Ghost Town

Ghost Town (2008)

2 corrected entries

Corrected entry: When Pinkus is at the Lab with Gwen examining Pepe she notices that the tag is still on his new shirt. That tag is not there in any of the previous scenes.


Correction: The tag, directly under the collar, could have been tucked into the collar, explaining why Dr Pincus didn't notice it, and during the course of leaning down to look at Pepe, and his remains in the canoptic jar, etc., the tag may have loosened enough to fall out from under the collar.


Corrected entry: After the museum's Egypt exhibit, Frank is trying to apologise to Gwen (via Pincus) and Gwen momentarily looks at Frank (who is supposedly invisible) before looking away quickly.



Correction: Gwen keeps looking around to make sure people aren't watching them. She's afraid they'll wonder what's going on. She just happens to look in his general direction, not at him.

Shannon Jackson



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