Mary Poppins

Continuity mistake: At the beginning when Mrs. Bank is talking to Katie Nanna you can see the clock behind her and you can clearly see that the time is 6:30 when a little later it is at 6:00.

Continuity mistake: The father tears the children's advert for a nanny up into 8 pieces, but when it comes out of the chimney it's in far more bits.

Factual error: The Robin that comes along in the movie is an American Robin, not a British Robin.

Continuity mistake: At the bank where the elder Mr. Dawes appears from the back room, he makes it as far as the edge of the step in that shot. In the next shot, he's back by the door walking again to the edge of the step.

Revealing mistake: An early scene with the constable and the children, Jane silently mouths along with one of Michael's lines.

Revealing mistake: When all four actors are up on the rooftops, look closely at them when they all step onto the smoke platform that brings them down. All four actors are doubles. (01:46:50)

Other mistake: In the ceiling tea party, Mary Poppins offers Bert some sugar, and when he responds that he would not like any, his Cockney accent is gone.

Continuity mistake: When Uncle Albert, Bert, and the kids fall down from hovering on the ceiling, they're about to land on the chairs. But when the camera view changes, they land on the floor.

Revealing mistake: When Mary Poppins takes the children on an outing to the park, look at the front steps when the front door opens. They are not steps but flat ground painted to look like steps. (00:36:52)

Revealing mistake: In the scene where Mary Poppins is removing the large plant from her carpet bag, Michael inspects the underside of the table, where the table leg casts a shadow across his face. When Mary crosses in front of him (still under the table) she does NOT cast a shadow, although she should.

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Continuity mistake: At the end of the film, Mary Poppins flies away from the Banks's house (supposedly within a short distance of the City of London), however, she is then shown flying towards the City on a route that would take her over the Banks's house on the way, had she not already flown over it.

Continuity mistake: When the kids meet Bert as a pavement artist, he draws a road with a single-arched bridge on his drawing. When they jump into the drawing, the bridge is double arched.

Revealing mistake: At the very beginning of the movie, when Mary Poppins is sitting on the cloud, you can see the string attached to her bag just as it almost falls through the cloud.

Continuity mistake: In the beginning, when Mr. Banks is calling the police and talking to his wife at the same time, the phone cord changes position between shots.

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Continuity mistake: When Mr. Banks throws the kids' letter pieces to the fireplace, their position changes between shots.

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Mary Poppins mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Mary reads the measuring tape after measuring herself the message reads up and down (as shown to the audience), but then the camera shows Mary reading it side to side.

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Continuity mistake: When Mr. Banks begins singing "Let's Go Fly A Kite," Ellen the maid puts her left hand up to her cheek in surprise. In the very next shot, her hands are clasped in front of her.

Revealing mistake: There is a certain point in the song "Step In Time" (I believe it is when we see a couple of men switching their feet on the top of a chimney) where against the sky you can see where a wall and ceiling meet. This is because the scene was shot indoors.

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Revealing mistake: During the close-up shots of the ceiling tea party, Bert and Uncle Albert have shadows on the wall directly behind them. However in most of the wider shots, (which have obviously been shot against a blue or green screen) the shadows are now gone.

Revealing mistake: In the tea party on the ceiling sequence, 2 shots after Uncle Albert tells his long underwear joke, Jane does a backflip in the air. If you look closely you can see the imprints that wires that she was hanging from made on her dress. (01:15:55)

Continuity mistake: The "Votes for women" band over the old nanny's shoulder swaps positions when the song about suffrage is about to end.

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Revealing mistake: When the penguins walk in front of the table where Mary Poppins and Bert are sitting, the table can still be seen through the penguins. (00:48:30)

Factual error: At the end of the scene where Bert is a one-man-band, he smashes a cymbal on his forehead at the end of his song. The cymbal could not make any sound as he is holding it with both hands, preventing any vibration.

Continuity mistake: When Mary Poppins just starts to sing "Feed the Birds", she sings "The little old bird woman comes" but if you look very closely at the end of this shot, you can see that her mouth does not finish the word "comes" (her mouth stops at come).

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Continuity mistake: When everyone is on top of the roof, Mary Poppins powders her nose, which results in her nose being black with soot. The scenes following that, her nose is normal and never black as when she powders it.

Factual error: The local police constable wears the divisional letter 'H'. H Division of the Metropolitan Police covered Whitechapel. While it is never specified where the upper middle-class Cherry Tree Lane is, it's certainly not in Whitechapel, which was a solidly working-class district in the heart of the East End. He also wears his letter and number on his helmet plate, a 19th century practice that had been abolished by 1910.


Continuity mistake: Bert makes a riddle about a short woman and her daughters behind laugh, lowering their heads and turning them around. A frame later, from a wider angle, they are repeating the previous movements.

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Revealing mistake: After the credits all the smoke coming out of the chimneys remains still, revealing it's a painted set.

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Revealing mistake: During the 'Spoonful of Sugar' musical number, when Mary Poppins is singing to the robin in the children's room, the wire connected to the audio-animatronic bird can be seen just under Poppins' two fingers, very close to her palm.

Continuity mistake: In the shot where Jane and Michael are looking out the window at Mary Poppins you can see Jane's fringe being blown to the right side of her forehead because of the wind. In the next shot they're combed perfectly straight again.

Continuity mistake: During the credits Mary puts make-up on her face and raises her umbrella and bag. When the angle changes they both disappear.

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Continuity mistake: Bert introduces the Admiral, who stands by the end of the banister, next to the canon. A frame later he has moved about 5 meters to the left.

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Revealing mistake: When Mary Poppins has the robin on her finger, just after the outside shot where the robin does his whistle bit, you can see the cables used to operate the bird on the back of her hand while she turns away from the window.

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Continuity mistake: During the first few scenes, you see Jane is missing a tooth but the tooth disappears and reappears throughout the film.

Continuity mistake: When Mr. Banks takes the children to the bank, and they meet the directors, first the children are standing close together, with Mr. Banks right behind them. Later, when the elder Mr. Doors is talking to them, Mr. Banks is next to Michael and the children are farther apart. Later still, when we see Michael close up, Jane is out of the shot altogether, meaning that she is even farther away from him than previously.

Revealing mistake: When the rooftop dance sequence begins and 3 of Bert's pals appear to shoot out of 3 round smoke stacks, they are actually coming from behind the stacks. (01:47:35)

Continuity mistake: When Mary Poppins ascends to join the others for tea at Uncle Albert's house, she starts with her purse clasped in her hand. As she ascends, the purse is suddenly draped over her arm.

Continuity mistake: Jane and Michael switch sides while they are holding Burt's hand when he walks them home.

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Revealing mistake: Mary takes a huge mirror out of her bag and the kids stare in awe. Problem is that Michael's view points in a different direction, giving away that they were looking at the void and Mary was a superimposed image to achieve the effect.

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Continuity mistake: When the bank executives are basically harassing Michael to give them his money, there is a shot where they are singing and marching forward and force the children to back into the wall. There is a pattern of large squares on the floor, and the men in the back are on the inside edge of the square. Then the camera goes out for a long shot so Mr. Dawes can talk about the banks of England. Now he is standing on the edge of the square. When he finishes his little speech, in the next shot they are standing back in the original position.

Revealing mistake: In the tea party on the ceiling scene when Mary takes out her watch, watch closely, she doesn't take it from behind her jacket. When she seems to reach behind her jacket it just appears in her hand. When she puts it back she reaches behind her jacket again, but it just disappears just before she puts her hand back there.


Revealing mistake: In the scene with the queue of Nannies, and the chimneytop scenes, the wires holding the actors can be seen clearly.

Audio problem: During the Spoonful of Sugar song Mary stands in front of a mirror and sings along with her reflection. Her reflection sings "they find." but the mouth movements do not match. (00:33:30)

Revealing mistake: When Mary is taking the things out of her bag when she arrives, she takes out a large floor lamp. You can see the lamp's post coming up through the bag and the table as she pulls it out.

Continuity mistake: As Banks realises what the phone call is about, Bert is picking up the last brush. A moment later, he picks it up again.

Movie Nut

Revealing mistake: As the squirrels play around Bert and Mary, the background can be seen through their tails. (00:45:25)

Movie Nut

Continuity mistake: When Mary holds up the paper, it appears whole, but in close up, the places where it was torn are visible, then whole again.

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Visible crew/equipment: When the maid first opens the door to Mary Poppins, you can see a shadow of something, presumably the camera, on the maid's left shoulder until she steps right.

Neil Jones

Other mistake: As Admiral Boom's assistant is loading the cannon a third time, he puts the red rocket in nose first rather than stick first.

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Other mistake: When Admiral Boom orders the gun to fire on "the Hottentots" (the sweeps) the rockets sticking out are in the order of a small red on top, a large green in the middle, and a large red on the bottom. A moment later, he orders another salvo, but the rockets are in the same arrangement. The chances of the arrangement being identical twice, unless done carefully, are very slim.

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Other mistake: After Bert and the others dancing on a railing that should have moved, as it did when they jumped off, three sweeps walk back and forth on their hands over the street between buildings. After dropping to only their toes to hold them up, you see them drop all the way down, then stand, where there was no surface in sight to do that on.

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Visible crew/equipment: As Mary walks back to sit down the shadow of the camera is on her back.

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Revealing mistake: As the sweeps dance and jump from building to building, the edges of the matted in street that hides the sound stage floor is easily discernible.

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Revealing mistake: In the scene with the three chimneys, the sweep coming out of the middle chimney can be seen actually coming up from behind it, as his arms going up are visible.

Movie Nut

Visible crew/equipment: As all the sweeps come out of the chimneys, the wires holding them are visible.

Movie Nut

Visible crew/equipment: As Mary Poppins gets to the top of her exit from the chimney, the wires holding her are visible. And as Bert lands, his wires are visible.

Movie Nut

Continuity mistake: As the Penguins answer the call, and are setting up the table, Bert is laughing and leaning in, and a second later, he is upright and all the way back in the chair.

Movie Nut

Revealing mistake: As Mary and Bert sit at the Penguins' tea tent, when Bert calls for the waiter, the background shows through his head, revealing the live action matted in over the animation.

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Revealing mistake: As the turtle closest to the camera struggles with Bert's weight, Mary's heel clips through the turtle's beak. Also, though a combination of animation and live action, neither Bert or Mary has any kind of reflection on the water, real or otherwise.

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Visible crew/equipment: As Mary Poppins walks over to put the hat stand in place, the shadow of the camera plays on her dress.

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Revealing mistake: When Mary Poppins goes to bring out the hat stand and the mirror, you can tell that the underside of the table is masked with a overlap of the background to make the illusion complete. Also, when she pulls out the mirror, watch the table leg closest to her, and the bottom of the mirror pass, because the illusion is not quite far enough to cover it.

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Continuity mistake: When Admiral Boom makes his appearance, and asks about the time gun, he states "Three minutes and Six seconds" until the hour. However, the argument between Katie Nanna, the maid and cook, and Mrs. Banks' "Sister Suffragette" number, and Nanna's announcement of departure take a total of five minutes and ten seconds until the gun is fired.

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Continuity mistake: When Jane and Michael sneak inside the chimney, Jane's hands change positions between the front and back shots.

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Revealing mistake: After Michael and Jane have been sucked into the chimney and then pop out, Mary Poppins pops out a short time afterward. When she does so, a dark, obvious cable can be seen supporting her.

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Revealing mistake: Near the end of the movie after Mr. Banks throws the kite in the air and the camera shows the kite, you can see a white wire to the left of the kite that isn't the kite's string that pulls the kite over.

Revealing mistake: After Bert pulls up his pants to bring the dance challenge to an end, as he walks to the other side of the clearing, both he and the background can be seen through the penguins.

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Continuity mistake: When the kids enter their home after being found by the cop, Michael brings his kite with his right arm raised, and the kite standing up noticeably. A frame later his hand is down and the kite is laying so low it can't be seen.

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Continuity mistake: When Mary takes the mirror out of her bag the kids stand far from each other, but appear closer together in the close-up shot. This also happens when she takes the lamp out.

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Audio problem: After the credits, Bert makes a riddle about the cop and right after his accordion is heard, but he isn't playing it.

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Continuity mistake: When Bert is showing Jane and Michael his chalk sketches and doing his tightrope demonstration, you can see the pigeons in the corner on the far side of the bench. In the next shot when Jane points out the English countryside, the pigeons are right behind Bert again and walking away.

Continuity mistake: Mr. Banks is about to interview the nannies and looks at his watch. His handkerchief is longer on the right side. When the angle changes, both sides are equally long.

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Continuity mistake: When the kids meet Mary, Michael is in awe standing against a door. A frame later his head rests half on the door and half on its white frame.

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Continuity mistake: When Mary, Bert, and the children enter the tea parlor and see Uncle Albert floating by the ceiling, the camera cuts to Bert behind Mary, then Bert in front of Mary (Bert preparing to laugh and levitate), then a shot of the children shows Bert behind Mary again. Bert cannot move this fast in a split second.

Audio problem: After Bert rescues the Fox from the dogs the Fox says "Tis an elegant merry go round horse." If you look closely you'll notice that the voice recording is slightly off-sync with the animation on the Fox's mouth.

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