Corrected entry: Throughout the time span the crew was on the asteroid, no signs of any gravitational changes occurred. In fact, the gravity was much like Earth's, even though that's scientifically impossible.


Correction: No, they use their suits to push them down, remember? And the rhythm can get good enough to simulate a somewhat near-gravity environment. They demonstrate this a few times in the film, and only a few specific instances does it go away. You should not generalize with this post. Quote the specific times, like on the shuttle.

Corrected entry: When Bear is on the asteroid lifting the tubes to drop down the hole he is straining to lift them. Since there's minimal gravity on the asteroid, why is he straining?


Correction: They still have mass you have to exert to lift. Weight is the force of gravity, but human energy still needs to lift and push mass.

Corrected entry: The two ships that the astronauts and drillers use are supposed to be new, military vessels that were top secret - and just happen to bear a resemblance to the actual NASA shuttle orbiter. But, when they are launched, on the wider shots it appears that the footage is just stock shots of the space shuttle taking off. It is only in the closer shots that they actually bother to show the fictional craft. (Additional Information: During the X-71 launch sequence, they used real Space Shuttle footage, and used computer graphics to stitch the image of the X-71 onto a shuttle rocket stack. However, at least once during the sequence, you could see they forgot or didn't bother to change the Shuttle to the X-71. They just left the video as it was, and you could clearly see that it was a real Shuttle, and not the X-71. )

Correction: I don't think this is correct. Much of the X-71 resembles the same as the normal shuttles and they even modified the launch sequence to be impossible to have used stock footage. You can see added gear on them. And there is no added stock footage of two shuttles next to each other, since NASA has never done that as pointed out by an above "mistake" concerning whether someone could send up two ships at once, which you could. Only when they really blow up does a ship like that become dangerous, and the shuttle is already designed to withstand the heat of its own thrusters.

Corrected entry: This movie makes the same mistake several others do about the effects of nuclear explosions. Without an atmosphere, you get a very hot fireball and some radiation. there is no air to create a pressure wave which would blow the asteroid apart. At the most, you have a melted center and maybe the asteroid would collapse on itself if it had enough gravity.


Correction: The explosion of a nuclear bomb is done by the bomb itself, atmosphere can cause additional damage but isn't necessary for a nuclear bomb to work. The energy released by the chain reaction needs to escape and if its stuck in a tiny space it will break free, thus breaking apart the asteroid down its fault. That's why they drilled the hole in the first place.


Corrected entry: When Rockhound realized that they're not gonna make it, he shoots the gatling gun. Guns need oxygen to produce a spark to fire a bullet, yet they are in space.


Correction: Fires can't burn in the oxygen-free vacuum of space, but guns can shoot. Modern ammunition contains its own oxidizer, a chemical that will trigger the explosion of gunpowder, and thus the firing of a bullet, wherever you are in the universe. No atmospheric oxygen required.

Corrected entry: Gruber is around to help disarm the bomb but doesn't seem to be around to make the trip home.


Correction: Gruber is killed during the 'asteroid storm' shortly after the disarming of the bomb.


Corrected entry: Both teams have to drill an 800-foot hole in the asteroid (even though only one team made it to a drilling location). They are doing this in an area that the ground is mostly metal and they are using metal drill bits. The bits the drillers use in the movie are known as "rock bits" and will not cut through metal. There are special bits known as "milling" bits to do that.

Correction: Having to drill through the metal was an error on their behelaf. They hadn't intended to land there at all, and therefore weren't prepared for it. They had to use what they had on hand to attempt to get the job done as well as possible.

Kimberly Mason

Corrected entry: As they're unbuckling after the rough landing on the asteroid, it sounds as though Steve Buscemi calls Bruce Willis by his real name and not his character's name.

Correction: He actually says "not bad" after Harry says "may they rest in peace."

Actually he says "Amen."

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie there is a flyover by Air Force jets (the Thunderbirds possibly?). At the end of the flyover one jet peels off in what I believe is supposed to be the "missing man formation." However, the plane that leaves is the one in the back middle. This is incorrect, as it leaves an intact 5-plane V. Instead one of the planes to the side of the lead plane (on either side) should have left, leaving an unbalanced, "missing" formation.

Correction: Then it's obviously not the "missing man formation". These are professional pilots. What they're doing is done on purpose. They didn't just throw a few stuntmen into fighter jets and tell 'em to try to do something cool. This isn't a movie mistake.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When they finish drilling the hole, they pull the pipes up and throw them in a pile. They fall to the 'ground' quickly. The asteroid would have virtually no gravity.

Jacob La Cour

Correction: It is explained before the mission that because of the asteroid's mass and it's rotation there will be unpredictable gravity.

Corrected entry: The shuttles sling-shot around the moon to gain speed. This is a manoeuvre undertaken to save fuel. Nevertheless, we see the shuttles using full after burners on the ride around the moon.

Jacob La Cour

Correction: They don't have time to waste simply allowing gravity to accelerate them, so they combine a gravitational slingshot course with the full acceleration from the engines. Allows them to get up to the required speed faster and using less fuel than using the engines alone, but, given the time pressures that they face, they can't afford to shut the engines down and coast on gravitational acceleration alone.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: When we see that AJ and the Russian have survived, we see a sweep through the wreckage of the shuttle. Pieces of wreckage are burning with little, earthly like flames, which are not possible without oxygen.

Jacob La Cour

Correction: This is already listed as a mistake. Its the highest ranked one.

Lummie Premium member

Corrected entry: Just before A.J goes down the chute in the Russian space station to refuel the rockets, you can see an American flag behind him. Odd that an American flag would be on a Russian space station.

Correction: Odd, perhaps, but far from impossible. Someone has made a character decision to bring it on board, simple as that.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the first crew ship collides with the asteroid after being slung around the moon, the pilot is seen crashing into the window of the other ship without "space gear", untrue as we know oxygen does not exist in space, and the fact that there is no gravity would make the body implode not just go around like normal. That is why astronauts wear suits outside the ship, very carefully designed suits that allow for them to be in that environment.

Correction: That's simply not true, the body will not "implode due to lack of gravity". If anything it would explode due to lack of pressure, but that's unlikely as well.


Corrected entry: After the transmission blows on the asteroid causing Harry to be thrown about 15 feet away, in the very next shot when he is asking God for a little help, we can see that he is suddenly standing in front of the spinning drill bit head. How did he pick himself up and get back there so quickly?

Correction: This is not Harry who gets thrown back, it is Chick watch when Rockhound goes over to him look at his face.

Corrected entry: When AJ is down getting the liquid O2 and they have to evacuate, fire blows up the tunnel and engulfs him as he is climbing out, yet even though his face is uncovered, he is not burned.

Correction: It's a quick flash of fire so it passed him very quickly, plus he was wearing protective clothing

Corrected entry: In the scene with A.J's Armadillo, you can clearly see the shadow of one of the cameras in the smoke behind them.

Correction: This is not a camera, it's the big gun mounted on the side of the armadillo.

Corrected entry: During the opening titles after the asteroid hits earth, the fireball spreads out around the world and the camera angle shifts across about 10% of the earth's surface, and suddenly the fireball has progressed almost completely around the entire world. It wouldn't have happened anywhere near this quickly, and its appearance would have changed as its intensity diminished.


Bill McIntyre

Correction: We can safely assume that the director of the film did it this particular way to add drama to the opening sequence of the film and to add special effects so that the audience can see what once happened.


Corrected entry: For the first time civilians wore genuine NASA spacesuits. They cost over 3 million dollars each.

Ronnie Bischof

Correction: Close, but no cigar. Christa McAuliffe, who flew on the doomed Challenger flight in 1986, was a civilian.

Corrected entry: If "NASA doubles up on everything.", why didn't the nuclear bomb on Independence go off when it crashed? Colonel Sharp stops Stamper from hitting their bomb with a wrench since it would set it off, so why didn't the one on Independence detonate?

Correction: A crash wouldn't set a nuclear bomb off; it takes a very precise set of events to occur for that to happen, which a crash couldn't possibly replicate. Nor, for that matter, would hitting one with a wrench, which Sharp undoubtedly knows, but with the fate of the Earth riding on that bomb, he can't risk Stamper damaging it. The easiest way to ensure that he doesn't do it again is to tell them that it might actually go off. It's not true, but Stamper and his men aren't going to know that.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: Liv Tyler's real-life dad, frontman of Aerosmith Steven Tyler, wanted to do the song "I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing" especially because his daughter was in the movie.

sheila lara

Correction: I am an Aerosmith freak and I know this is not true. I've seen 2 separate interviews by Steven Tyler and in both he said he did NOT want to record the song because it was too sappy. He only agreed after watching the ending sequence where Liv grabs the screen and says "Daddy" while she is crying. The ironic thing is the song became the first no. 1 hit Aerosmith ever had.

Corrected entry: One of the things the creators of the movie did not think out is the issue of the asteroid's gravity. There are several problems with that. It is stated that the asteroid is the size of Texas. Even if we assumed it to have had 1000 miles of diameter (a really huge asteroid) and the same density as Earth it would have gravity of about 12% of Earth's gravity. In the movie it can be seen (even though stated otherwise) that the teams operate under earth-like gravity – tools, piping elements, debris all fall down with quite an acceleration. Also the astronauts move about very conveniently – much more easily than would for example on the Moon. On the other hand if we assumed that the asteroid had much higher density, which allowed it to had significant gravity, a near passing (a couple of hundred kilometers) of such a massive body alone would probably wipe out humanity just as efficiently as a direct hit. Even if we assumed that the asteroid's diameter was only 500 miles and its density was about the density of the Moon, the near passing of its two halves would wreak havoc on Earth as the influence of their gravity on, for example, ocean tides, would be up to 20 times bigger than Moon's

Correction: The mathematicians at NASA would have taken the fragments into account and set up the "zero-barrier" sufficiently far away. This is why the earth sees no effects from them. And gravity is increased due to the asteroid spinning.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: I find it highly unlikely that all of those astronauts would have gleaming white teeth.

Correction: I'm not sure that "highly unlikely" would constitute a movie mistake. Highly unlikely still means it's possible in the context of the movie.

Zwn Annwn

Corrected entry: When Truman is describing the shuttle's characteristics, he mentions that they are made of an "impenetrable titanium alloy." When AJ, Bear and Lev are in the Armadillo on the asteroid in the crashed ship, AJ shoots through the supposed "impenetrable titanium alloy" with the Armadillo's machine guns. It's doubtful that even the impact of the crash would weaken the apparently impenetrable alloy to a point where it could be simply shot through with those guns.

Correction: There is no such thing as "impenetrable". He was speaking about a hull which could not be breached by anything they would expect to encounter in space. Firing a Gatling gun at point blank range in a vacuum - there is nothing in the universe that would be "impenetrable" to that.

Corrected entry: If the asteroid has a new rotation axis after passing the Moon the drill teams wouldn't have missed their drill sites by just about 20 miles, they would have ended up elsewhere, but not near their landing zone because the landing zones would be elsewhere obviously.

Correction: The rotation may not have been that much, so it wouldn't move very much between the time it passes the Moon and the time they land. Plus, the were probably on computer guidance and the computer would compensate for any rotation. He missed their landing side because he had to pull up to miss a big hunk of the asteroid sticking up. So, he over shot it, not off left or right.

Corrected entry: It took approximately 18 hours from the time Harry and Grace left the oil rig until they decided to help save the Earth. How did his entire crew have time to become scattered across the US? AJ even had time to start his own oil company.

Correction: The crew came from all over the country so it seems natural they'd want to go home during their break. Commercial airlines provided the means to get where they were going. AJ probably bought an existing rig, and just put up a sign. Doesn't mean the deal is finalized yet.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When the crews board the shuttles, it is daylight, but when they are about to take off it is dark. Seeing as Truman told them they would be taking off at 8 am, it doesn't really make sense that it should be dark.


Correction: When Truman is explaining the mission (during which he describes the "Roadrunner Thrust Maneuver") he states that they will be taking off at 6:30 p.m. Depending on what time of the year it is, it could be dark at the launch.

Corrected entry: Several of the crew are strapped into seats that are far too small for them. There is absolutely no support for their heads. The seats end at their shoulders. When they hit the 12 G's around the moon the weight of the helmets will guillotine their necks.


Bill McIntyre

Correction: This is incorrect. You can see both Oscar's and Rockhound's headrest while they are being strapped in. Since they are not upright, their weight may make them higher on the seat. But, when they are doing the "Roadrunner Thrust Maneuver" you can definitely see the headrest of everyone they show. They are black, so they may just be hard for some people to see but they are definitely there.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the asteroid is about to hit Paris, look closely at the clouds. They don't move. An asteroid coming in at that speed and force would blow the clouds away.

Correction: If you are talking about the clouds that you see right before the meteor hits the ground, those clouds could be miles and miles in the distance. You can't say that an asteroid of that size and at that distance would affect the clouds.

Corrected entry: If the movie was set in the summertime, why was the 6:30 pm launch done after sunset? Even if was AM, the sun would have still been up at 6:30

Correction: In aviation, pilots use Zulu time, the time zone at Greenwich, England. 0630 Zulu time would be 5 hours later than time in FL, 8 hours later in CA. So, if the time was 0630 Zulu, it would be 0130 in FL, and 2230 in CA, both well after sunset.

Corrected entry: In the scene after AJ, Bear and the cosmonaut do their Evel Knievel jump across the canyon; one shot shows AJ opening the hatch of the Armadillo whilst Bear relaxes in the front seat with his helmet off. How was he able to breathe when all the oxygen escaped the Armadillo?

Correction: The hatch to the outside could be in a separate pressurized compartment that allows one to leave without disturbing the others.

shortdanzr Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where the Russian space station starts to collapse A.J and the Russian cosmonaut gets trapped in a room. In order to check that everyone has reached their respective ship Houston turns on a "personal radar" which lets them see everyone in the station in a 3d-model on screen. This is done through trackers in the Americans space-suits. Only problem is that the cosmonaut also shows up on radar and he, apart from already being there for a great period of time, definitely does not have an American space-suit with a tracker.

Correction: Since the image sent back is 3D, that implies there is some sort of sonar-ish signal emitted from the trackers. These signals would bounce off of the cosmonaut same as they would anyone (or anything) else.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: In the beginning of the movie, where the astronaut is working on the satellite during an EVA, it shows the satellite far apart from the space shuttle. Also, the shuttle's bay doors were open and facing the open void of space. This is a factual error, because when NASA sends a crew to fix a satellite in space, they flip the shuttle so the bottom faces space and the windows face the Earth. The satellite is attached to the Canada Arm and the astronauts are able to service is with ease, and not having to fear shards of a giant asteroid or other space debris.

Correction: When a shuttle or other craft is orbiting Earth, there is no up and down. The size of the Earth compared to the shuttle makes it appear to be upside down, but in reality it can be the same orientation as when it left the launch pad. Take a pin, then have it "take off" from a basketball, then begin moving it around the ball in an orbit without changing orientation of the pin. At times it will appear to be upside down in relation to the ball, but really it is the same orientation as when it left the surface.

Corrected entry: When the astronauts are on the surface of asteroid then they feel almost no gravity but when they're inside the space ship the gravity is similar to earth. New gravity gear from NASA?

Correction: What makes you think they feel no gravity on the asteroid? They're walking around, moving equipment, etc.and there is obviously gravity. It is LESS than Earth's gravity, that's all.

Corrected entry: When the team lands on the asteroid, one of the team members lets a stream of sand fall from his hand. The sand blows in a slight breeze...

Correction: Considering they said before the shuttles took off the atmosphere would be extremely unpredicable, and that there are explosions going off all around them, it's perfectly reasonable for there to be a "breeze".

Corrected entry: The asteroid is the size of Texas, yet has Earth gravity as shown when pipes are dropped on the ground and don't float at all. The only time there isn't earth gravity is when they need to fly.

Correction: There is gravity on the asteroid, but not the same as Earth. The equipment and astronauts are lighter, just as they would be on the moon, but not light enough for them to simply float away.

Corrected entry: Peter Stormare became the first European to be allowed inside NASA, during a cast visit. Although Stormare's character in the film is Russian, the actor is Swedish.

Correction: Totally false. While I was unwilling to spend a lot of time researching this it only took me a matter of seconds at the NASA site to confirm there were 18 Russian cosmonauts on the MIR/NASA project that started in 1989, well before Armageddon began filming.


Corrected entry: Shortly before Stamper detonates the nuke we see a computer screen at NASA which shows the asteroid nearly at "Zero Barrier". Only 1 minute later, the screen is visible a second time and the two halves of the asteroid are already beyond the tangent where it would have hit earth on a straight flight.Earlier in the movie it is said that it'd take the asteroid about 3 hours and 57 minutes to get from zero barrier to hit earth. So it's impossible for the two halves to be beyond that line.


Ronnie Bischof

Correction: This is far too obvious to be a mistake. There is no indication that thei "1 minute" was in real time. We see the screen with the two halves when the guys at NASA are celebrating. They are only celebrating after they are sure the two halves are clearly going to miss Earth.


Corrected entry: In the scene of the asteroid being split by the nuclear explosion we see the blast from Earth's point of view in settings which are on opposite sides of the world. This is impossible since the asteroid is coming from one direction and only half the planet would be able to see it.

Correction: The only location that is definitively identified is India and the Taj Mahal, which is shown in the daytime. The next shot could be in Africa which is west of India as it shows the sun setting. In the final shot could be anywhere, the only thing you see is a home with an American flag which does not mean it has to be in America, they could be flying the flag showing support of the MISSION or they could be US citizens living in a foreign country! So, it is very possible the three locations could be on the same part of the earth where they could all see the explosion.

Ronnie Bischof

Corrected entry: At the beginning when the small asteroid fragments destroy the satellite and kill the astronaut you can see that the pieces fall down even though they should be in zero G.

Correction: They fall down because they are caught in the gravitational pull of Earth.


Corrected entry: The scene where one of the spaceships crashes on the asteroid and Ben Affleck and the Russian guy try to find "Bear" sparks from the electric wiring are flying everywhere. There is no oxygen in space to make sparks.

Correction: There is no oxygen in space to create an electrical fire you mean. Electric sparks are possible in space, it's just that they can't create a fire.


Corrected entry: In the film, there was a reference to a "French space agency." Unfortunately, there's no such thing, and the closest is the European Space Agency which has its headquarters in Paris.

Correction: There is a "French Space Agency", it's called Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales (CNES).

Corrected entry: What happens to all the rubble extracted from the hole they dig? There must be tons of the stuff, but there's no sign of it...

Correction: The dirt and rocks are being ejected from the hole with enough force for it to keep flying upward in the microgravity. After all the characters need special jetpacks just to make sure the force of their footsteps doesnt throw them off the asteroid.

Corrected entry: Several NASA officials and space crew throughout the movie refer to distance measured in feet. The fact is that NASA several years ago switched to the metric system. NASA officials and space crew should therefore refer to distances measured in meters (as they do in Independence Day).

Correction: 1) Most of the NASA guys are old-timers. They are not going to stand around doing the mental arithmetic to convert back and forth between the measurements during a crisis situation, they are going to say what comes naturally. 2) The official NASA website is littered with metric and imperial measurements. 3) Aren't these the same guys who lost a Martian Probe because they were working in different units at the same time?

Corrected entry: A few things about splitting the asteroid always annoyed me. They couldn't possibly calculate that drilling a certain depth would "split" the asteroid rather then blowing it to smaller but still deadly bits. Even if they did calculate right they did this on stable rotation. But as they stated the asteroid started rotating unpredictably after passing the moon so it could have turned towards earth causing one piece to hit as they calculated and the other to hit just a bit later. And last even if all 2 previous scenarios go just right (as in the movie) we saw that the asteroid was covered with huge high and sharp "mountains" which would most likely break of in the explosion and rain down on earth. So either way earth would be doomed.

Correction: In regards to the moon, the asteroid started to rotate after passing the moon, not change its trajectory. Thus the two pieces (if sucessfully split) would most likely miss earth. Furthermore, in a weightless environment, the two pieces would be pushed apart by the explosion with the same amount of force. Thus the trajactory of both pieces would be the same (but in opposite directions) from the moment it exploded. In regards to the sharp mountains, they aren't big enough to "doom" the earth and would mostly burn up upon entering the earth's atmosphere.


Corrected entry: When A.J. and Lev try to escape the fire in the Russian Space Station by climbing into a part of the station which is not heated, frozen drops can be seen. However, there was no gravitation for 18 months. The drops couldn't have formed in that kind of structure.

Correction: Nonsense. Drops are formed by surface tension caused by molecular interaction. Gravity plays no part.


Corrected entry: One of the scenes showing A.J.'s Armadillo going across the asteroid shows a series of valleys lined with banded walls. These are features found in sedimentary rock formations. Sedimentary features only form with running water, which we don't exactly see a lot of on the asteroid.

Correction: An asteroid could be made from a planet breaking up or from a piece of a planet breaking off because of another asteroid colliding with it. The presence of sedimentary rock on an asteroid is completely possible.

Corrected entry: Not exactly a mistake, but... the asteroids hit the earth at the beginning, and of all the millions of square miles of the earth's surface, they just happen to hit right in the middle of downtown New York, then Paris? How convenient for the destruction-hungry audience.


Correction: All well and good, but not really trivia.

Corrected entry: The only windows in the shuttle are the windshields. How come when the bomb goes off, everyone shields their eyes from the light? I thought they were heading toward Earth, away from the explosion.

Correction: The windshields are not the only windows on the shuttle, there are more of them. Notice that Harry looks out of one of them when they dock with the Russian space station.

Corrected entry: Just after the Independence's Armadillo jumps the "Grand Canyon" on the asteroid, the camera pulls across the Armadillo. Bear is sitting alone in the front seat and we can see him grinning and waving to the camera crewmember. Zoom in and pause to gain full benefit from the "mistake."

Correction: Whilst bear is grinning, he is not waving put putting his hand to the window to look out. He is still in the back looking out the window and its likely he is happy like the other characters in this scene.

Lummie Premium member

Corrected entry: When the two teams visit the space-station, NASA tracks them each through their green "blips" from their locaters. When A.J. and the Russian were locked in the fuel pod, the control team at NASA could see their green "blips" on their screen. The Russian didn't make the trip, why would he have a locater on him?

Correction: He would have been given one when he went up by himself. NASA would fit him with the correct equipment, being there by himself and all. It's common sense.

Corrected entry: As the shuttle comes into land near the end of the movie, everyone got out and went over to their families to hug and kiss them; whilst people in anti-radioactive suits came up to clap them... WHAT.?. Wait firstly, the astronauts have just been on alien grounds. Don't they need to go through some test to make sure they haven't made contact with alien viruses? And secondly, people in these suits don't just come out to clap (although some did go to the shuttle).

Correction: Actually, those suits provide protection from heat - those men are firefighters, not any sort of decontamination crew.

Corrected entry: The shuttle makes a far from a smooth landing on the asteroid. It is dinged up quite a bit and even more so while they are there. Columbia burned up because a single piece of ice hit its wing causing the heat shield to malfunction. There is no way this shuttle could have re-entered the earth's atmosphere safely.


Correction: These new shuttles (X-71s) are explained as being made of titanium and of being "impenetrable". I suppose that within the absurdity of this movie, a shuttle with an impenetrable skin could perform as shown.

Corrected entry: When Harry is taking AJ down the elevator of the shuttle in the end of the movie, neither he nor AJ have their spacesuit helmets on. However, when they reach the ground, they both magically have the helmets on. Where did they come from and how did they get them on so quick?

Correction: The elevator was moving pretty slowly. They could have put them on in the time they were off camera.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the window of the shuttle breaks and the air force pilot is sucked out we see him get hit by the other shuttle, fully intact. Realistically the rapid change from pressure to no pressure would cause him to blow up like a balloon and explode.

Correction: Bodies do NOT 'blow up and explode' in a vacuum. This is a science fiction myth. The pilot would die within minutes as his body fluids boiled due to zero pressure, and of course he would suffocate. But explode? No.

Corrected entry: En route to the asteroid the shuttles are slingshotted around the moon. Due to the speed and strong curve they're making, the crew is experiencing about 12G. You see the crew screaming like hell and being very awake; in reality, they wouldn't be screaming as the G forces presses the air out of their lungs and it would be very hard to breath. Also, to keep conscious at such high G levels you need to tense all muscles in your lower body to keep more blood in the head, the crew are obviously too busy screaming to think about this. And lastly the crew would probably be unconscious anyway; 12G is a hell of a force and knocks out the most trained fighter pilots around.

Correction: Everyone on the shuttles are wearing g-suits which have inflatable bladders in the lower abdomen/legs parts of the suit. These function to keep blood from pooling in the lower extremities so the wearer doesn't have to continually tense his muscles. That would leave them plenty of opportunity to scream.

Corrected entry: When we're first shown Harry's rig, after he's golfing on Greenpeace, his assistant tells him he "just found out something interesting". But, you can obviously see that he got that information from a written report he holds in his hands. That report was in his hands before Harry was golfing. You would assume that he'd report this important matter immediately to Harry, but he waits until Harry's done golfing on Greenpeace's head.

Correction: "Just" is a very relative term and in this case probably means that he "just" found out when he read the report himself (nothing suggests that he wrote it) and that he "just" came to tell Harry. Also, we don't know that Harry was done golfing at the time, only that something more important (the report) came up.

Corrected entry: When the rogue asteroid chunk hits Paris and destroys it, they show it later as a huge crater. This impact alone would affect the whole world as we know it. If Mt. St. Helens could spew ash over the states of Washington, Idaho, Oregon and California, then an asteroid the SIZE of Mt. St. Helens slamming into France would surely put the world off-kilter. It's not something that we could go back to the next day and photograph, as was done in the film.

Correction: There is absolutely nothing in the film to suggest that the meteor that hit Paris was the size of Mt. St. Helens. (If it had been, I'm pretty certain that it would have done the work of Dottie on its own.)

Corrected entry: Even if the asteroid halves fly apart and miss Earth by 400 miles exactly as depicted in the film, it's still going to be a tragedy. The gravitational force created by the asteroid halves as they pass Earth will be about 100 times higher than the gravitational force from the Moon, which causes tidal actions on Earth. Since most of Earth's population lives in coastal areas, most of the world's population will be destroyed in the resulting tidal surge.

Correction: The asteroid was "only" the size of Texas, which has significantly less mass then the moon and proportionately less gravitational attraction.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie when they are heading back to earth the astronauts are wearing space suits and the pilots are wearing flying clothes but when they touch down the astronauts are wearing orange uniforms and the pilots blue.

Correction: There was plenty of time between leaving the asteroid and landing one Earth for everyone to put on their flight suits (the orange and blue uniforms).

Corrected entry: At the beginning when the Chinese people arrive on Harry's rig, Harry says that Grace is going out with AJ due to a lack of choices because no one else is in her age bracket. However, after AJ proposes to Grace, Harry says that Oscar is 5 minutes older than Grace.

Correction: Harry didn't literally mean that Oscar was born five minutes before Grace, he's saying that Oscar is not old enough to have been a father figure to her. We also don't know if Oscar is single or not, he might have a girlfriend we don't get to see, if so he wasn't an option for Grace to date.

Corrected entry: Throughout the movie, the United States is making all the decisions about how to do things. This is most demonstrated when the President of the United States gives the order to remote detonate before the 800 ft. hole is dug. Why does the President get to decide and almost doom the whole planet? Shouldn't the UN make decisions like that?

Correction: Remember the quote: "The United States government just asked us to save the world..." It is a NASA mission (with some co-operation from Russia), not a joint world mission. The President is head of NASA's chain of command, hence he gets to make all the decisions. He is also the sole person to authorize if, when, and where a US nuclear warhead can be detonated.

Corrected entry: As the 2 shuttles are leaving the atmosphere, the SRB's and ET (solid rocket boosters, external tank) break away at the same time. In reality, the SRB's break away much sooner than the ET, as the SRB's are only used to get the shuttle off the ground.

Correction: On a real shuttle yes. The shuttles in the movie are not space shuttles, they are X-71s. Different design, different launch procedures.

Corrected entry: At the very end, when the camera pans across the attendees of Grace's wedding, we see the stand-ins and not the real cast. Chick's stand-in doesn't look anything like him and for awhile I thought it was the loanshark, but why would he be sitting in the front row of Grace's wedding? Apparently, those that survived the asteroid couldn't tolerate a Ben Affleck wedding and sent representatives on their behalf.

Correction: The people in the front row are the cast. The man sitting next to Chick's (ex)wife isn't Chick's stand-in. I believe this is supposed to be Harry's father, Hollis Vernon Grap Stamper, who is in a black tux. During the camcorder-like pictures during the credits we can see Chick himself in a white tux standing behind A.J.

Corrected entry: In the movie they show people around the world praying. They show a shot of Taj Mahal in India and hundreds sitting around praying. Oops, Taj Mahal is not a place of worship, it's a tomb.

Correction: It is a tomb; it is also a place of worship. Mosques and tombs often go together - much like churches and graveyards I assume.


Corrected entry: To increase the chance of success, there's a backup for everything: we have 2 crews, with 2 shuttles, 2 armadillos etc. However, when we get the crisis where the government wants to blow up the nuke before the hole is finished, there is only one bomb. Isn't there a second nuclear bomb in the shuttle that crashed?

Correction: They lost communications with that ship and (presumably) everything on it. That's why they say nothing about detonating the second bomb.

Timothy Conard

Corrected entry: Liv Tyler and Billy Bob Thorton are in Florida to greet the heroes upon their return. Weren't they just in Houston a few minutes earlier?

Correction: Well it would take the shuttle a while (days maybe?) to get back to earth. It takes about 3 hours to fly a plane from Texas to Florida.

Timothy Conard

Corrected entry: The X-71's are made of "impenetrable titanium" but Ben Affleck can fire a gattling gun to open a hole in the hull. NASA must be woefully underbudgeted for that.

Correction: The gattling gun is fired from a range of about 10 feet in a frictionless atmosphere - pretty much nothing would be impenetrable to that.

Corrected entry: The asteroid is said to be "as big as Texas." Presumably that means about the diameter of Texas, about 1000 miles. Drilling down 800 feet or meters barely scratches the surface of such a rock, and would merely make a nice crater, not split the rock in two. Drilling 500 *miles* down would have a better chance.

Correction: They state quite clearly that 800 feet down is a fault line, and blowing that up will split the asteroid.

Corrected entry: In the beginning, when Bruce Willis is hitting golf balls off the oil rig, he gets ticked off and throws the golf club off the rig. When he storms into AJ's room, he's holding a golf club.

Correction: He does throw the club, but then he picks up another one before seeing AJ.

Corrected entry: In the scene when the asteroids hit New York, the dog is hanging in the impact crater by his leash. When they show the overhead shot of the crater you see the body of the Godzilla street vendor halfway laying in the hole. When they show the dog inside the crater the vendor is nowhere to be found.

Correction: He is there - as the guy's pulling on the leash the camera pans up, and in the few frames before it cuts you can see the charred remnants of a body. Makes sense there wouldn't be much - presumably any bits of him in line with the meteor were mostly vaporised.

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Harry Stamper: You got any more bullets in that gun, Sharp?



During the scene where it shows people all over the world, just before the shuttles take off, it is daylight everywhere. It would actually be dark or near dark in parts of the world.



While being strapped in, Rockhound tells Harry they're sitting on "something with 270,000 moving parts all built by the lowest bidder." This is a paraphrase of a quote by Alan Shepherd.