Arachnophobia (1990)

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Revealing mistake: Near the end it is way obvious that the king spider is animatronic as it goes for the doctor, considering it's tech string is quite visible in the closeup. And it "hisses" as it's lowered.

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Other mistake: When the exterminator steps on the little spider it makes a loud dramatic 'crunch' and then when he lifts his boot the bottom is overcovered in fake brown goo.

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Revealing mistake: Two very different types of spiders used in most of the shots. The ones in closeups are larger with bulbous legs, defined hairs, and big eyes.

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Revealing mistake: When Atherton is using his fog machine to spray up into the tree look to his left, you can see another spray of the fog being added to the tree by an unseen stagehand.


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Trivia: Near the start of the film, when Atherton is examining the spider after returning from the valley, several butterflies are seen pinned up in front of him. Several of these are not South American butterflies - the top left one (blue with long tails) is Papilio Ulysses, a species of tropical Australia, and the big green-and-black one near the bottom right is Ornithoptera priamus or O. euphorion. Whether this qualifies as a mistake, I don't know - Atherton is supposed to be an expert, so they may not be the most geographically accurate 'colourful' butterflies to use.

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Question: Are the small spiders in the movie an actual type of spider? If so, what are they called?

Answer: The small spiders are Avondale spiders from New Zealand. They are totally harmless to humans.

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