Other mistake: The time on Miss Trunchbull's mantel clock is 7:45. Matilda uses her power to move the hands to 9:00 and the clock begins chiming. It should have also chimed when the hands reached 8:00. Matilda then moves the hands to 11:00. The clock begins chiming 11 but failed to chime when the hands reached 10:00.

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Suggested correction: We have a grandfather clock and if you spin the hands past an hour mark quickly you hear the click like it wants to play the hourly tune but then doesn't. It only plays if you go just past the hour and stop. Trunchbull's clock may be similar.


Factual error: It is stated that Miss Trunchbull competed in the Olympics in shot put, javelin, and hammer throw. According to her jersey those were the 1972 Olympics. The hammer throw wasn't added as an Olympic event for women until 2000.

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Million $ Sticky Host: For those idiots out there who don't know how to play, here's how it goes. For each correct answer, they'll move one step closer to our Cube of Cash. Once in our Cube of Cash, any money that sticks to your gooey body, you get to take home.

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Question: Is that a tissue stuck in Miss Honey's watch band? And if it is, why is it there?

Answer: That's where a proper lady keeps her tissue/handkerchief by rules of etiquette.


Answer: As stated above it is a tissue and kept there as etiquette. You actually see her use and replace the tissue on a couple of occasions.

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