Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Corrected entry: Just as the alarm goes off at the bomb test site, you can see a man walking reflected in the window behind Indy. There is not supposed to be anybody else there.

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Correction: About 20 seconds later, 3 army dudes jump in a car and speed right past Indiana Jones. So yes, there were other people there.


Corrected entry: In the chase, Indy pulls out a rocket launcher at one point. Despite fighting the Russians with their own weapons, it is a Chinese copy of the famous RPG-7, distinguished by the lack of a rear grip. Also, these rocket launchers weren't put into service in the Red Army until 1961.


Correction: Submitted and corrected. it is not an RPG 7, but an RPG 2.


Corrected entry: When Mutt is trying to pull Indy out of the sand pit, Indy tells him to get a rope. Indy had his whip, all he had to do was get it off his hip and throw it to Mutt. I know it would've ruined a good joke, but Indy is known for using his whip to get him out of trouble and therefore would've thought of that, even panicked as he was.

Correction: Indy would have known that when caught in quicksand, you should stay still and not make any sudden movements. Reaching down for his whip, then reaching up and throwing an end of the whip would increase his rate of sinking.


Corrected entry: Indy tells Mutt at the diner that Mutt "brought a knife to a gun fight." This is almost a verbatim quote from Sean Connery's character in "The Untouchables."

Correction: True, but the only connection between these movies is one actor. who is only seen in a picture in Crystal Skull. This is not trivia regarding anything Indiana Jones related.

Corrected entry: In the truck, after Marion tells Indy he is Mutt's father Indy asks why she never told him. She gives her reasons and then says it was why Ox had stopped talking to him (Indy) - but later in the film, after the alien spaceship has left, Indy and Mutt are talking like father and son on the top of the ruined temple and Ox appears amazed when he realises they are father and son.


Correction: Or he could be amazed that they "know" that they are father and son. He (Ox) has just come out of a semi-comatose state. Besides: presuming a person's state of mind isn't a mistake. It has to be conclusive what Ox is thinking (like verbal confirmation) to be a mistake.


Corrected entry: At the end of the motorcycle chase in the library, the bike lays down and Indy and Mutt slide underneath some tables. The last student who is sitting and reading (he asks Indy a question) seems to get pushed back by the bike before it finally stops. But if you look closely, nothing actually touches the student or the chair that makes him move back.


Correction: He could have just slid backwards himself. Seeing Indy and Mutt sliding toward him, he may have just scooted backwards a bit to avoid a collision with them.

Corrected entry: The hotrod in the opening chase scene has a Chevrolet engine in it, even though it is a Ford car. That was not uncommon to do in the fifties, but the speed equipment on the engine would have not existed in 1957, as it was not until the early to mid-sixties that market speed parts were produced for the small block Chevy engine, something that the car in the shot is equipped with.

Correction: The small block Chevy debuted in 1955, with a displacement of 265c.i., and by '57 the were many hop up goodies available for them. While the particular parts in question may not be period correct, there were indeed aftermarket parts available in 1957. If you want to get technical, the engine seen in this '31 A is a 327, which wasn't produced until '62, the Holly carb is a later model, and the front tires are radials, but to say that no speed equipment was available for small blocks in '57 is just plain incorrect.

Corrected entry: When Indy opens a shotgun shell to extract its shot, these pellets are then magnetically attracted to the case which contains material from the 1947 Roswell UFO incident. Although it was correctly pointed out that the shell's hull was made of paper with a felt wad, until the 1980s, the pellets were formed from lead and thus would not be influenced by magnetism. Due to lead's toxicity, the shot types that are mandated for waterfowl hunting include steel, bismuth, and several combinations of tungsten, iron, nickel, tin, etc. Another issue with that scene is: how did the pliers produce such a precise cut around the hull? The implement itself wasn't a "multitool" with a knife blade incorporated into the handle. All he had to do was squeeze the crimped end of the shell a couple of times to open it.

Correction: ALL metals react to magnetism, if the field is strong enough. The skull is sentient. It can control the degree to which specific metals react to it, as has been noted many times in the corrections.

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Corrected entry: Indy mentions to Mutt that his riding with Pancho Villa was "the fight against Victoriano Huerta". However, that referenced episode of "Young Indiana Jones Chronicles" took place in 1916; Huerta had already abdicated the presidential office the year before in 1915. During Indy's time with Villa in 1916, Villa was actively engaged *against* the United States due to the US' support of the Carranza regime in Mexico. So by joining Villa at that time, Indy was fighting against his own country, not Huerta.

Correction: The Young Indiana Jones series isn't necessarily canon. In this version, Indy COULD have rode with Pancho Villa in 1915 in the fight against Huerta.

Corrected entry: In the beginning, when the trucks are being stopped at the Army gate in Nevada, one of the guards raises the bar immediately, but in a new shot, it is down and stopping the cars from continuing.

Correction: The bar is raised to allow the guards to come through and speak to the people in the car. As they walk under it the bar can be seen lowering to the left of the frame.

Corrected entry: In the beginning scene, when Indy is taken out of the car, all he has on is just the one belt, but when he comes out of the refrigerator, he has both belts on with the whip attached.

Correction: He gets the whip off of one of the guards at the beginning of the gun fight.

Corrected entry: In one scene, Indy and the group are being held captive by the Russians and are being taken through a rain forest. After they hijack the truck that is transporting them, Indy destroys a deforesting machine with an RPG. The model of RPG that Indy fires wasn't invented until the 1960s.


Correction: Already listed and corrected. The RPG-7 was not invented until 1961, but the similar-looking RPG-2 was around at the time of the movie.


Corrected entry: In the warehouse scene at the begining of the movie, Indy climbs up some crates clutching a few shotgun shells and pliers. Using the pliers, he rips open the shell, yet no powder comes out, and the wad that is in all non-slug shotgun shells is missing.

Correction: In a shotgun shell (it is an old fashioned compressed cardboard cased one in the movie), when you cut the end off a cartridge like Indy did, only the pellets will indeed fall out, as the wad between the powder and the pellets is pressed into place, and does not come out easily. In modern shells it is a plastic wad, in older type shells it was a type of compressed felt.

Corrected entry: When a very wet Indy is getting decontaminated, you see the camera move back and then it shows Indy siting all dry on the chair, talking.

Correction: Yes, this is called a cut between shots, and is quite common in every movie being made. He was of course allowed to towel off after the decontamination, before the questioning started.


Corrected entry: During the chase scene, the pursuing car lands on the one Indy is sitting in, right by where the ants come out. When the vehicles collide, Indy loses the gun that is in the front of the car. Later, when the car is in the river, the gun has mysteriously returned.

01:25:00 - 01:28:00

Correction: It's a different amphibious Jeep vehicle. The one they go over the cliff in is the one that Marion was driving, not the one Indy crashed into the ant bed.

Corrected entry: Throughout the movie Indy keeps referring to Orellana's quest for the City of Gold taking place in the 15th Century, which can't be, the Spanish didn't venture into the southern continent of America until the 1500's which would make it the 16th Century. An archaeologist would know that.

Correction: You're confusing two different things: The crystal skull was said to have disappeared from Akatur in the 15th or 16th century. But Indy is very specific in the diner scene that Orellana disappeared in 1547 looking for the city of gold.

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Corrected entry: In the scene when the skull gets returned to the alien body, you can see an obvious editing pause and film misalignment when the skull flies from her hand to the alien body.

Correction: I've been replaying this moment over and over and see no editing pause or "film realignment" (whatever that even means).

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: As Mutt rides his motorcycle alongside the train in his introductory scene, he yells, "Professor!" to get the attention of Indiana. In the diner scene that immediately follows, Mutt is oddly shocked at learning Indiana's profession when he exclaims, "So you're a professor?"

Correction: You've missed the point. Mutt later exclaims "You're a professor?" because Indy is fighting off so many bad guys. This is not the image of a Professor that Mutt had in mind.


Corrected entry: During the classroom scene, Indy assigns homework from a textbook by someone named "Michaelson". He mentions this same textbook in the classroom scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Correction: Too obvious to be trivia. It's understandable that a teacher assigns homework from a specific author in different groups and years.

Corrected entry: When the refrigerator comes to a halt with Indy inside, the door suddenly pops open. This is not possible, because once latched shut, the door can only open if the handle is pulled outward. The latch is a secure physical connection no matter how much the refrigerator is banged about.

Correction: A fridge that's just been within a short distance of a nuclear blast powerful enough to send it hurtling through the air is likely to acquire some considerable damage in the process. The latch broke.

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Corrected entry: When Indy is questioning a local peasant in Cuzco moments after arriving, the music being heard is distinctively Mexican when it should have been Andean.

Correction: Amazingly, I heard some Andean music being played in the street earlier today, when, by your standards, only English music should be permitted. Musical styles travel.

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Corrected entry: During the waterfall chase, they go down 3 successive waterfalls. These falls are the "Cataratas de Iguazu" on the border between Argentina and Brazil. However, they go down the falls in the wrong order. The last and biggest fall they go down is actually the first fall.

Correction: As the falls are not identified as being those specific falls in the film, they can be dealt with in the same way as any fictional location.

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Corrected entry: In the beginning, Irina Spalko says the size of the metal container should be 2 meters by 1.5 meters by 66 centimeters. After finding the container, it's nowhere near that size.

Correction: A character making an assumption is not a movie mistake.

Corrected entry: After going over the last waterfall, everyone bails out of the boat in mid-air but when we see Marion again she is holding the steering wheel as if she held on the whole time.

Correction: The steering wheel broke off as she fell out of the vehicle.

Corrected entry: The characters refer to the local natives as Mayan. Incas are native to Peru, Mayans to Central America, and Aztecs to Mexico.

Correction: They don't refer to them as Mayans, Indy says he needs to run Ox's coded letter through Mayan in order to translate it. However once in Peru Indy speaks Quechua, which he qualifies as a local Incan dialect.

Corrected entry: When the characters are wading out of the river onto the shore (after the waterfall scene), a metal swimming pool ladder can be seen in the lower right corner of the screen.

Correction: Not on the DVD - and that's a gentle slope, so why would there be a ladder? I'm pretty sure you're thinking of the steering wheel Marion's clutching.

Andrew Perry

Corrected entry: In the final scene, at the wedding, the officiant refers to Marion as "Marion Ravenwood," even though it's made clear earlier in the film that her last name is now Williams, same as Mutt's and her late husband's.

Correction: Some women choose to go back to their maiden name after a period of grieving, or a divorce. This name change could have been done legally before the wedding.

Corrected entry: In the warehouse, no one thinks to track down the magnetic artifact by using a simple compass.

Correction: First of all, character mistake. Second, as pointed out several times, the force emanating from the skull is NOT magnetic, but a different, alien psychokinetic power. There's no way to be sure a compass would be attracted to it. But if you listen, Indy actually asks for a compass first thing. It just so happens that nobody has one.


Corrected entry: When Indy escapes on the rocket powered cart, it is slowed down by a lot of sand on the tracks, but in the next shot, all the sand has disappeared.

Correction: The rocket powered cart is slowed down by a pool of water at the end of the track, not sand.

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Corrected entry: On the scene where they are at the cemetery in Nazca, they show the Nazca lines right off the cemetery. These lines are so big that you need to be in a plane to actually see them. They are about 8 kms long each, and from the top of the hill in the movie they show at least three of them.

Correction: It is a myth that you need an airplane to see the Nazca lines, a hill or small mountain is enough.

Corrected entry: Indiana Jones fires an RPG-7 from the truck they are escaping with. RPG-7 was not produced until 1961.

Correction: This is incorrectly considered to be a film goof. The RPG launcher could be an RPG-2 which differs slightly from th RPG-7 in the design of the rear of the launcher (no shoulder stock). The launcher is not fully shown in the movie so we cannot say if it was an RPG-7 or the earlier and very similar RPG-2.

Corrected entry: In the chase scene around the campus Mutts' motorcycle has a belt drive. Harley Davidson did not make belt drive bikes until two decades later.

Correction: Actually, Harley Davidson made the belt drive during WWII, to combat the sand in the chain problem in North Africa.

Corrected entry: The scene at the graveyard takes place at Nazca, but after the scene, when the route they fly is marked on the map, they fly out of Cuzco. Cuzco is far up in the Andes, and it is very unlikely that they'd travel by land that far and then fly from Cuzco.

Jacob La Cour

Correction: They would have to if that was the only place they could fly out of. This isn't a mistake.

Corrected entry: The Jeeps used during the Russians entry to Nevada was wrong. In 1957 the Army drove the Jeep Willys (early CJ) with wing fenders on front. The ones driven in the movie had round fenders.

Correction: The Jeeps they drove were Willys M38A1 which went into production around 1953, and had rounded fenders.

Corrected entry: In the opening scene, the soviet throws Indy's hat onto the ground, one can see that the hat is out of shape and smashed in, yet when Indy picks it up to put it on it has the perfect signature shape.

Correction: Any time he picks his hat up off the ground, he gives it a 'shake' kind of motion to get it back to it's shape. Even that time.

Corrected entry: In the scene Where Indy is being attacked, in the cemetery, the sidekick is about to be shot with a dart, Indy pops up and blows into the other end killing him. That would have only been possible had the dart been pointing towards the original attacker.

Correction: Just because the dart would have gone in the attacker's throat backwards doesn't mean the poisoned tip couldn't have penetrated the thin tissue inside his mouth or throat.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: One of the characters says that the Conquistador took the skull in the "Fifteenth Century." The Fifteenth Century ended in 1501, while the first Conquistadors did not come to the Americas until several years later.

Correction: It's a fairly common error to call 1500s 15th century. It is wrong, but it is a character mistake.

Corrected entry: Indy blowing the poison dart back into the mouth of the attacker is almost identical to a scene in a previous Spielberg-produced (but Barry Levinson directed) film. In "Young Sherlock Holmes" (1985) Sherlock dispatches Mrs. Dribb by blowing a dart into her mouth in the exact same manner.

Correction: Just because something happens in another movie is not trivia. This same stunt has occured in other movies, such as Hudson Hawk.


Corrected entry: In the scene where they travel to South America, the plane shown is an older Pan Am twin-engine aircraft (a DC-3, I believe), perhaps intended as a tongue-in-cheek tribute to the earlier films. In reality, in 1957 Pan Am was flying Douglas DC-6, DC-7 and (possibly) Lockheed Constellation aircraft - all large 4-engine piston aircraft - on its Latin American routes. The Boeing 707 was only two years away.

Correction: DC-3 was in service with PanAm at the time. It might have been a less important destination, a replacement plane, a cargo flight, or a charter. It might be unexpected, but it is neither impossible nor unreasonable for them to fly in a DC-3.

Corrected entry: In the last scene when Ox is speaking to the inter dimensional being, Indy says he is speaking Mayan, however the language he is speaking sounds nothing like Mayan.

Correction: He could very well be speaking an ancient dialect of Mayan. English in the Middle Ages sounded nothing like modern English, and in fact sounds completely different (and had many differences in spelling) from English today.

Corrected entry: When Indy and company arrived at the temple containing the Crystal Skulls, they needed the key to access the stairs leading down to the temple (or whatever it was). As they descended the stairs, the steps disappeared into the wall, and they fell into the water but stayed perfectly dry. So, how did the bad guys get down with no stairs or other visible means, and also appear dry in their next scene?

Correction: The well-equipped Soviets could have used ropes to descend to the temple's entrance, which would also allow them to remain dry. As to Indy and company falling into the water and then reappearing dry inside the temple, that is a separate mistake which has already been noted.

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Corrected entry: Professor Ox is talking Mayan in the temple in Peru. In the Peruvian jungle, they speak Aymara. Mayan was spoken in Mexico, Guatemala and all Mayan countries. Also, the stone temple shown in the Amazon was made by Mayans in such countries, not like the ones made by Incas in Peru.

Correction: He is speaking to an inter-dimensional being, not a Peruvian. The aliens traveled all over the world, as noted by their collection of artifacts. The alien language appears to be the source from which the Mayan language evolved. And since the temple was built as per the instructions of the aliens, it isn't a mistake to find a temple that doesn't look like the others in the area. It seems the Mayan architecture as well was heavily influenced by their visit from the aliens.

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Corrected entry: In the cut scene where Indy and Mutt are captured by the Soviets in South America and flown to Nazca, the plane we see is an Antonov An-12 "Cub" - this only existed in prototype form in 1957, and didn't enter active service in the Soviet Air Force until 1959.

Correction: Same explanation as the AK47. This was an elite group and they could have used whatever their government wanted to provide for them.

Corrected entry: In the warehouse, Indy is escaping the Russians using his whip around the bars in the ceiling. He does not take it with him, but when the rocket stops it is suddenly next to him ready to use.

Correction: Who said he didn't take it? After he whips the ceiling to go up, we don't see it, but he had enough time to put it by his side. The fact that you don't see him saving his whip doesn't mean he didn't do it.

Corrected entry: When Indy and the others are in the Lost City they are looking at the murals on the wall, Indy comments that they were sun worshippers 'like the Egyptians'.Not quite true - the Egyptians were a poly-theistic society (they worshipped many gods) apart from one small foray into being sun-worshippers under their leader Akenaten. After his death, the entire society shifted back into being worshippers of many gods again and most of Akenaten's legacy was destroyed.

Correction: Indy never states that the Egyptians only worshipped the sun. He just states that they worshipped the sun, and since there is a sun god in Egyptian mythology, this isn't a mistake.

Corrected entry: In the opening sequence, it's laughably unlikely that a few border guards are the only resistance that Spalko's troops would encounter when intruding such a highly sensitive military facility.

Correction: Normally no, that wouldn't happen. But as the guard explains, the entire area has been evacuated for testing (the bomb that goes off later). This is why there is a bare minimum of guards securing the gate, and presumably precisely why they chose this moment to attack.

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Corrected entry: Throughout the movie 57 Chevrolet cars abound, but since the movie appears to take place in the spring of 57 they would be nowhere to be seen as they would not have been for sale until September of 1957.

Correction: Even back then, automobile makers released the next year's line in the early fall of the year before. The 1957 models would have been released for sale in September (or thereabouts) of 1956. Plenty of time for numerous 1957 models to be on the road in the spring of 1957.

Zwn Annwn

Corrected entry: If the crystal skulls are supposed to be the actual skulls of the alien creatures, how were they able to speak or eat with their lower jaws fused to the upper jaw?

Correction: The crystalline bones are shown in numerous places to attract other objects, and when the skull is replaced it appears to be attracted to the rest of the skeleton; it is thus not unreasonable to expect that the jawbone is simply held to the skull by the same attractive force that the crystal bones exude throughout the story.

Andrew Perry

Corrected entry: When the two Russians are chasing Indy and Mutt, they crash into Marcus Brody's statue and the head of Marcus crashes through the windshield. Only moments later, when Indy and Mutt escape and the Russians give up the pursuit, you can see that the windshield is intact. It's clear that the glass is still intact because the rearview mirror is firmly attached to the glass and there are no cracks anywhere, or debris for that matter. And to top it off, the windshield before it gets broken is two panes, divided in the middle by a piece of plastic/metal. Afterwards, it's one pane of glass.

Correction: They are in a different car, and most likely are different Russians alltogether. Remember, the are being pursued constantly, it makes no sense that only one car would be chasing them.

Corrected entry: Siafu are a type of African, not South American ant (they are also, of course, much smaller and slower, but oddly that doesn't bother me as much).

Correction: The ants in the film may be modeled in part after Siafu, but they are not supposed to be siafu. They are a fictional creation for the semi-supernatural jungle, hence their size, power and speed.

Corrected entry: Harrison turned down a 7th Star Wars movie in favor of this one, even though the Star Wars one would have paid more. However, [SPOILER ALERT:] because of the involvement of aliens in the movie, many super-fans are calling it "A pitiful attempt at Star Wars VII."

Correction: This is simply not true. George Lucas has never contemplated a 7th live action Star Wars film and has repeatedly made clear his intention to continue the saga in cartoons and eventually a live-action TV show. As for "a pitiful attempt at Star Wars 7", that's just your opinion, it's not trivia.

Corrected entry: As the Russian guards approach the military base, the caption on the screen reads "Nevada, 1957". As they enter the warehouse, you see a "51" on the door but later in the movie Irana refers back to the incident at the military base as taking place in New Mexico, not Area 51 in Nevada.

Correction: She was referring to the UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie, Indy is pulled out of a trunk. On a top down shot, we see his hat resting at an arm's length from his body (he's flat on his face). in the next shot, upon getting up, he has to walk 3 steps to reach it.

Correction: So he got up in such a way that he ended up planting his feet nearer to his hat than they were when he was sprawled out. Try it, it's a pretty natural way to get up from that position.

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Corrected entry: In the beginning, where Indy and company are getting onto the Army base, the guards who are killed are wearing Air Force rank in blue on khaki colored uniforms. This wouldn't be done - ever. Khaki gets tan patches, the blue and white rank are worn on the blues. They're also wearing the new style (post 1992) rank.

Correction: The base is acknowledged as an Air Force base, and the guards at the gate are also wearing Air Police brassards (although a Master Sergeant guarding the gate is extremely unlikely). Use of the blue and silver chevrons was authorized with khaki or olive drab uniforms by the Air Force during the 1950's when Air Force uniforms were still in a state of transition from Army uniforms. See pictures from the era.

Corrected entry: In the fight seen between the two jeeps, you can tell when Mutt's stunt man is in the shot because he has curly hair.

Correction: The curly hair shown is still on Mutt later, suggesting that since he's been in a fight and a chase, his hair isn't going to be as tidy as when he has spent the rest of the film combing it.

Corrected entry: We are told in the film that the Conquistadors stole the skull. However, since Indiana has to use the skull to open the tomb that it came from, it would have been impossible for the Conquistadors to have opened the tomb to steal it in the first place.

Correction: They never said that was the only entrance, or that it was sealed when the first Conquistadors found it.

Corrected entry: After falling down the waterfall, Indiana and his troupe enter the caves on the cliff face. Spalko's henchman is meanwhile dropping a trail for Spalko to follow. How did he leave a trail across the lake and up a cliff?! Yet, she still manages to figure out where to go. Funny, that.

Correction: No trail was necessary: from her vantage point, Spalko saw where they were going and falling. After that, it was only a matter of finding the device somewhere on the shore.


Corrected entry: With the magnetic crystal skull hidden behind the mummy of the metal armoured Spaniard, there should have been more resistance to Indy when he tossed the body to Mutt saying "Here, hold this". There appears to be no attraction to the skull.

Correction: There is nothing to suggest the magnet-like attraction from the skull is constant. In fact, it is fluctuating the whole time, starting in the warehouse at the beginning of the movie. Given the nature of the skull the fluctuation is probably not random but intelligent - in this case it wants to be found and returned to the temple.

Corrected entry: When Mutt throws the snake to Indiana Jones in the sand pit, it is not a Milk Snake as he says. Instead it's an olive Python. While Mutt may not have known what kind of snake it was and simply picked a name that sounded tame, the problem is that olive pythons are not native to South America - they're Australian.

Correction: Mutt says it is a RAT snake, which, while rarely that big, can be found in the Americas.

Corrected entry: When Indy and Mutt arrive in Peru, the music in the background is Mexican music, not Peruvian music.

Correction: No laws against playing Mexican music in Peru; Peruvian music would have been more likely, but it is not a movie mistake.

Corrected entry: Indy says to Mutt that he learned Quechua from Francisco Villa (Pancho Villa), who was a Mexican Revolutionary General who barely spoke this Peruvian language.

Correction: No. Indy says he learned Quecha WHILE he rode with Pancho Villa, indicating the time it happened. He never says anything about precisely who it was that taught him.


Corrected entry: Ox writings on the wall of his cell: the German word "rueckehr" means only "to go/come back", not "to give (something) back" as Indy explains. In this case German uses the word "zurueckgeben" and there is no double meaning.

Correction: Considering that Ox is pretty much delirious and ranting for most of the movie, its logical to assume that he wasn't writing with full faculties, therefore that would be a character mistake.

Corrected entry: When Indy is escaping the warehouse at the beginning of the film, he takes out his whip and uses it to swing across to try to reach the Russian's truck, but releases it and drops into another truck. A couple minutes later, he has the whip secured to his belt again even though he had left it hanging from the ceiling.


Correction: The whip is in his hand when he lands in the front of the truck.

Corrected entry: When they sail down the river (in northwest Brazil) and fall down the third waterfall, it's footage from the Iguazu waterfalls, which is located on the border of Brazil and Argentina. That part of the waterfall is called the Devil's Throat, which, as I see it, is impossible to survive. But, it's Indy.

Correction: "As I see it" being the operative phrase here. As you said: It's Indy. This issue falls under the jurisdiction of Suspension of Disbelief. It's not a movie mistake.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When Indy, Mac and the Russians enter the Area 51 warehouse, it is broad daylight - and the shadows indicate that it must be in the middle of the day. However, when they emerge after about only ten minutes of continuous story, it is pitch black outside.

Correction: It is broad daylight when they enter the base. Immediately prior to them entering the warehouse, we can see the sun setting in the background and it's dusk. Once in the warehouse, we don't see every action taking place during the search, and with the size of the warehouse it's not likely that it only took five minutes to find the crate. Time compression was used in the warehouse, and the search in real time would have been much longer, meaning there was plenty of time to get dark outside.

Corrected entry: The movie occurs in 1957. A 50 star U.S. flag is shown. Alaska and Hawaii became states in 1959; a 48 star flag would have been correct.

Correction: Which flag are you talking about? If it's the flag at the base in the beginning (Area 51), you are incorrect. In the movie, the flag has its stars aligned one above/below each other, like this: 50 star flag has it's stars shifted in each row, like this: The flag in the beginning of the movie is correct.

Corrected entry: In the scene when Indy is getting decontaminated, a skin-colored piece is visible, which Indy is wearing during the procedure. This occurs during the moment when a helper uses a brush or a broom to decontaminate Indy's front.

Correction: The skin colored front piece could be just an apron-type covering issued by the clean up crew for him to wear while being decontaminated. They make him strip off his clothes for decontamination, and we never see this done, so it's possible he is issued something to wear as underwear.

Corrected entry: When Indy is tied to the chair and Spolka comes in to talk to him, in some shots of Spolka, to the lower left there is a crew member with headphones that is crouching down. He can only be seen in that shot of Spolka, but disappears in some of those as well.

Correction: The person with headphones is not necessarily a crew member, but more likely one of the scientists / army personnel that were working for Spalko.

Corrected entry: The amphibious vehicle the Soviets have is a GAZ-46. When Karen Allen is driving it, the vehicle is automatic (two pedals), but the GAZ-46 was manual (clutch, gas, brake).

Correction: There are 3 pedals in the GAZ when it shows a shot of Karen Allen's feet slamming on the accelerator.

Corrected entry: During the shootout in the area 51 warehouse scene, there is a point where multiple Russians come around the corner and point their guns at Indiana. They then stop, allow him to finish climbing the boxes he was on, then proceed to fire once he reaches the top of the boxes.

Correction: The only reason they stop is because they are running after him, getting into position, and taking aim again. Indy is near the top of the crates when they open fire again. They don't just stop and watch him climb to the top.

Corrected entry: When Indy and Mutt arrive in Peru, Mutt establishes that he learned Spanish, but a few seconds later Indy must translate the dialogue with the nun.

Correction: That is because he could understand Spanish, but he couldn't understand the local dialect.

Corrected entry: During the movie, somebody brings out a gun and points it close to Indy's neck; you can notice it is a Glock pistol. It was first made in 1963.

Correction: Glock did not begin manufacturing pistols until the 1980s. The pistol shown in the movie was a Tokarev model 1933, which was in service in the Soviet army until 1954.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, when Mutt is standing in the aisle of the church holding a camera to take a picture of the wedding party, the door blows open, and Indy's hat blows down the aisle. Mutt bends over to pick it up, and the camera is suddenly gone from his hands.

Correction: The time that passed from Mutt holding the camera to when the hat's on his feet is about 5 seconds, enough to put the camera on the chair beside him.

Corrected entry: In the diner scene flexible drinking straws are in the drinks. Flexible drinking straws were patented in 1936 and sold to hospitals starting in 1947. Flexible drinking straws were not common in diners in 1957.

Correction: Something being "not common" is not suitable grounds for an error. The straws existed in the time frame of the movie - unless you have a reason why it would be impossible for the straws to be in the diner, then this cannot be considered an error.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: Sean Connery (who played Henry Jones Sr. in the 3rd film) was asked if he could reprise his role in this film but he declined due to retirement. A picture of Connery as Henry, Sr. appears in one scene on Indy's desk.

Correction: How is this trivia? The camera takes long lingering shots over Sean Connerys and Denholm Elliots pictures, it's not as if even a casual viewer of the movie could miss them.

Corrected entry: When the Russians are leaving the warehouse at the start of the movie, you briefly see the Arc (from Raiders of the lost Arc) sticking out from its damaged box. The US coding and stamp can be seen on the side of the crate, however, in ROTLA one of the final scenes is the Arc burning the US code/stamp off the side of the crate.

Correction: Thats simply not true. The Nazi logo and coding on the box surrounding the Ark in the hold of the ship is burnt off, but the Ark is reboxed before putting into storage, and there are NO scenes to show the US coding and stamp were then burnt off.

Corrected entry: In the early scene where Indiana is in front of a classroom, he says Skara Brae is on the west coast of Scotland. Skara Brae is actually on the Scottish island of mainland Orkney, to the north and slightly east of mainland Scotland.

Correction: Character mistake, not a movie mistake. An understandable one too, since someone just walked in the classroom.

Corrected entry: The movie was supposed to take place in 1957, yet some of the Russian soldiers are armed with AKM assault rifles instead of AK-47s. The AKM was a modernized version of the AK-47 that was introduced in 1959, two years after the movie was supposed to take place.

Correction: The AKM was introduced into the rank and file Red Army in 1959, but it was developed before that. As an elite special force infiltrating a top secret American base in the continental US, the Russian commandos would likely be a priority for new and advanced weaponry.

Corrected entry: In the scene showing the local village you can plainly see a large modern yellow crane above the roof line.

Correction: Much too vague. Which scene? For that matter, which village? A more accurate description is needed here.


Corrected entry: In the shot of the amazon jungle where they are driving with the enemies, at first they show a truck cutting the way through and forming what would be the road in a forest full of trees and woods. After the chopper truck is blown up, a road still exists, and there's even a double road when Shia and Cate Blanchett are fighting in between cars.

Correction: The Jeeps in front of them are running over the underbrush, flattening the plants before they reach LeBeouf and Blanchett.

Corrected entry: In the scene in the army warehouse, Indy asks for gunpowder from the Russians because he says the metal in it will help track down the magnetized crate. Gunpowder has nitrate, coal, and sulfur in it, but no metal.

Correction: It's revealed later in the movie that the source of magnetism is the alien crystal skull, not the crate that skeleton was in. The skull will also attract non-magnetic metals, like gold, through some unknown mechanism. Since gunpowder contains potassium nitrate, and potassium is a metal, it probably attracts potassium as well.

Corrected entry: In the scene in the army warehouse where everything metal was being attracted to the magnetic crate, the Russians' guns should have been pulled away, or at least toward the crate, as well.

Correction: They were. They were just holding them. But you see them fighting for control when they're standing very near the crate.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: In the hangar at area 51, Jones says something like "drop your guns or Spalko is dead". Later when being interrogated by the FBI/CIA guys, he doesn't know who she is, he only gives a physical description of her.

Correction: Obviously he forgot the name between the warehouse and the nuclear explosion/miraculous refrigerator escape.

Corrected entry: After Indiana Jones was fired from the University, he said he would go to Leipzig to teach. In 1957, Leipzig was behind the Iron Curtain and deep within the Soviet Communist Zone of East Germany. This makes no sense since, prior to Indiana Jones saying he was going to Leipzig, the Soviets had kidnapped him and almost killed him before he escaped. Doubtful they would later welcome him with friendly arms or that he would ever entertain the thought of even stepping foot in Leipzig.

Correction: He was being sarcastic, since the tone of the conversation was 'I don't even recognize this country anymore'.

Corrected entry: Indiana Jones states the crystal skull is made out of quartz. If it were, a skull of that size would be much heavier than the way the actors treat it. It is, obviously, a prop made out of plastic.

Correction: He states this before he knows the full story behind the skull. In the end it turns out to be something alien, so there's no reason it shouldn't have been light.


Corrected entry: The female Russian spy's uniform looks more like the German WWII era uniforms than USSR ones of the time. Additionally, her holster is on the front on her right hip. Soviet officers wore their holsters behind their right hips.

Correction: She is a representative of a very secret "special" branch of the Red Army, dealing with paranormal phenomena. Her uniform naturally is different from any others, and as both this branch and the uniforms thereof are completely fictitious, they can look however the film makers want. In addition, the position of the holster is a matter of personal choice by her. Given her position, she is allowed a lot of personal leeway.


Corrected entry: Mutt always has a knife with him that he uses to get out of tricky situations. This reflects Indiana's use of his whip. Another hint of their actual relationship.

Correction: This is critical analysis, not trivia.

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Corrected entry: After being captured, Indy is shackled to a chair, unable to move his arms. Later, "Ox" staggers into the tent, and we see from behind as Indy reaches up and grabs his arm to steady him. Later still, Indy is again shackled to the chair.

Correction: When the camera pulls back as Indy is holding Ox's arm, you can see the binding around his wrist showing him shackled to the chair.

Corrected entry: To keep the plot a secret, this film has had quite a few fake titles, including, but not limited to: Indiana Jones and the Destroyer of Worlds, Indiana Jones and the City of the Gods, Indiana Jones and the Four Corners of the Earth, Indiana Jones and the Lost City of Gold, and Indiana Jones and the Quest for the Covenant.

Correction: These were titles of previous (unsuccessful) script submissions, not to keep the plot secret. However, the DVD extras reveal that during production the film was simply titled "Genre" to keep it secret.

Corrected entry: This film had been in the works for a long time, mostly because of problems with the script and inability to settle on a McGuffin, or plot device. Several screenwriters had been commissioned to write scripts, but none were satisfactory, and in one case, the screenwriter couldn't get Lucas and Spielberg to concentrate. Writers also didn't want to approach the task, because they felt the shoes Lucas and Spielberg wanted them to fill were too big. Eventually, however, Lucas and Spielberg settled on the crystal skull as the McGuffin and also upon a screenplay which they thought was what they wanted.

Correction: General knowledge is not trivia.

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