Trivia: Both Brody Bruce and Randall Graves (from Clerks) have a cousin named Walter. In Clerks Randall tells Dante about his cousin Walter breaking his neck trying to suck his own d**k. In Mallrats Brodie starts the movie by telling you a story of how his cousin Walter kept shoving cats up his ass to get a gerbil out of there.


Trivia: Jared Svenning was not originally bald. This was a decision Michael Rooker made while trying to dye his hair gray.

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Trivia: The music playing while they're waiting outside the lift that Brodie and Rene are having sex in is the same tune as the lift music from the Blues Brothers, "The Girl From Ipanema" by Antonio Carlos Jobim.

Trivia: The film's events take place the day before the events of "Clerks."

Trivia: LaFours the security guard who wears the white straw cap is a reference to LaFours in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid who also always wears a white straw cap.

Trivia: The movie Mallrats poster is done in the same style as Star Wars: A New Hope. You can tell by the way Rene is holding on to Brodie's leg like the way Leia was holding on to Luke's leg.


Trivia: When they're in the dirt mall, check out the cap TS tries on - it's got "Clerks" on it.

Trivia: OK, this isn't a mistake, just a strange coincidence. If you have the DVD, and you listen to the commentary, at one point Kevin Smith talks about a scene that was cut from the script where Jay and Silent Bob are watching Gwen in the changing room and that they are "pleasuring themselves." He then mentions a substance landing in her hair, and how he was told to take it out because it was vulgar. He goes on to bring up how much "There's Something About Mary"'s famous scene is akin to his cut scene, and how TSAM went on to make $200 million. Now, if you pay attention to the scene where Brodie and Rene are having sex in the elevator, the song playing is "Build Me Up, Buttercup" - the same song that plays over the credits of TSAM.

Trivia: Shannen Doherty changes her outfit regularly throughout the film. Apparently this is because in her contract it said that she got to keep any clothes she wore during shooting, so she changed as often as possible.

Trivia: The character of Shannon Hamilton is meant to be an inside joke about Shannen Doherty. She was married very briefly to Ashley Hamilton so hence her name was (temporarily) Shannen Hamilton.

Trivia: During his conversation with Brodie, Stan Lee is constantly looking towards his left and right, looking for his cue cards. Not being a trained actor, Lee had difficulty remembering his lines.

Trivia: The third contestant on the game show Truth or Date is called Gil Hicks. The guy who plays Gil Hicks is Brian O'Halloran the guy who plays Dante Hicks in Clerks.


Trivia: When Jay and Bob attack the Easter bunny, have a look towards the end of the attack. Bob begins to chew on the bunny's ear. Pretty pointless considering it's part of the costume and wouldn't hurt the guy inside it at all.

Trivia: Note the Jaws reference - not the obvious marriage scene link - the main characters are called TS Quint and Brodie Bruce, compared to Quint and Brody from Jaws. The nickname for the shark on set was "Bruce".

Trivia: When Brodie and TS are being arrested, Renee runs to get Jay and Silent Bob. The person they are with, Willam, calls her Brenda. Brenda is Shannen Doherty's character from "Beverly Hills, 90210."


Trivia: The movie closes with Weezer's song "Suzanne" and if you watch long enough it shows Jay and Bob walking off with an orangutan named Suzanne. The same orangutan, with the same name, later appears in "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back."

Trivia: Just a little fact. The picture that Silent Bob goes through at the end of the "Batman" scene is actually a picture of Jason Lee's wife.

Trivia: Willam can also be found in Clerks, though played by a different actor. Willam (Snowball) is the junkey that Veronica snowballed, he is also seen at random intervals saying funny things, and he's perpetually high or drunk (or both).

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Trivia: Jay's line, "Where do you get those wonderful toys?" is a reference to the first Batman movie, in which the Joker said a similar line about Batman's utilities.

Trivia: After Jay fills one of his socks with quarters and gives it to Silent Bob, he is only wearing one sock throughout the rest of the film.

Trivia: Brodie's comic book collection actually belongs to Kevin Smith. It's all of what Smith was able to purchase back after selling said collection to help finance Clerks.

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Trivia: This film was originally much longer, and the plot was quite different at times. Kevin Smith was forced to alter it after a few early negative test screenings. The original cut had a much different opening that makes no mention of Julie Dwyer's death, a number of extended scenes, and some original dialogue that was redubbed for the theatrical release. This original cut was finally made available in the 10th Anniversary Special Edition.

Trivia: The producers were so confident the film would be a hit, they even talked with Kevin Smith about a sequel. Smith conceived an idea called "Mallrats 2: 'Die Hard' in a Mall." He had also considered altering his idea for "Chasing Amy", and making it into a tamer PG-13 comedy for the studio, so it would sell better. After "Mallrats" flopped, the sequel was dropped, and Smith made "Chasing Amy" as originally envisioned.

Trivia: Actress/model Jenny McCarthy had auditioned for the film (though she was not cast), and reportedly her audition went as well as any other audition, with director Kevin Smith joking with her and being polite. Some time after the audition, Smith was shocked to learn that McCarthy had begun blasting him in interviews, alleging that she was laughed at and tormented by Smith and the rest of the crew holding the auditions. While Smith was initially angry about the (allegedly) fabricated rumors, he soon forgot about it. About ten years later, he was approached by a mutual friend of he and McCarthy who wanted the three to collaborate together. Smith agreed to work with McCarthy, but was almost immediately informed she refused to work with him.

Trivia: "Walt Flanagan's dog" is mentioned in this movie and referenced in other Kevin Smith productions. When filming Mallrats, Walt Flanagan (an actor and friend of Kevin Smith) had just gotten a rambunctious puppy that destroyed Flanagan's hotel room while he was on set. It amused Kevin Smith, so he began using it as an in-joke.

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Trivia: In the 2010's, Director Kevin Smith tried repeatedly to get a sequel made to "Mallrats." Originally, he was going to go with his original sequel idea from the 90's ("Mallrats 2: 'Die Hard' in a Mall"), but the film eventually became "MallBrats", a sort-of sequel that would follow a new generation of characters with the original characters in supporting roles. The sequel was eventually re-worked into an event television series that Smith was going to write and direct, before he was forced to abandon the sequel due to rights issues.

Trivia: At one point, T.S. and Gwen (played by Joey Lauren Adams) recount the time Gwen had sex with Rick Derris on a pool table. Alyssa Jones from "Chasing Amy" (also played by Adams) also had sex with Rick Derris during high school, as did Caitlin Bree from "Clerks".

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