Ghost Town

Dr. Bertram Pincus is hit by a bus and killed while trying to convince Gwen that he can communicate with Frank. As Gwen cries over his body Frank realises that her tears are for Bertram now and that she has moved on from him. Realising this he whispers to Bertram (who is now a ghost) a piece of advice incase he is resucitated and promptly fades away. You see, it turns out that the dead do not remain on earth because they have unfinished business with the living, it is because the living are not yet finished with them. With Gwen finally letting go of Frank, he was able to move on to the next life. Pincus is revived and awakens days later in hospital. He returns to work and sees Gwen, who has come in for some dental work. The advice Frank gave Bertram was a description of Franks recurring dream that only Gwen and he knew about, Bertram tells Gwen this and Gwen finally believes him. Gwen asks if Betram can still see Frank, but he tells her that "he found his way home." The film ends with Gwen telling Dr. Pincus that "It hurts when I smile," to which he replies "I can fix that."

Hazam Thebestone

Other mistake: When Dr. Pincus looks at the three laxative bottles, there's a close-up of one of the bottles. The label on the bottle reads "Take 1 tablet daily with a glass of water" and "Qty: 50". Doesn't sound like a label for a liquid solution. (I noticed this in normal playback then paused to confirm it.) (00:09:10)

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Bertram Pincus: We live alone, and then we die alone. And apparently, we stay alone.

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