Terminator Salvation

Corrected entry: Kyle tells Marcus that you don't want to go out during night because the HKs have infrared. Contradicts what Kyle tells Sarah in the original movie: "You stay down by day, but at night you can move around." Doubt this was a mistake, but more of a difference in technology in the 25 years between production of the two movies. (00:26:50)

Correction: No mistake. Kyle says to Sarah: "You stay down by day, but at night you can move around. You still have to be careful because the HKs use infared."

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: Towards the end of the movie the bald girl (Skynet) explains everything to Marcus. How he is programmed to infiltrate the resistance and ultimately bring John Connor to the Skynet base. As a result of her story, Marcus rips out the chip and eventually saves John Connor and helps destroying the base. As I interpret it, that scene is only there to explain Skynet's master plan to the movie audience. If Skynet is smart enough to predict everything so far, it should be smart enough to realize Marcus might intervene. There is no logical reason why Skynet would jeopardize everything at this point.

Correction: The Marcus program achieved its primary goal by getting John Connor to the base. Like most software programs, it stops after reaching is goal. Skynet never really programmed Marcus beyond this point. There is no way a software program can plan for the unlimited number of scenarios that can happen beyond this point. Besides, they wanted the Marcus program to act as human as possible.


Corrected entry: In the scenes where Marcus is repairing the Jeep, you can see plants growing between the front seats. Yet a few scenes on, Marcus shoves Kyle out of the Jeep, saying, "I am driving," and the plants are now gone.

Correction: I wouldn't leave them in there, I'd yank them out. They're only gone "a few scenes on", so there was time to do so.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When Kyle captures a terminator by his foot using a cable, the terminator shoots his own foot off to get away. Since the cable would appear stationary since it is attached to the terminator, it would have been just as easy for it to shoot the cable a mere 6 feet away instead of blowing its own foot off.Something like a terminator that is designed to kill everything should have a targeting system that can engage a cable at 6 feet.


Correction: The captured Terminator is a T-600, and has been stated throughout the Terminator movies as being far inferior to the T-800 and doesn't have the same thought processes as the superior Terminators, therefore its decision to shoot off its own foot shows just how useless a design it was and why it was superceeded.


Corrected entry: After John traps the motorcycle terminator, he hotwires it and rides off. Why would an autonomous robot have external controls such as an accelerator or brakes?


Correction: Already submitted and corrected, I believe. The Moto-Terminator has external controls to facilitate use and operation by Humanoid Terminator models, should the need ever arise.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When Blair frees Marcus from the resistances chains, he falls face down (slightly tipped up), but he lands on his back, though he was falling straight down.

Correction: He starts falling face down, but there is a cutaway shot, during which it's possible he flipped, probably due to the chains around his feet, and his heavier torso than legs.


Corrected entry: Sarah's tape is played back differently than when she recorded it in the first movie. For example, in T1 she says, "If you don't send Kyle back, you can never be" before she says "A person could go crazy thinking about this." However, here in T4, the two lines are reversed. She also has a line about Kyle being a teenager, which is never said in T1, and in fact wouldn't make sense. Sarah was able to postpone Judgment Day after T1 which means that she changed the future - and it is through this altered future that Kyle is a teenager at this point. She couldn't have known this in T1.

Correction: There were years that had passed between T1 and T2, plenty of time for Sarah to re-record, edit, or add information, even make whole new volumes of tapes using most of her previous statements on a new tape.


Corrected entry: John says to Marcus that they have been at war since "before either of them existed". Marcus was born in 1975, and the first terminator goes back to 1984 to kill Sarah Connor, so Marcus was in fact 9 years old.


Correction: As far as Connor is concerned, he isn't talking to Marcus, the human convict that was executed. John is talking to a Terminator, created many years later, that merely looks like Marcus.


Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie, John Connor is dumbfounded at the sight of the new terminator prototype. Why? After all, he had seen that and subsequent models as a child in the 3 previous movies.

Correction: Because he knows that it's too early. In the first film in the series, Reese, who came back in time from 2029, eleven years on from the events of Terminator Salvation, specifically states that the T-800 is a new model. The T-800s shouldn't be coming online for several more years, hence Connor's surprise.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: When Marcus and Kyle are getting the Jeep in the wide shot a crew member is visible blowing up dust on the side of the mountain in the valley. (00:33:05)

Correction: There is no crewmember anywhere in these scenes that I can find, even with frame-by-frame review. The only shot that even suggests such a thing is when the camera is on a grassy slope, angled upward a bit as the Jeep begins to roll forward and down the hill. In the background toward the right is a telephone pole in front of a line of trees. Between the pole and Jeep, as the camera rises up, an object that suggests a human head is revealed. Just before the Jeep blocks our sight of it however, we see this dark, egg-shaped mass is atop a thin, dark pole... not a human neck.


Corrected entry: When John infiltrates Skynet and frees the human prisoners, a screen depicts an overhead view of all the cells (or at least the section of cells where Kyle Reese is contained), with the prisoners being represented by red dots. When he unlocks the doors, one can observe on the screen that all the doors are open, even though Kyle's door is still closed.

Correction: Skynet controls these computers, and skynet is trying to lure John to his death: of course they're going to lie to him.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: During the scene where we come to the resistance air hangar at night, you can see a smoke grenade rolling along the floor near the nose of the plane to create smoke for the scene.

Correction: It could be a smoke grenade to signal any incoming vehicles or aircraft.


Corrected entry: In John Connor's first confrontation with Marcus Wright, he claims that Wright killed his father, Kyle Reese. But at this point, Connor has not yet even met Reese, much less sent him back in time to impregnate Sarah Connor and ascertain his birth. If Reese was in fact dead as John Connor believed he was, then Connor wouldn't even exist.

Correction: He's referring to the fact that the future version of Reese died prior to his birth, in the fight against the Terminator back in 1984, not that he believes that Wright has personally slain Reese in their present.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene involving the Resistance fighters testing the 'control signal' on a hydrobot, a woman states that they have 'burned out' its transmitter, so it cannot send info back to Skynet. However, when Marcus talks to Skynet in the form of the dead doctor Serena Kogan, she shows him footage from that hydrobot of John Connors face.

Correction: That simply means that the humans were wrong. The whole thing was a ploy by the machines anyway. The signal they were testing was a ploy to bait the humans into attacking Skynet. It makes sense they would do what they could to make the humans think they were making progress.

Garlonuss Premium member

Corrected entry: When Marcus is using the Terminator's eye (the motorcycle one) he somehow is able to get through the base with another Terminator's eye that is meant to be on the highway. Surely he couldn't get in with that eye.

Dan Clason

Correction: Terminators move from place to place as part of their duties - they're not going to be rigidly assigned to one location with no ability to report back to base if required.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: How come the resistance didn't use the signal that shuts down machines on Marcus when he escaped from their facility? You could say they did try to use it off-screen and it probably didn't work as the signal is fake and Marcus is probably protected by its effect. But if the resistance finds out the signal won't work on all machines they would call off their attack. So why didn't they try to use it on Marcus?


Correction: Firstly, this is entirely worded as a question, and should have been submitted as such, but the answer is quite simple twofold. The resistance have no idea if it will shut down Marcus for the simple reason that he has an organic brain, not a neural net processor, and secondly, they don't yet want to disable something they don't fully understand. Marcus is an anomaly and a very interesting one to them, because he largely shouldn't exist.


Corrected entry: When her human attacker points the HK USP pistol at Blair it makes three loud audible clicks as he cocks back the hammer. A real HK USP makes only two light clicks.

Correction: True but following Judgment Day, the survivors most likely modified that and many other weapons, quite possibly out of necessity as many weapons were either destroyed or damaged, or spare parts could not be easily obtained or manufactured.

Corrected entry: In the first movie, Kyle Reese explains to Sarah Connor about the Terminators as infiltration units, with human tissue, metallic endoskeleton, sweet, bad breath, etc; so they are very hard to spot. Reese then says to her, "I had to wait 'till he moved on you before I could zero him". Reese didn't know the look of the T-800 in 1984. But in "Salvation" Reese saw his face. Besides, John Connor knew this Terminator since he was a child. John and Kyle where together, so Reese should know the appearance of the Terminator before the time travel to save Sarah.

Correction: Kyle's seen a face, briefly before it gets burned off, in the middle of a highly stressful situation. He didn't exactly have a chance to sit there and thoughtfully study it, committing every last detail to memory for future reference. It's another ten years until Kyle has his date with a time machine, so the vague details that he does remember will have plenty of time to fade even further. John's knowledge of what the Terminator looks like is irrelevant. Even if John does describe the Terminator to Kyle, Kyle can't exactly travel around blowing away anybody who happens to fit the description; without a photograph, which Kyle couldn't take with him anyway, John's description could not possibly be specific enough for Kyle to be absolutely certain that he wasn't about to fire a shotgun into the face of some regular human who just happens to resemble the cyborg to some degree. He has no choice but to wait until the Terminator makes its move to be 100% sure of his target.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: So, Skynet allows Marcus to shut down all the base's defenses so the Resistance and John Connor can get in, but it can't just turn them on again once they're inside?

Correction: At no point are we given an indication that ALL of the base's defenses are shut down. And some of the base's defenses ARE online, as per the fact that the prototype T-800 is deployed to kill John, and a T-600 is seen before the T-800 destroys it. It very well may be Skynet's plan to make the resistance think all of the defenses are offline, in order to lure them inside, and then send terminators to kill the fighters, or keep them alive to interrogate and experiment on them.

Corrected entry: At the end of the film when Marcus offers his heart to John Conner to save his life, what are the odds that he is an exact match for John. Many tests have to performed on a potential heart transplant patient to determine the tissue type matches and won't reject the heart. Also, it cannot be performed on the "fly" in a make shift army hospital tent. It requires many surgeons and trained transplant personal in an extreme sterile environment and takes many hours to perform.

Correction: As we don't see the actual operation take place, it's pure speculation as to just how sophisticated the medical facilities were and how many experienced medical staff were on hand to perform the operation. There is also no onscreen reference for how long the operation took. And finally, whilst it might seem a stretch that Marcus was a perfect donor for John, it's not impossible, and if it's not impossible, it's not a mistake.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Marcus is escaping the resistance base he jumps a motorcycle over a pile of dirt, but there are already several tracks leading off the jump.

Correction: So the area has been ridden on by motorbikes before, how is this a mistake? It's rough ground which is best suited to motorbikes, and the bike Marcus steals is near to the rough ground, which would suggest its been used there before. Not a mistake.


Corrected entry: A little time paradox: It is stated that Kyle Reese is on top of the list of people marked for death. This would mean that his importance for the future is already known by SkyNet. However, it's highly unlikely that John Connor notified SkyNet of what role Kyle Reese is going to play in the future.


Correction: It doesn't mean anything of the sort. It's entirely plausible that Skynet could discover that Connor is interested in Reese, by, say, interrogating a captured resistance fighter. Connor's interest alone would be enough to put Reese on Skynet's priority target list, without it having to have any foreknowledge of his destiny. No paradox there.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: After John gets out of the crashed helicopter, a terminator with no legs surprises him by grabbing him by the shoulder and throwing him several feet. This terminator's decision to throw John away from it (giving John a head start) instead of crushing his shoulder or wind-pipe made no sense, as the terminator was obviously trying to kill John.


Correction: The terminator must have thought that the impact from the throw would knock Connor out, making it easier to kill him. Not a perfect decision, but it is also possible that the terminator's reasoning abilities were damaged in the crash.

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: In T4, Connor takes out a moto-terminator, flips it upright, gives it gas and speeds away changing gears. Why a rolling death machine would have handles and foot gears for gas and acceleration is beyond me.


Correction: An event 'being beyond you' is never a good start to a submission. It's well known in the Terminator universe that Skynet started by adapting and improving human designs and machines. That Skynet has chosen to take a human designed motorbike and build upon it a high speed Terminator might seem strange given its lack of effectiveness, but the history of using human technology is already evident. Even aside from that, having handles, etc. means the upcoming T-800 models can use them for rapid transportation too.


Corrected entry: In the beginning when Skynet detonates the bomb in the underground facility, it creates a mushroom shaped cloud. That seems to start down in the hole. This is unlikely. The mushroom shape comes out of the airflow that goes back to the center of a large detonation. (Hot air from the blast moves outward in all directions and cold is then sucked back in from underneath the explosion.) Setting off an explosion in a sealed (ventilation shafts and other exits wouldn't provide sufficient and symmetrical amounts of air) underground shaft shouldn't create a "nice" mushroom cloud that seems to start down in the shaft .

Correction: Your submission hangs entirely on the premise of whether there was sufficient cold air down in the facility to give the explosion its mushroom cloud characteristics. Seeing as there is nothing onscreen to support your 'ventilation shafts and other exits' hypothesis, its pure opinion as to whether the explosion would occur as it did onscreen.


Corrected entry: When Wright, Reese and Star are being chased by a Skynet flying probe, it scans Reese visually. On the HUD you see it identify him as Reese, Kyle. How? At what point that early in the movie did Skynet know/have in a database what Reese looked like?

Correction: The fact that we learn that Kyle Reece is on top of their 'Most Wanted' list seems to indicate that Skynet has come across him before. Obviously Kyle has done a good job of hiding from Skynet. Skynet would not exactly put someone as no. 1 if it did not know that he/she exists and have an idea of what he/she looked like. Perhaps a captured Resistance fighter had evidence such as a photo or sketch.


Corrected entry: When the guy comes out and is attacked by the ripped-in-half terminator, he gets attacked, the half terminator rips off his boot, the guy gets to the gun and kills the half terminator, then he walks off without getting his boot.

Correction: Already submitted and corrected. The scene of the 'guy' i.e. John Connor walking away from the helicopter with both boots on isn't meant to be taken as an immediate shot from the one before, time has passed between him killing the Terminator and the next scene. It is not necessary to show every single intervening action by a character.


Corrected entry: In every Terminator movie, the Terminator's underlying skeleton is revealed at some point, resulting in a pretty cool special effect. For reasons unknown, this scraping away of human flesh always occurs on the left side of the character's face, a trend Salvation continues when Marcus Wright's endoskeleton is revealed.

Correction: That is not true. In "Terminator 2: Judgement Day" only the right side of the head of the T-800 is damaged. The left side goes pretty much untouched.

Corrected entry: When Marcus is fleeing from the Resistance, he is briefly on a motorcycle before he gets dumped and runs. After he is running, an aerial shot shows him on the bike, and the next shot he is running again.

Correction: This does not happen, the aerial shot you are refering to shows Marcus still running, not riding a bike.


Corrected entry: The opening credits, playing out amongst shapes that wind up being the title of the movie, is pretty much a staple of the Terminator franchise. McG follows suit here, with the title of his movie moving like an assembly line - a fitting presentation considering the movie's plot.

Correction: Since it's a "staple", its inclusion isn't trivia.

Corrected entry: Inside Skynet's headquarters, when Marcus throws the table through the glass plate, you can see the wires the table hangs from.

Correction: Utter rubbish. Absolutely no wires are present on the tiny sized table that Marcus hurls through the screen.


Corrected entry: A little problem concerning a time paradox: We learn that Kyle Reese is on the top of the list of people marked for death. This would mean that his importance is already known by the terminators at this time. However, only Sarah and John Connor could possibly know that Kyle Reese will eventually become John's father.

Correction: Incorrect. It's never stated in the film that Skynet knows that Reese is Connor's father, just that they've established that Connor is interested in him, something that they could have easily learned by interrogating a captured resistance fighter. Given their desire to eliminate Connor, it's entirely reasonable that they would put Reese on their target list, on the assumption that, if they grab Reese, they can use him to lure Connor, their main target, in.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: The small terminator nuclear reactors are detonated and blow up Skynet. Nuclear reactors have no explosive content, only radioactive, the result of John Connors blowing them up would have been a very toxic room and nothing more. In the past Terminator movies, if the T's had been walking around with a huge explosive device inside them, certainly some for them would have blown up in destruction.

Correction: They are never described as 'reactors' though that might be the implication. Blowing up the fuel cells is obviously a catalyst for anything else in the facility to blow up.


Corrected entry: When Markus is travelling to Skynet in San Francisco he is seen travelling south on the Golden Gate Bridge into San Francisco. If coming from Los Angeles there would be no need to use the bridge unless he took a very long diversion around the bay.

Correction: Another submission that within it gives a very plausible explanation as to why it's not a mistake! As it's never shown onscreen which direction he took, you're making an assumption on the route taken, therefore where is the mistake?


Corrected entry: It is said that Kyle Reese is on top of the list of people marked for death. However, when he is captured, identified and singled out by the Terminators, they don't bother to kill him. Even when the facility is under attack by the Resistance, the Terminators prefer to perform some obscure experiment on him in the laboratory, so that there is plenty of time for Kyle Reese to be saved by John Connor.

Correction: You've just answered your own 'plot hole'. Clearly they didn't just want to capture Reese, they had other plans for him as evidenced by the T-600 guarding Reese whilst on the table. It's not a plot hole if in your explanation you've given a plausible reason to counter your own submission.


Corrected entry: During the first Jeep scene at the observatory, before the actual ride Kyle addresses Marcus by his name. However, he has not introduced his name yet.


Correction: At that point, it's been hours since they met up. Marcus simply mentioned his name off-screen during that time.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: When John Connor flies the helicopter in the first attack sequence, he does not put a seatbelt on. But when it crashes, he releases the seatbelt to then fall onto the roof of the helicopter (it has crashed upside down).


Correction: Pure speculation. The camera shot is framed not to show what Connor is doing the moment he gets in the seat, and it's a matter of at least 8-10 seconds before the helicopter starts lifting off, plenty of time for a clearly experienced pilot to quickly put his seatbelt on.


Corrected entry: When Kyle Reese is captured and taken to Skynet Headquarters, once inside, the camera pans around as if we're seeing things through his eyes. While he's looking "upwards," near the top middle of the screen you can see the shadow outlines of four people behind the white glass. Almost as if "humans" where in charge and overseeing Skynet's business.

Correction: So what are you proposing as the mistake? Terminators are established as being humanoid, therefore a sighting of humanoid figures within the Skynet facility cannot be considered a mistake. Your suggestion that these are humans is purely an assumption, with nothing to back it up, and thus cannot be considered as valid grounds for an error. Without something more concrete, this cannot possibly be acceptable as an error.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: In the opening moments of the initial attack on the Skynet lab facility, an A10 Warthog plane is shown taking a hit to one engine and immediately crashing. A10 Warthogs are designed to remain airborne with an entire side missing; a hit to one engine would not cause it to crash.

Correction: Yes, assuming the A10 is in good working order, which these planes surely are not, after battling Skynet for 14 years.

Corrected entry: Marcus Wright puts up quite a fight against the T-800, but when the T-800 learns that Marcus's life source is his heart the T-800 delivers a powerful punch to kill off the heart. It was the same kind of casual swing of force that ripped apart an earlier terminator model that was in the T-800's way. However, despite John stating he could kill Marcus's heart with a bullet and the clear superior strength of the T-800, the T-800 it seems is unable to rip through a cyborg despite ripping apart another terminator, one that was arguably more endurable then Marcus was. Not also is Marcus's heart in well enough condition, but it is suitable enough for a life saving transplant for Connor.

Correction: Your whole submission is based on the assumption that the T-600 that the T-800 ripped apart is more durable than Marcus. Clearly the entire fight sequence is at odds with your submission, as the T-600 lasted mere seconds against the T-800 and Marcus lasted SIGNIFICANTLY longer. In fact had the T-800 not analysed Marcus for a weakness, it's likely the fight would have continued. Therefore your submission, worded as it is cannot stand.


Corrected entry: In Terminator Salvation, the young Kyle Reese (Anton Yelchin) saves Marcus Wright (Sam Worthington) from a Terminator attack, directing Marcus to come with him before they've even exchanged pleasantries. Reese doesn't learn any manners as he gets older, considering this is the same exchange he has with Sarah Connor after saving her from a Terminator unit in Club TechNoir in The Terminator. The Terminator himself uses a similar greeting with Sarah Connor in Terminator 2: Judgment Day when finding her at the mental institution.

Correction: These are staple utterings in the Terminator movies and are so obvious that they can never be considered legitimate trivia.


Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie John Connor sets out to pursue a flying terminator with a helicopter. However, he crashes after a few seconds due to an explosion that was meant as a trap for him and his team. When John climbs out of the wreckage, he sees a mushroom cloud. It's impossible he could escape a nuclear explosion within a few seconds.

Correction: You're assuming it was a nuclear explosion. Large enough bombs will create a similar mushroom cloud, it's not limited to just a nuclear explosion. Further evidence to support it NOT being nuclear, where was the blinding flash from the detonation and pressure wave? Not a mistake.


Corrected entry: When Marcus is receiving medical attention after stepping on a mine, the combatants realize he is a hybrid. The black guy moves into Marcus' POV and slams the butt of his gun into his face. The screen goes black, indicating Marcus has been knocked out. The next scene also starts with Marcus' POV, indicating he is regaining his consciousness. As seen in the scenes before and after this, hitting him in the face is completely insufficient to take him out (even temporarily).

Correction: He's also just been blown up by a landmine! As evidenced from the overhead shot of Marcus being carried to Kate Connor so she can examine him, he is not looking or acting as if he is unaffected by the explosion. He's sufficiently weakened to allow Barnes to knock him out. Not a mistake.


Corrected entry: Those motorcycle terminators are able to dodge flying cars and wrecks at reckless speed. However, John Connor captures one by simply pulling a chain across the street.

Correction: Firstly, its not a plot hole, because the movie doesn't fail on this one issue. And secondly John pulled up the chain at the last second, the mototerminator couldn't avoid it because there was rough ground on either side of the road that it couldn't travel on, and the chain was attached to two upturned cars, so it had no choice but to continue into the trap. Not a mistake.


Corrected entry: In the first helicopter assault scene, the door gun is a 7.62MM chain gun with multiple barrels; later, it becomes a single barrel M-60D.

Correction: There were several helicopters in the opening scene and they had different types of guns on them. This "mistake" isn't specific enough. Resubmit with more information.


Corrected entry: In the scene where John Connor is fighting the T-600 at the downed helicopter, the T-600 rips his boot off. Immediately after destroying the T-600, John has both boots on.


Correction: The T-600 rips off John's right boot. When John scrambles through the downed helicopter you only see his left foot (with the boot on). When he falls out of the helicopter on the other side he clearly is still missing his right boot. After he destroys the terminator he rests for a few seconds, then they show him walking away with both boots on; obviously after he replaced the right boot.

BocaDavie Premium member

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John Connor: I knew it. I knew it was coming. But this is not the future my mother warned me about. And in this future, I don't know if we can win this war. This is John Connor.



This is right after Conner jumps down to the lower level to get to the grenade launcher and hurts his shoulder. He is crawling away from the T-800 and the shot is from right behind Conner's head. The T-800 is practically right on top of John, but when he shoots the oven and the molten steel lands on the T-800, the shot shows John like 30 feet away.



Reese's introduction isn't the only thing that stays the same about the character between movies. Here he uses his preferred weapon - a sawed-off shotgun. Marcus isn't keen on having a gun aimed at him though, so he snatches it out of Reese's hands, then teaches him a trick to keep that from happening - fashioning a safety strap. Reese puts that same trick to use after he steals a police shotgun in The Terminator.