Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian

Visible crew/equipment: In the scene with Darth Vader and Oscar the Grouch, watch Darth Vader's eyes. You can see the light screens and crew reflected in his eyes in every shot.


Continuity mistake: When Kahmunrah first appears on Archie Bunker's chair, the propeller beanie cap hanging on the side of the chair disappears in the close-up.

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Continuity mistake: When the cowboy and the Roman are standing on the crate, from behind you can see that the Roman's cape is long and covers part of the edge of the crate, but from the front is shorter and doesn't even touch the wood.

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Factual error: When Larry and Amelia's plane takes off, the cables it is held onto easily rip off from the canvas. For security measures, a real cable would be made of steel, therefore ripping the structure instead of just snapping like a string.

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Continuity mistake: When Larry's chauffeur takes him to the museum, the car passes way after a blue lamppost, but in the close-up it parks right next to it.

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Plot hole: Property is destroyed, museum windows are crashed through, a giant octopus splashes about in the National Mall's reflecting pool, and even the statue of Honest Abe at the Lincoln Memorial comes alive. With all this occurring, not a single D.C. resident seems to notice and nary a single police officer turns up to investigate the goings-on.

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Suggested correction: This mistake is not wrong however wouldn't you think they would have night guards in each of the museums, but no guard is ever seen anywhere.

Audio problem: When Larry sees the bust of Theodore Roosevelt in the Smithsonian, he calls out "Teddy!" But if you listen carefully after that he says "Robin!" presumably referring to Robin Williams who plays Teddy. (00:51:40)

Continuity mistake: While Custer is guessing the Indian woman's name the monkey behind her appears and disappears.

Sacha Premium member

Revealing mistake: When Amelia and Larry are flying, his hair doesn't move a single inch.

Sacha Premium member

Other mistake: When Larry first enters the main storage room, he has to go by the guard Booth. A voice says "ID" then acknowledges that it's "Brundon, later dude". When it shows Larry from behind it shows a clear shot of the inside of the entire security room. It is completely empty. Did a ghost ask for the ID?

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Larry and Amelia escape into the VJ Day photograph, Larry is seen speaking to a sailor in dress blues. Throughout the exchange the rating badge on the sailor's arm changes from crossed keys, the insignia for storekeeper to lightning bolts, the insignia for radioman several times.


Continuity mistake: During the glowing torch commercial, the actor opens a drawer with metal stuff in, but in the wide angle a wooden stick appears.

Sacha Premium member

Continuity mistake: In the opening sequence Sacajawea is placed in a crate of tan, straw-like packing material. When Larry visits the museum a few hours later, Sacajawea emerges from a crate full of white packing "peanuts" (styrofoam pellets).

Continuity mistake: Amelia Earhart's lipstick goes from on, to worn off, to on again throughout the movie.

Continuity mistake: When Larry makes the batteries fall out of Brundon's flashlight, they fall all over the floor. During the rest of the scene, as Larry is walking away, there are no batteries on the floor.

Factual error: On the shoulder of the Tuskegee Airmen, their 'American Flag' patch is seen having 50 stars. At the time of WWII, the US flag only had 48, and 48 would have been the number they'd wear.

Continuity mistake: When Ben Stiller is dropped off from the red plane in the middle of the street, the streetlights in the background are yellow for a moment, then switch to another angle and they are green (without adequate time to switch back), then they constantly switch between green and red depending on the camera angle.

Continuity mistake: When Octavius and Jedediah escape through the hole in the metal container in the close-up, the shape of the hole changes in following shots.

Super Grover Premium member

Continuity mistake: When Jedediah is in the hour glass, he is in the lower chamber, and the area between is too small for him to go through. When the minions are returning to the portal, in a close up he is obviously in the top chamber, only to return to the bottom when Octavius breaks him free.

Other mistake: In the fight scene between Larry and Kahmunrah, Larry throws the tablet to Amelia Earhart and she opens the gate, but she didn't say the magic words to open it or even worse she doesn't know those words as Kahmunrah.

Factual error: Larry and Amelia Earhart both fly the Wright Flyer using a stick control. It was actually controlled using a mechanism attached to the pilot's hips whereby he could turn the aircraft by shifting his body from side to side.

Continuity mistake: Roosevelt enters the scene and Larry greets him. The Indian woman's arms change from being crossed to down and next to the hips between shots.

Sacha Premium member

Continuity mistake: When Larry first starts playing with Rex there is a sheet under Rex by his feet which is folded up neatly, but two seconds later the sheet is now disheveled and partially on the floor. Then within seconds this sheet is now still disheveled but completely on the edge of the display. (00:10:00)

Continuity mistake: When Larry and Brundon are saying good-bye both times, their distances between each other keep changing great distances instantly.

A Demon Premium member

Continuity mistake: Custer explains to the Indian girl and the primitives how to attack and there's a close-up of the monkey with his hand on his chin. A second later, a wider angle shows the hand resting on the side.

Sacha Premium member

Continuity mistake: The way crates are placed differs enormously between the moment before and after the dinosaur throws Ben Stiller flying. Watch the crates on the back: First they are spread apart, perpendicular to the animal, but when Stiller lands they're parallel and close together to hide the safety crash mat in between.

Sacha Premium member

Continuity mistake: Ben Stiller takes a rope out of a bag which he throws away. When the dinosaur sends him flying away the bag is nowhere to be seen.

Sacha Premium member

Continuity mistake: When the cowboy is standing on the edge of the crate scolding Larry, the position of his arms has no continuity whatsoever between the front and back shots.

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Deliberate mistake: It is totally unlikely that a museum as careful and important as the Smithsonian would leave the crates un-nailed, which could make the pieces inside get damaged. Of course if the crates weren't open, none of the figures could come up to life.

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Plot hole: Before Amelia Earhart flies herself and Larry back to NYC from Washington D.C. Larry says that there is an hour of darkness left. The time needed to fly from Washington D.C. To NYC and back is well over an hour, so it's not possible to make it in the time given and Amelia would have turned to dust.

A Demon Premium member

Continuity mistake: Jedediah is trapped inside an hourglass, and at one point the sand is almost up to his neck, but in a later shot the sand is only up to his chest.

Continuity mistake: When Abe Lincoln picks up Larry the tablet is missing only to return after he sets him down.

Continuity mistake: When Larry opens the octopus on Kahmunrah's men, the tablet disappears from Kahmunrah's arm several times before it is knocked out of it by the octopus.

Continuity mistake: When Custer is explaining how they will yell "Attack!" before attacking and Sacajawea questions the veracity of this plan, she is first in front of the caveman, etc. (with her back to the door of the box-crate) and then with no one behind her (with her back to the side of the box-crate).


Other mistake: As Kahmunrah is entering the combination 3.14159265, the last two numbers that he is entering is 95, not 65.


Continuity mistake: When Custer slams his head, the sidecar is seen driving past several boxes, far away, but a couple shots later show it way behind, only a few meters from Custer.

Sacha Premium member

Continuity mistake: When the Roman Emperor is talking while standing on the crate, the objects behind and the position of the styrofoam differs between the close and wide shots.

Sacha Premium member

Continuity mistake: When Larry and Amelia are talking to Abraham Lincoln, sometimes Larry has the tablet and sometimes he hasn't.


Continuity mistake: On his horse, Teddy Roosevelt greets Larry and extends his hand as Larry enters the scene and extends his. A quick cut to Teddy's point of view and Larry walks up and extends his hand again.


Continuity mistake: In the conclusion of the Brandon scene, as Larry is leaving, Brandon is shown in the background trying out the flashlight moves Larry had just done. As he does this, Brandon is walking toward the left in this shot, just beyond the Kahmunrah gate exhibit sign. The next shot is of Larry and the stolen guard pass. When they flash back to Brandon, he is walking in the same direction, but has not yet passed the sign. The order of the shots was simply mixed up.

Factual error: The combination is set to a high-decimal count of Pi (3.14159265), but pi wasn't calculated to that precision until the 15th century. The Egyptians did have a rough estimate of pi, but not that good.

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