The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

Revealing mistake: When Evie and Jonathan jump out of the truck before it crashes (during the chase scene right after the Emperor is brought back), as Evie lands on the ground you can see that she is wearing knee-pads. They are painted to match the color of her stockings.

Revealing mistake: As the emperor raises his army, you see the holes form into the ground and the armies march. After a close up and the camera pans to get a larger view, watch closely and you can see the army take a totally different formation, caused by a computer generator. (01:19:40)

Revealing mistake: When Mad Dog sees the Dragon Emperor walking through the snow shortly after Rick and Evie leave, we see him rub some fog off of the window he is looking through, and it is very clear that the fog is computer generated. It doesn't disappear "correctly" as he wipes it away.


Revealing mistake: Just before the final battle, as the O'Connells are preparing, you see Rick and Evie emerge from behind a rock with guns in hand and cautiously watch over what is happening. In this shot, Evie is holding two pistols, and you can see that one of the pistols (should be on the viewer's right) has a bent barrel, revealing it to be a prop of some sort.


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Jonathan Carnahan: I hate mummies. They never play fair.



The aircraft used to fly to Shangri-La is a Bristol Beaufighter, a single seat long range fighter bomber. It was not a transport aircraft and could not carry passengers. Some variants of the Beaufighter were two seaters but none at all could be used as small airliners as they do here. It is not possible to simply reconfigure the aircraft as shown here - the centre of gravity, balance and trim would all be thrown out. The resulting jury-built aircraft would be uncontrollable in flight.



The name of first assistant director, P.J. Voeten, appears as the brand name of the dynamite which is planned to be used for the blow-up of the tower in the Gateway.