X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Corrected entry: The way that Logan escapes from the adamantium chamber is different from as shown in X-Men 2. In that film Logan was covered in blood and walks out through a long aisle, then breaks the door and runs.


Correction: What we see in X2 are fragments of Logan's memories. What we see in this film is the actual event.


Corrected entry: Victor catches John with the arm a foot deep in John's stomach (1:06:18), obviously killing him when pulling his fist back (1:06:27). A bit later Victor kneels over the corpse (1:07:05): there is no visible wound, even the shirt is unharmed.

01:06:10 - 01:07:05


Correction: Why would he have a wound? John is transparent at that time. Victor caught him while he was transferring and broke his spine.

Anastasios Anastasatos

Corrected entry: Near the end, you see Col. Stryker and he is walking as the woman said. You assume that he has been walking around for days due to ripped, dirty clothes. However, his facial hair has not grown in any way.

Correction: The length, coverage and rate of growth varies between every man. His facial hair obviously does not grow very fast.


Corrected entry: When Logan first enters the water for the adamantium grafting, he is wearing boxer shorts. When he escapes, he is naked.



Correction: The reason he was naked when he escapes was because he wasn't in fact wearing boxer shorts, they strapped him in above his pelvis region, which in turn made it look like he was wearing shorts. But if you watch closely, the shorts are actually a form of restraint.

Corrected entry: There only exists two "Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas" signs in Las Vegas and the one Logan passes in the desert on his bike heading into the city does not exist there.


Correction: This means that the sign was a prop constructed for the movie, which falls under artistic license and is therefore not a mistake.

S. Ha

Corrected entry: In the scene (after the barn was destroyed and wolverine got away with bike) where wolverine is being hunted by a helicopter he is approaching two military humvee's. First is ripped by his claws and when he approaches second vehicle you can see how he grabs the handles of the vehicles and gets on it. Illogical thing here is that they move to each other but he grabs the handles as he would grab them like they stand still or moving in parallel.



Correction: There is no way to grab the handle that would be impossible to achieve while moving in the opposite direction of the vehicle.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where Stryker describes his last ditch option for Wolverine he intends to shoot Wolverine in the head with an Adamantium bullet. The background on Admantium in the movies (and comic books): Adamantium is a complicated alloy that may only be worked in its liquid form. Once it has hardened it is virtually impossible to destroy, and absolutely impossible to manipulate through modern machining techniques (e.g. milling, lathe, or any other machine shop process.) On fire arm physics: firing a bullet through a modern firearm causes the bullet in question to compress to the slightly smaller diameter of the barrel. The rifling inside the barrel imparts spin to the bullet, allowing for a stable trajectory; in essence you hit what the barrel is aimed at. These two facts cause the error. An Adamantium bullet fired through a conventional gun would cause the barrel to explode because the bullet cannot compress. An Admantium bullet fired through a gun with an Admantuim barrel would be the quintessential irresistible force meeting an immovable object because the barrel cannot expand, and the bullet cannot compress. The result of this would normally be an explosion, however due to the near indestructibility of the metal in question I do not know the likely result of such an occurance. The physics do not compute.


Correction: So they made the bullet a little smaller knowing that it would not compress. It might not be as stable a trajectory, but if engineered to comic book physics levels it would serve its purpose. Or they could have used a sabot of regular metal around an adamantium core.

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: When Wolverine leaves one of the compounds, before he slashes through the door with both hands, creating an "X" in the door; his hair is all wet and once he goes through the door his hair is completely dry.


Correction: It has cut to his escape when he goes through the door. We don't know how long he's been running between those two shots. Also, he was just injected with molten metal, so his body temperature was over 300 degrees upon completion. That could have dried his hair relatively quickly.


Corrected entry: The adamantium chamber is totally different than the one from x2, even though it is supposed to be the same, as are the flashbacks and operation procedure.

Correction: More than a decade has passed between Wolverine and X2. Stryker could have easily changed the layout of the facility in that time. The discrepancy between the flashbacks and how everything actually happened is also not a valid mistake, as the flashbacks occur in Wolverine's amnesiac mind.

S. Ha

Corrected entry: When "New" Wolverine breaks out of the dam, after he was soaked in water, he comes out perfectly dry and hair neatly styled.

Correction: The is no scene of him coming out of the water. The next time we see/visibly him is when is is hiding in the barn. And when we do, he is not dry at all. He is soaked from (most likely) sweat from his run. As for the styled hair, it is acceptable deliberate choice of the film makers to maintain the look of the character.


Corrected entry: When X-factor is in the elevator, Deadpool's two swords are in a holster strapped to his back, but in the next shot one of his swords is instantly out of the holster.


Correction: "Instantly" is an over-exaggeration. When the elevator reaches the top floor, Wade says "Its time to go to work". The swords are still in their scabbards and the elevators doors are not open yet. When they do open, we see Wade with his hands on his swords and he unsheathes them as the door open. He is obviously highly skilled swordsman and as such would not require much time (milliseconds) to unsheathe his swords.


Corrected entry: After Logan and Victor are busted in Vietnam, we move to "6 years later" and we experience the rest of the film. The Vietnam war ended April 30th, 1975, which means that the latest that this film could have taken place was 1981. In addition, The Three Mile Island accident occured in 1979. However, the Army in the film is regularly using Humvees, which did not enter into production until 1984.


Correction: Wrong assumptions. The "six years" is from the time Wolverine quits the group. Not their "execution". It is never made known how long the team has been in operation. But it is long enough to fill in the gaps. It is hinted that there would be a few years between this movie and first X-men movie. The age of Scott Somers (Cyclops) as a gauge. Putting the movie set in the late 90s (at the latest).


Corrected entry: In the scene where Logan's skeleton is bonded with the adamantium, his x-ray shows that his teeth are together, but how can they be when he has a breathing device in his mouth?

Correction: In one of the flashes of the procedure, there is a cut of the x-ray where Logan's jaw is open, likely with the breathing apparatus in his mouth, and then they show it closing shut, biting through the rubber, to show just how excruciating the bonding is.

Corrected entry: When Logan stops Victor from killing someone at the camp in Africa, he is holding his wrist. When he is looking at Victor with his back towards camera, you can see his claws out. However, when it shows him face on, they are gone.

Correction: I just watched this scene in regular and slow motion. Victor has his claws out the entire time and Logan never has his out. Victor's claws curl in and combined with his fingers also curling in, it gives the appearance that the claws are missing, but they are there the entire time.

Shannon Jackson

Corrected entry: Kayla drives Logan to work in Blue car, than drives it to the school. Later, we see Logan pick her up from work in the same car.

Correction: The scenes take place over different days. The El Camino can be seen in the second scene at the logging camp (not the first scene where she drops him off) before Logan picks her up from work, meaning he was using the car that day.


Corrected entry: When Wolverine wakes out on Silver Fox , Stryker and Sabretooth at the nuclear plant, he is wearing his white undershirt with a red button-down shirt over it with the sleeves rolled up. A second later he hears Silver Fox scream and he rushes back in, but the red shirt is gone.

Correction: He had plenty of time to remove the shirt before going back in. Just because they didn't show it happening doesn't mean that it didn't.

Shannon Jackson

Corrected entry: In the second X-men movie Logan is shot to the head by a police with a normal gun. It penetrate his skull and he falls to the ground. Later the bullet grows out from his head. In Wolverine the only way to penetrate his skull is by an adamantium bullet. Which is a obvious error. How could he be immune against regular bullets in wolverine but not in X-men. It's pretty obvious it makes no sense. They had to do it that way to make the story work so Logan could loose his memory. Thou he should have lost his memory even in X-men 2.


Correction: The bullet in X2 doesn't penetrate his skull, just his skin, which is why it pops out when he heals.


Corrected entry: The mistake is in the scene where Stryker's crew obtains the meteorite souvenir from the desk of some Nigerian fellow on the top floor of a military building. Just after Reynolds' finishes his final jump but before he relaxes and stands up normally again and says: "Okay, people are dead", you can see the cables coming up from his back, which allow him to do the Matrix-style jumping. There's a cut to the Nigerian hiding behind his desk, before coming back to Reynolds and the cables have disappeared.

Correction: I could not see any wires. There are the two scabbards to hold the swords, that is all. You likely saw this in the online leaked unedited version, so not a valid mistake.


Corrected entry: When Weapon XI hits Sabertooth with the optic blast, there is no damage whatsoever to his clothes and they remain intact when they shouldn't. Weapon XI optic blast is not a concussive force but instead is a direct result of Cyclops power that generate heat, as demostrated when Cyclops accidental "fires" his power at his school and at the guards on 3 Mile Island, there are molten edges around the blast areas which actually are shown dripping or still red hot. Additionally, when Weapon XI "fires" at Wolverine and Sabertooth, the skin around his eyes actually get burnt black due to the heat.

Correction: Scott has no control over his blasts without the visor he recieves later in life, so the molten edges are because his blasts are far more powerful. It has been shown in many adaptations and even the comics that it is only a concussive force, this is why there is no damage at all to Sabretooth's clothes. Weapon XI's eyes may turn black due to the fact that he is not fully capable to handle the blasts.


Corrected entry: The events at the end of this film are supposed to have happened at Three Mile Island, which occurred in 1979. Yet in X-Men, Professor X says it's been "fifteen years since your memory loss". X-Men takes place in the "near future" and was released in 2000.


Correction: Perhaps because of Wolverines healing factor. Professor X could not get an exact date. Also, we dont know what else Wolverine has been through before he met the Professor.

Corrected entry: When Wolverine is checking out his new adamantium claws in the bathroom of the old couple's home, sparks fly out as he keeps clashing the claws together. Technically, a spark is a small fragment of a burning substance thrown out by burning material or by friction. In this case this would not be possible as adamantium is supposedly indestructible, so sparks would not come out.

Correction: Adamantium is not indestructible - if it were, it could not have been rendered molten to embed into Logan's skeleton. It's simply an incredibly hard substance, far harder than any known real-world material, and therefore could potentially be damaged by a similarly hard substance. Rubbing his claws together would produce sparks.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: In the fight sequence between Wolverine and Deadpool, Deadpool slices and stabs Wolverine several times. However for the rest of the film, there are no holes or torn sections of his vest whatsoever. Surely Wolverine's vest cannot heal like him. Similarly when Deadpool hits Sabertooth with the optic blast, there is no damage whatsoever to his clothes and they remain intact.

Correction: The optic blast has been shown as a concussive force, not a heat source, so there would be no damage to Sabretooth's clothes.

Corrected entry: When Zero has his first fight shown, he is using un-silenced weapons, yet the sounds of his gun shots are silenced.

Correction: Assuming that the scene in question is when the team attacks the compound early in the movie. During the entire sequence, whenever Zero uses his weapons "big bangs" can be heard loud and clear indicated that the guns are not silenced and never shown or heard to be.


Corrected entry: During the fight on top of the cooling tower, near the end of the film, there is one sequence when Weapon XI rushes at Wolverine and Sabretooth, who are standing back to back, and jumps over them. The overhead shot shows him jump over Sabretooth first, yet he lands in front of Sabretooth.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Correction: Not necessarily a mistake. At this point we already know that Weapon X1 can teleport. He is just using it to his advantage to confuse and disorientate his opponents during the fight.


Corrected entry: When Wolverine's team is in the elevator, Deadpool says it's time to go to work and both of his swords are on his back. In the next shot the sword near Deadpool's right shoulder is gone, but then the sword is back on his back.

Correction: That is just something about how his costume was made, the right sword keeps slipping behind his head. It wasn't an mistake, just reality.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Stryker tracks Logan out to the logging field and goes to meet with him, Logan's cigar changes length almost every time the camera cuts to him - getting alternately longer and shorter throughout their conversation.

Correction: It's not changing length, its just somewhat of an effect of the camera angle. The cigar is a prop, the same size the entire time until Zero shoots it in half.

Corrected entry: When Victor holds Wolverine's "resurrected" wife in one hand around her neck, you can see the wires that hold her up when he throws her to the ground.


Correction: This mistake is not in the final version of the movie. Mistakes in the "workprint" version of the movie are not valid.


Corrected entry: At the end, when Styker points the gun at the wounded Kayla - and then at himself - she's not in any danger. It's a six-shot revolver, and he's already spent the six bullets on Wolverine.

Correction: He only fires five out of the six. The first when he shot Logan in the back, the second after Logan turned around, the third while Logan was running at him, the fourth was the one while Logan was in the air from jumping at Stryker and was also the one that knocked him out, the fifth was the second shot to Logan's head and the final one he shot at him. So, Stryker fired five shots at Logan and still had one left for Kayla. Regardless, it's unlikely she was counting the shots anyway.


Corrected entry: In the scene where they are coming up in the elevator and Ryan Reynolds does his thing and does a spin in the air, you can see the harness strings on his shoulders when he lands and is face on to the camera.

Correction: These are only seen on the leaked version not the theatrical release, thus not a mistake.

Corrected entry: After Wolverine knocks out Victor, after the fight at 3-Mile Island where the children are being held, Silverfox starts to talk to Wolverine. While Wolverine has his head turned looking over his shoulder at her, you can see the shadow of a boom microphone or some other piece of equipment on his shoulder.

Correction: Unless we know for certain what the source of the shadow is, this is not an error. There was, to my recollection, a large amount of infrastructure in the facility that could easily cast shadows on room occupants.


Corrected entry: [Spoiler] Wolverine's wife's death is faked with the use of hydrochlorothiazide. That's a real drug, but it's just a diuretic. It won't slow the heart, it may actually speed it up by lowering blood pressure. All it's going to do is make you urinate.

Correction: Since she has Mutant physiology, a seemingly harmless drug could affect her body differently; there just isn't enough information to make this claim.

Corrected entry: After Victor Creed 'kills' Silverfox it shows Wolverine bury and mourn her before joining the Weapon X program. This would be fatal to her if she was just faking her death.

Correction: Pretty safe bet that they would have thought of that - this has, after all, been carefully planned out. For Logan's enhanced senses to be fooled, her metabolism has to have been slowed dramatically, almost to the point of stopping, effectively putting her in hibernation, which would allow her to survive a brief period of burial. As long as Stryker's team got to her fairly swiftly after Logan departed, she would survive the ordeal with no lasting effect.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: When the soldiers are in Nigeria and Wade exit the elevator to attack all of henchmen with his swords, while jumping high the ropes are seen on Reynold's back that lift him.


Correction: Ummm, maybe you should actually watch the movie at the cinema instead of the unfinished version circling the net?

Corrected entry: After 'Jimmy' and Victor are busted in Vietnam, we move to "6 years later" and we experience the rest of the film. The Vietnam war ended April 30th, 1975, which means that the latest that this film could have taken place was 1981. However the Army in the film was regularly using Humvees, which did not enter into production until 1984. Also, Scott Summers was a teen in this film, but in X-1, he was a twenty-something and it was released in 2000 with the tagline "in the near future." So apparently Scott aged about 10 years in at least 20.


Correction: Firstly this submission lists two different mistakes and should be separated as such. It was also never stated in the first X-Men film that Cyclops was in his twenties. He could very well have been in his thirties and aged appropriately.

S. Ha

Corrected entry: It is stated that the only thing which will penetrate Logan's adamantium skeleton is an adamantium bullet. Following this logic, Logan's adamantium claws should cut through Deadpool's arm blades, or vice versa.


Correction: A bullet traveling at high speeds would behave very differently than a blade, even of the same material.


Corrected entry: In the scene when Wolverine and Sabretooth are fighting outside the bar by a digger and a pile of logs, Sabretooth stands on Wolverine's 'bone claws' and snaps off the end of one of them. However, when Wolverine's bones have been covered in adamantium and he brings them out, they are full and have had no discernible damage to them.

Correction: His bones healed, regrowing his claws.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: The blades Weapon XI wields are nearly the full length of the arm. If this were true, he would not be able bend at the elbows.

Correction: Weapon XI has multiple powers from multiple mutants. Theres no telling what his blades do when retracted.


Corrected entry: The opening shot establishes the location as 1845 Northwest Territories, Canada. Canada did not become a country until 1867. Even then, the NWT was owned by the Hudson Bay company.

Correction: The name Canada was used for the area as far back as the middle of the 16th Century, long before the country of that name was founded. The usage is historically accurate.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: While Scott Summers is blinded in the "new" Wolverine movie, there is no mention of Scott's having anything to do with Weapon X in X-Men 1 and 2. In fact if all those students go to the Xavier Institute then Emma Frost, Quicksilver, and several other mutants would have appeared in X1 and X2, but no mention of there being other mutants besides Jean and Scott being at the school.


Correction: The stuff that happened to Scott was twenty years previously - why would they mention it? And the other mutants rescued by Xavier in this film could easily have chosen to leave the school in the intervening time, while Cyclops stayed on as a teacher and X-Man.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: Wolverine's tags are different to the ones seen in X-Men and X-Men 2, when they are supposed to be the same tags.

Correction: We actually don't know that they are the very same tags. He could have had replacements made at some point.


Corrected entry: When relaxing in his cabin, Wolverine is shown drinking a long-neck Budweiser. Long-neck bottles were not allowed in Canada in the 70s, they were short-neck ("stubbies"). Nobody was producing Bud under license at that time, either.

Correction: He could have smuggled them in from the US somehow. Unless we actually seem him purchasing the bottles, there's no real mistake.

Corrected entry: Stryker shoots Logan with the adamantium bullets to erase his memory, but in "X-Men" the scans of Wolverine showed no holes or damage to his skull. While he's got a healing factor for his natural bones/organs, there's no way for him to regenerate the adamantium covering his skeleton.

Correction: As shown in the movie, his skeleton is not just covered in adamantium, the metal is actually bonded to his bones, and a part of him. So when his bones regenerated, it is not unlikely that the edges of the holes in his skull was bent back into shape and re-bonded.


Corrected entry: In many of the official trailers for this film (whether the teasers or the theatrical trailer itself) we are given glimpses of Lt. Col. Stryker's Class-A uniform. On the left shoulder, above the unit patch, he wears both a Ranger tab and an Airborne tab. This is incorrect and against uniform regulations (both now and decades ago, when the tabs were created along with those respective units). A soldier wears either the Ranger OR Airborne tab, but never both at once. If the Airborne tab is worn, it is understood that the soldier has passed Ranger school and thusly earned a Ranger tab to begin with. If only the Ranger tab is worn, this means that while the soldier passed Ranger school, he is not Airborne qualified (yet).

Correction: This is not correct; the tabs are worn concurrently all the time, and a soldier can be Airborne-qualified without being Ranger-qualified and vice-versa.

Corrected entry: In the final scenes, Wolverine takes off the jacket the old couple gave him. He later escapes the island in his undershirt. However, the jacket reappears in X-Men 1.

Correction: We see him get up and start to leave, but we never actually see him get off the island; he likely picked it up before he left.


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Stryker: Your country needs you!
Logan: I'm Canadian.



When the old couple who give Wolverine clothes are first driving towards their house, there is an aerial shot of them driving over a bridge. This is supposed to be set in Canada (drive on the right) but it was filmed in New Zealand (drive on the left). They are driving on the right but the arrow on the road is on the left side.



When Wolverine goes to the gym to talk to Fred, Fred gets insulted because he thinks Wolverine calls him a "blob" (Wolverine actually uses the word "bub", as he often does). In the comics Fred's character's name was the "Blob".