up and is shot at by the agents, the bullets are only 9mm Parabellum and not .50AE, .44, or .357 which are the only calibers that Desert Eagles take. (Those being the agents' guns.) (02:05:05)

Correction: Desert Eagles may only be commercially avalible in the United States calibered for .50AE, .44, or .357, but it is possible to modify any gun to fire almost any round. Going from a .357 to a 9mm would be pretty easy, especially in the Matrix. (By the way, how can you tell that they are 9mm's?).

Corrected entry: When Neo surprises Cypher, he can't read the code, and Cypher says "I don't even see the code any more" indicating that he took time to learn it. Since they can download vast amounts of information (combat techniques, chopper piloting, ...) directly into the brain, why don't they make a disk to learn the Matrix code?

Correction: There may be a disk, but, as we saw with Neo's 'training', Tank elected to bypass the operational stuff in favour of the combat training.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: Just after Neo puts his glasses on at the end there are several shots from above. If you look closely (pausing of DVD probably best) you see that the shadows change drastically in the last high up shot. The street corner has many shadows in the first couple of shots then in the first high up shot the whole street is in sunlight with no shadows anywhere. (02:03:50)

Correction: The shadows never change. In the second bird's-eye shot, you can see a shadow on the street behind Neo. If you keep watching the same street, you can see that the shadow remains unchanged through every shot, just like all the surrounding shadows. The angle of sunlight also remains the same.

Corrected entry: When Morpheus and Neo is in the "Agent Training Program", they were walking in a crowded city. Notice that you will see that almost every pedestrians walking in the street show up twice. This is obvious when the agent pulls out his gun and the scene paused. You will see the same person with bald head just below Neo.

Correction: This was done deliberately - many sets of twins and triplets were cast as extras for these scenes. It's to emphasise that the whole thing is a program, which has only limited creativity.

STP Premium member

Corrected entry: During the scene with Neo firing the mini-gun you can see both the empty cases and the disintegrating chain for holding the bullets falling down in the shot from behind his feet. However, when the shot changes to under the helicopter, none of the dark grey links are falling, only the cases. (01:44:00)

Correction: Using frame-by-frame you can see that the little grey links ARE falling with the cases in the shot taken underneath the helicopter.


Corrected entry: When Neo and Trinity rescue Morpheus there is a massive amount of water coming out of the window. Surely if the window wasn't blown out the water would just flood the level if there was actually a fire. There is way too much water to be there from the time when the sprinklers started to when Morpheus jumps out.

Correction: Having heard from my father (and then subsequently seeing for myself) sprinkler systems, especially the kind that would be in an office block like that, are incredibly powerful, far more powerful than they look. The water level in the rooms is probably about right. The sprinkler system designers aren't worried about drowning people, because if the sprinklers go off, you're supposed to get out of there right away. And a possible drowning is a more acceptable risk than a definite burning of a tower block full of people.

Gary O'Reilly

Corrected entry: When they are discovered in the wet wall why not just slide down then? As they are attempting a getaway this would be the way to do it and as they've been discovered they don't need to be quiet anymore.

Correction: Because the rebel's knew that if they didn't try to take care of the SWAT member he would eventually turn into an Agent, this is why they open fire on him, when the SWAT member quits firing, Neo listens to hear if the member is still out there or dead, in that instant, Agen Smith appears and Morpheous deals with him so they won't have Smith following him down the wet wall.

Corrected entry: Smith mention that viruses are organisms, viruses aren't really organisms.

Correction: Human science has determined that viruses aren't organisms primarily because they do not perform all of the life functions that all animals and plants are supposed to have to be classified as "alive." For example, viruses do not have any systems for taking in air or food, so few call a virus "alive." However, by the analysis of a race of machines who certainly consider themselves "alive" to some extent (if they are willing to go to war for their "rights"), and they also have no such systems for respiration, they may not come to the same conclusion that humans have. The machines may have determined that the rules for classification as an "organism" is broader than humans believed during their time.

Corrected entry: When the silver substance from the mirror begins to creep up Neo's arm as he's preparing to be "awakened," it's moving at a controlled, regular speed. Once it goes underneath his shirt it speeds up—if you compare it to the normal rate the stuff is moving you'll see it should have taken more than a second—but is back to normal when you next see it going up his neck

Correction: Where is the mistake here?. Is there rule about liquid mirrors inside the Matrix that says it has to move at a constant rate?

Corrected entry: How can Cypher be in the matrix making the deal with agent Smith if the Nebuchadnezzar is in hiding from the sentinels and out of "broadcast depth" as Morpheus says in the next scene when they're all eating in the room. That's when Morpheus tells Dozer to bring the Nebuchadnezzar back to broadcast depth to go see the Oracle after Cypher makes the deal. I doubt Cypher could drive the ship without everyone waking up.

Correction: The assumption here is that we know how much time has elapsed between the scenes, but we don't. Leaving out mundane scenes like days of travelling is commonly used to make movies fit into a three hour period and be interesting.

Corrected entry: When the three agents go onto the roof where Neo rescued Trinity from the helicopter, the sign on the door says "Authorised Personnel Only." Since the movie presumably takes place in America (everyone has an American accent), it should be spelled "Authorized." (01:52:35)

Correction: The viewer cannot make assumptions about the world of the matrix. America, for instance, also does not have bullet dodging agents, so its not the same time or place.

Corrected entry: After Neo comes back to life in the hallway, the agents start shooting him at the same time. That also includes Agent Smith, who had a empty gun after killing Neo with his bullets. He never had a chance to reload, and he only had one gun.

Correction: This mistake would have some credibility if the camera stayed on Agent Smith the whole time, but shots change multiple times, giving Smith time to reload. In the Reloaded chase scene an agent shooting a Trinity starts to reload his magazine immediately after it was empty, and we would expect Agent Smith, or any other rational person, to do the same.

Corrected entry: How can people possibly know what they look like (their 'residual self image') if they have never actually opened their eyes? It must be a pretty big coincidence that each of the characters look identical in both the Matrix and the real world.

Correction: The humans obviously remember things that happened to them in the Matrix, 'I used to eat there' so they have seen themselves in the Matrix in mirrors, etc. and if the machines made every person look like they did in when they were born (somehow) then they would look the same in both 'worlds'.

Corrected entry: Towards the end of the movie, Neo gets shot in the chest and blood splatters on the wall behind him, but no bullet holes appear on the wall. If the bullets are going through him, there would be bullet holes on the wall. If not, then blood should not be spraying out his back. (01:57:40)

Correction: By the time the bullets had passed in and out of Neo's body, they may not have had enough momentum left to break through the wall behind him and probably ricoched off of it.

Corrected entry: When Neo and Trinity are on top of the lift, Neo shoots the cable so it will fall down and blow up, and both of them would be lifted up by the counterweight which normally supports the lift. Lifts have brakes so that they can't fall, even if the support wire's cut. Neo only shoots the cable, he doesn't break the brakes, so why does the lift fall? (01:40:50)

Correction: In an earlier scene (the famous "there is no spoon" scene), Neo bends a metal object. When he is on the lift he again says "there is no spoon" because he is trying to stop the lift brakes from working in the same way he bent that spoon.

Corrected entry: When Morpehus takes Neo into the Agent training program, and everything pauses, the reflection in Morpheus' sunglasses only shows Neo and the paused agent, but nothing else, only blackness. (00:55:41)

Correction: I don't think this is a continuity problem. Because they are not actually in the Matrix, Morpheus' glasses are only reflecting what is important. Very subtle, but not a mistake.

Corrected entry: In the Oracle's apartment, when the child picks up the spoon, the convex side is facing Neo. As he hands the spoon over, the concave side of the spoon is facing Neo. (01:11:34)

Correction: That's because he looks at the spoon while it's lying in both of his hands then holds it up again. When he does that, he turns the spoon...

Corrected entry: The name Morpheus comes from Greek mythology and it means The King of Dreams.

Correction: The name Morpheus comes indeed from Greek mythology but it doesn't mean anything. Morpheus was the god of Dreams, son of Hypnos (Sleep) and nephew of Thanatos (Death). He represents the features and the speech of men in dreams.

Corrected entry: When the chopper is idling outside the building and Morpheus is now all alone, trying to break the cuffs, the Agents are two rooms over. They still have a clear shot from that room, and Neo is still pointed at the first room. Why doesn't one of them shoot at the chopper at that point? Clear shot at Neo or the gas tank, which prevents Morpheus's getaway in the first place. (01:48:57)

Correction: The agents wouldn't have a clear shot out that window unless they broke it. You can't see the helicopter or Neo out of that window.

Corrected entry: In the lobby scene right before Neo and Trinity enter the lift, the gun of the last guard Neo kills is made of rubber. When his gun hits the floor you can see the gun bounce and the tip of the gun bends when it hits the floor then straightens again.

Correction: This is actually a trick of slow motion and the actual motion of the gun, kind of like when you flop a pencil between two fingers and it appears to "bend". The gun was a real metal gun, but a prop. When dropped, it appeared to bend, and did bounce. I viewed this scene over and over and you can tell it is a metal gun, which would also bounce if dropped.

Corrected entry: When Neo's computer is typing "Wake up Neo...", there is a click for each letter. When he looks at the screen to read it, you can hear 3 more clicks.

Correction: The three extra keyboard strokes are for the periods "...".

Corrected entry: Revolving bullet-time scene with Neo and Agent Smith in the train station. Note the speed they are turning and that of the bullets leaving the gun is identical. This would imply when played in 'real-time' they are moving at the same velocity of the bullets. The bullets should (obviously) be moving at a faster speed.

Paul Andrews

Correction: But they aren't spinning, only our view of the shot is rotating.


Corrected entry: In the rooftop scene after Trinity kills the agent and helps Neo to his feet, the helicopter is visible, and there is no chain gun mounted in the doorway. (01:42:45)

Correction: This is because the chain gun is mounted to a sliding 'bridge' unit. If you notice when Neo is firing the chain gun, he is a good 3 or 4 feet outside the helicopter, which indicates the chaingun was a good ways inside the helicopter in that shot.


Corrected entry: Fact 1: Anyone who is still a part of the Matrix is a potential host for an Agent. Fact 2: Agents can see though the eyes of any "matrixed" human (ex. Agent Smith saw what the subway bum saw). Fact 3: The Agents knew that Morpheus would contact Neo. Taking these facts into consideration, why did the Agents have to plant a homing bug on Neo? They knew that Morpheus wanted to contact Neo so why not just monitor everything that Neo saw, wait until he met up with Morpheus and then take over Neo's body and grab Morpheus for questioning.

Correction: This argument could really be made for everyone that has gotten out of the Matrix, not just Neo, so the only explanation would be that Agents can only take over the bodies of those people who have accepted the program, indeed are dependent on it. By the time agents become aware of people within the matrix who are close to escape, those people are starting to reject the program enough that the agents can't take them over.

Corrected entry: When Neo slams into the fire escape door he is on the outside pushing in. Fire escape doors swing out not in. (02:02:00)

unkajes Premium member

Correction: I think it's safe to say that Neo is strong enough to break through a fire door.

Corrected entry: The agents are all computer programs and are good shots, but when Neo dodges the bullets, the first of the agent's shots is well out to his left.

Correction: The Agent was likely thrown off by seeing a human move so fast for the first time and was perhaps trying to compensate for Neo's dodging. At any rate, the assumption that the Agents are perfect shots is unfounded since they rarely hit their targets on the first shot if ever when firing at humans. Finally, Neo could have been moving in such a contorted way that the bullet only appeared to be off target.

Corrected entry: In the lobby scene, Trinity runs up behind a guy and kicks the shotgun he is holding behind him and shoots him in the back. The guy is not wearing any armor. At that range, the buckshot from a 12 gauge round would go right through the guy like butter. (01:43:00)

Correction: Military and police and guard shotguns do not use buck shot they use slugs - the slug could have ricocheted off of his breastbone causing it to go up into him or down into his stomach.

Corrected entry: Exactly how did Cypher get into the Matrix to make his deal with Agent Smith? There is no way Cypher could have plugged the cable into the back of his head while being strapped into the chair, and also reached behind the chair to press the load button on the computer.

Correction: In the previous scene, when Neo disturbs Cypher and he switches off the montiors, the directors have stated he was setting up an automated system to jack him into and out of the Matrix without an operator.


Corrected entry: In the subway fight when Smith and Neo remark about each other being empty,they spin back and you hear the clank of them dropping their guns. But when they are standing, they have their guns back and then throw them away again. (01:50:20)

Correction: The clank you hear is the magazines falling out of the guns, not the guns being dropped.

Corrected entry: When Neo is being brought out of his workplace by the agents, there are the three agents walking with him. However, when they show the scene in the side mirror of Trinity's bike, Agent Smith cannot be seen but the other two agents can (you can see it if you freezeframe the DVD). (00:16:05)

Correction: Actually, all the agents can be seen in the mirror - Smith is just almost entirely obscured behind one of the others.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Neo and Trinity kiss at the end of the movie Neo is still plugged in but when he moves his head up there is no plug attached, there is just an open space and there wasn't enough time to unplug him.

Correction: Neo is unplugged. Why would Morpheus trigger the EMP if Neo was still in the Matrix? Trinity shouts "Now." as she unplugs Neo so Morpheus knows that Neo is safe and the EMP can be triggered.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Cypher is making a deal with Agent Smith, he picks up a lit cigar and then lights it again. You can see the smoke and everything.

Correction: Large cigars have a habit of putting themselves out so the smoker must frequently re-light them.

Corrected entry: If the machines know about the Human Resistance, why, oh why do they not kill humans that awaken rather than let them fall down the drain?

Correction: They knew about the resistance (as evidenced in Matrix Reloaded), but both expected it and needed it. And as they say in the second one, it has never succeeded fully before so what did the machines care.

Corrected entry: Around the beginning of the movie, Neo is late for work. You can tell that he's late because he curses at himself. Why would his alarm clock go off at a time when he's late? Surely he wouldn't set his alarm clock to a time when he's late for work?

Correction: If Neo is like me, it is because he set the alarm late for Sunday morning then forgot to set it early again on Sunday evening ready to get up bright and early on Monday morning.


Corrected entry: After the Lobby scene in the Government building, Neo and Trinity enter the elevator and the pillars are shown falling to pieces. Where are the dead/unconscious guards?

Correction: All of the guards are laying down dead at the sides of the lobby.


Corrected entry: When they are all escaping climbing down the wall they were going down yet Morpheus jumps from above and lands on the agent.

gandolfs dad

Correction: They are all going down inside the wet wall, but all at different levels. Neo is at the same level as the Agent, while Morpheus is a few feet above him. He punches through the wall and doesn't jump but falls onto the Agent.


Corrected entry: When Neo wakes up on Nebucadnezzar, Morpheus tells him 'You belive it's the year 1999 ...', but in the very first scene when Trinity makes her trapped phonecall, you see it is '2-19-98'.

Correction: I thought the same thing at first. However, there is no mention in the movie as to how long the crew watched Neo until they unplugged him. The agents didn't start looking for him until that first night, and had time to collect a rather large file on him. Also, at the end of the movie when Neo makes his phone call, the trace programs date is shown as 9-18-99, making appear as though they watched Neo for well over a year before unplugging him.

Corrected entry: Morpheus tells Neo that they don't release people after a certain age, but he did it because Neo is the one. However, later we find out that Cypher has been out of the Matrix for 9 years. This is hard to understand because Cypher is at least 10 years older than Neo. Why then did they release Cypher, if he also was past the certain age?

Correction: The "certain age" rule could have been put in place only in the past 2 years or so.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: If the agents can jump into the body of anyone in the Matrix, why didn't Agent Smith jump into the body of one of the cops who try to capture Trinity at the start? He is told there are cops up there before she takes them out, if he had jumped straight away he would have had her trapped.


Correction: This is a time layover in the movie. He is told about the cops probably the moment they die, we just don't see it that way. In fact, given his comment about them already being dead, it's possible that he already tried to take one of them over but couldn't.


Corrected entry: When the gang are running up the stairs in the apartment block and Neo notices a cat twice and claims deja vu, i noticed that the cat walks over a red carpet in the first two shots but when there is a closeup of Neo and he is pointing toward the entrance the carpet is gone.

Correction: The carpet is still there, its on the very edge of the screen. Its just a higher angle shot from up the stairs a bit so you see more of the floorboards in front of the doorway.

Corrected entry: As Neo hangs on the ledge of the building trying to reach the scaffolding, he drops his cell phone. Watch the metal part he grabs on to. It bends back and forth against his weight. (00:16:00)

Correction: Often when high-rise, modern design buildings are made, some hollow metal (or plastic) structures are added for cosmetic effect (Perhaps the giant wording on the side of the building for Neo's computer company was such a structure). This would explain the structure bending with Neo's weight.

Corrected entry: How come Neo doesn't hit Morpheus when he's firing that machine gun all over the place?

Correction: Because Neo's the One, so can control the gun accurately enough.

Corrected entry: Security building scene - as Neo runs he is shown from a side view and the columns are shatering with bullet holes but there isn't one single bullet impact on the wall behind him. The wall is crystal clear.

Correction: There are various holes and chips out of the back wall, generally behind Neo - it's just hard to tell because of all the dust.

Corrected entry: Those pillars that got shot up when Neo and Trinity get into a shootout in the government building where Morpheus is held sure heal fast - they're fine when they show the elevator crashing to the ground later and flames pour out around pillars that are brand new.

Correction: When the doors of the elevator are closing, three pillars on the right side are not damaged. This are the pillars you can see during the explosion. The pillars on the left also can be seen, but they are damaged correctly.

Corrected entry: When Tank has been shot there is a scene where he is bringing Trinity out of the matrix. When he pulls the plug out of Trinity's head he doesn't have a hole in his side, but when Trinity looks down at his chest he has the burn there.

Correction: It is there, just in shadow - you can see the blood reflecting dimly in places.

Corrected entry: In the beginning, when Neo is dodging the agents by running through the cubicles into an empty bathroom, he runs into/by a guy at the copy machine. How come the agents didn't "see" Neo through the copy machine guy?

Correction: They weren't looking. They didn't think he would be able to hide so there was no reason to look through others.

Corrected entry: When they strap Neo into the chair for the first time to send him to the loading program, they strap his feet down with metal cuffs. When he bolts out of the chair, he is not held down by the cuffs.

Correction: They seem to be foot clips rather than major restraints, to prevent casual slippage. When he comes out of the construct and the brain spike's removed, there's another metal clunking noise which could be him kicking his way out of the clips.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Neo receives the mobile phone in the Fed Ex package, the phone that slides out is a Nokia 8110. When the phone rings he holds it to his ear and presses the button to extend the flap, this feature is on the Nokia 7110 only. The 8110 cover flap does slide down but only manually.

Correction: It is possible to get one that extends automatically - whether a new cover or an adjustment, I don't know.

Corrected entry: When Neo is in the ship and they are all at the table eating, the food is described to him as a "single-celled protein..." This is a nonsense statement, single-celled is not an applicable description of a protein.

Correction: Actually, "single cell protein" (which is what I hear them saying on the soundtrack) is a perfectly legitimate nutritional term. It refers to protein extracted from single-celled life, usually yeast grown in vats. The protein itself is not much different from any other dietary protein, but growing it in a vat may make it cheap or convenient, especially on a spacecraft or in a similar futuristic setting. Right now it's mostly used for animal feed.

Corrected entry: If you look carefully at the scene where Neo bursts in room 303 and gets shot by the agent, you can see that there is already blood on the wall before Neo bumps against it.

Correction: It's caused by the exit wound from the first shot.

Corrected entry: How come when Cypher is making the deal with Agent Smith, no one else can see him in the Matrix? (Tank and Trinity can watch Neo during the last fight scene.)

Correction: Cypher makes the deal with Agent Smith while the rest of the crew of the Nebuchadnezzar are asleep - this is fairly obvious since the previous scene ends with Cypher wishing Neo 'sweet dreams'. The directors have said that when Neo disturbs Cypher (and Cypher suspiciously switches off most of the monitors) he's setting up an automated system to jack him in and out of the matrix. We don't know exactly how that would work, but then again we don't have to...

Corrected entry: When Neo is pinwheeling his arms to avoid hitting the passing subway train, frame advance reveals the train to be completely devoid of passengers. But when the train stops and Agent Smith emerges from the back door, several people can be clearly seen sitting in the train.

Correction: Frame advance reveals the train to be completely devoid of passengers in the first couple of cars, yes. The passenger-filled cars are near the end of the subway train, which hadn't arrived in the station yet. By the time the train actually stops, the cars that are actually in the station area are the ones that have passengers in them. In other words, the empty cars in the "pinwheeling" shot are not the same ones that are stopped in the station when Agent Smith exits the train.

Corrected entry: In the rooftop shootout the agent has lightning reactions which enable him to dodge Neo's bullets. However, despite having the entire time that it takes Trinity to say "Dodge this", he is unable to react quickly enough to escape being shot. (01:42:20)

Correction: The agents can dodge bullets because the bullets have to follow a pre-set pattern, being programs within the Matrix, so the agents can predict them. Human actions (punches, kicks, sword strikes, etc.) can't be predicted, so the agents, being limited by their programming, can't necessarily react fast enough.

Corrected entry: I like how in the movie the agents continue to use one hand to shoot .50AE desert eagles and there being very little recoil. I shot one of these guns before at a gun range and I'm no weak guy even with two hands the gun had a wicked recoil.

Correction: The agents know they are within the matrix and are able to "bend" the rules. Note the super-human strength and agility. A little thing like the recoil of a handgun is not going to bother them.

Corrected entry: When Trinity removes the bug from Neo, you can see that the bug is still in its "activated" form and that it is covered in flesh and blood. Trinity immediately throws the bug out the window - the bug is now in its "deactivated" mode and completely clean. (00:24:51)

Correction: The bug only seems to be "alive" to Neo, but is in fact steel and glass. The Matrix makes him see it as a living creature, but once it is out of his sight and out onto the pavement, the bug takes its true form - steel and glass.

Corrected entry: We see Agent Smith shoot at the phone booth to destroy the handset just as Trinity left the Matrix. During the fight scene with Agent Smith, you catch a glimps of the phone booth glass, and it is intact.


Correction: The only clear shot we get of the phone booth is just before Neo's running/jumping multi-kick to Smith's chest, and there's a clear bullet hole through the glass.

Corrected entry: During the shooting scene in the federal building, the camera cuts to a view right behind some guards legs. Neo comes cartwheeling around a pillar and starts shooting. If you slow it down, one of the guards starts falling as if he was shot before Neo even starts shooting at them.

Correction: Before the gun comes into shot, there's a flash offscreen - we can assume he's firing almost as soon as he grabs the gun.

Corrected entry: Tank brings up a schematic on a computer screen that says "eleventh floor," but the Agents trace Morpheus' call and say that they are on the eighth floor.

Correction: Tank's looking for information about the building and is trying to find the 'main wet wall' as Morpheus has asked. As this wall runs up the entire building it's immaterial which level's floor plan he looks at to get the information.

Corrected entry: If an Agent can be anyone still attatched to the Matrix, why do they always appear as the same individuals? Why not just take on the form of someone else and sneak on their prey?

Correction: There's no point as they can be detected as agents regardless of their "digital self". In the opening scene Trinity asks Morpheus if there are any agents, he replies "Yes."

Corrected entry: In the scene when the gang are in the bathroom wall, the soldier enters it and the toilet seat is down, then in the next shot it's up.

Correction: The first policemen is on the upper floor, where there's the hole in the wall (through which they climbed into the wall). The second shot shows a different policemen on a floor below. So the toilet seat is different.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Neo and Smith have a western showdown, Smith fires his Desert Eagle atleast nine times by my count, when a desert eagle only has a clip size of 7 bullets. Also no shells discharge from the gun during the bullet-time sequence.

Correction: If the pistol is loaded with the .50AE rounds it has only 7 rounds but if loaded with .44 it would have 8 rounds or with .357 it would have 9 rounds.

Corrected entry: According to the explanations given to us in the movie, the matrix is a computer generated world that is fed to a person's brain. This also means that anything you think or do, is processed by The Matrix, and the appropriate response is fed to your brain. This opens up a whole can of worms. If Morpheus and his team, are jacked into the Matrix, then they must rely on The Matrix to feed them whatever they see and feel, thus The Matrix must know exactly where they are at any given moment, what they are doing and what they are feeling, in order to provide every person with the correct feed. If this is true, then why does it need Agents to look for intruders, when it so obviously already knows where they are? On the same subject, why would the Agents need to interrogate Neo or Morpheus? They are already jacked into the Matrix so the Matrix already knows everything they know. Yet another Buick sized plot hole, if you ask me...

Correction: The matrix probably knows everything, but the matrix is just a program run by the machines. Thus the agents need to interrogate Morpheus, since they are not part of the matrix, but machines "jacked in", just like Neo and Morpheus. Also, Neo and Morpheus didn't "enter" the Matrix, they hacked into it, using the computer on their ship. Therefore, the agents could only find them if and when they are spotted, doing something unusual, like shooting up the guards. This is similar to real hacking - no-one can spot a hacker, unless he actually does something, usually illegal. Note also, that agents had those little devices they attached to their ear - this was how they tapped into the Matrix computer, similar to the plugs that the main characters had to insert in the back of their heads.

Corrected entry: When Neo is in his cube and the fedex guy brings him his cell phone, neo is busy working on his computer. However you can clearly see that the computer is turned off.

Correction: He's not actually working at his computer. He's not typing or using the mouse. It looks like he's contemplating what his boss just told him.

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Morpheus: You take the blue pill - the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill - you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.



When Neo is going to open the door to enter the Oracle's house, you can clearly see a camera on the doorknob. There's a sheet over it painted to look like the wall behind it, with a representation of Morpheus' tie too, because he's blocked by the camera.



In the entire film, there are only two "homegrown", real humans - Tank and Dozer. They both have names of machines.