Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Corrected entry: Indy says to Mutt that he learned Quechua from Francisco Villa (Pancho Villa), who was a Mexican Revolutionary General who barely spoke this Peruvian language.

Correction: No. Indy says he learned Quecha WHILE he rode with Pancho Villa, indicating the time it happened. He never says anything about precisely who it was that taught him.


Corrected entry: Ox writings on the wall of his cell: the German word "rueckehr" means only "to go/come back", not "to give (something) back" as Indy explains. In this case German uses the word "zurueckgeben" and there is no double meaning.

Correction: Considering that Ox is pretty much delirious and ranting for most of the movie, its logical to assume that he wasn't writing with full faculties, therefore that would be a character mistake.

Corrected entry: When Indy is escaping the warehouse at the beginning of the film, he takes out his whip and uses it to swing across to try to reach the Russian's truck, but releases it and drops into another truck. A couple minutes later, he has the whip secured to his belt again even though he had left it hanging from the ceiling.


Correction: The whip is in his hand when he lands in the front of the truck.

Corrected entry: When they sail down the river (in northwest Brazil) and fall down the third waterfall, it's footage from the Iguazu waterfalls, which is located on the border of Brazil and Argentina. That part of the waterfall is called the Devil's Throat, which, as I see it, is impossible to survive. But, it's Indy.

Correction: "As I see it" being the operative phrase here. As you said: It's Indy. This issue falls under the jurisdiction of Suspension of Disbelief. It's not a movie mistake.

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Corrected entry: When Indy, Mac and the Russians enter the Area 51 warehouse, it is broad daylight - and the shadows indicate that it must be in the middle of the day. However, when they emerge after about only ten minutes of continuous story, it is pitch black outside.

Correction: It is broad daylight when they enter the base. Immediately prior to them entering the warehouse, we can see the sun setting in the background and it's dusk. Once in the warehouse, we don't see every action taking place during the search, and with the size of the warehouse it's not likely that it only took five minutes to find the crate. Time compression was used in the warehouse, and the search in real time would have been much longer, meaning there was plenty of time to get dark outside.

Corrected entry: The movie occurs in 1957. A 50 star U.S. flag is shown. Alaska and Hawaii became states in 1959; a 48 star flag would have been correct.

Correction: Which flag are you talking about? If it's the flag at the base in the beginning (Area 51), you are incorrect. In the movie, the flag has its stars aligned one above/below each other, like this: 50 star flag has it's stars shifted in each row, like this: The flag in the beginning of the movie is correct.

Corrected entry: In the scene when Indy is getting decontaminated, a skin-colored piece is visible, which Indy is wearing during the procedure. This occurs during the moment when a helper uses a brush or a broom to decontaminate Indy's front.

Correction: The skin colored front piece could be just an apron-type covering issued by the clean up crew for him to wear while being decontaminated. They make him strip off his clothes for decontamination, and we never see this done, so it's possible he is issued something to wear as underwear.

Corrected entry: When Indy is tied to the chair and Spolka comes in to talk to him, in some shots of Spolka, to the lower left there is a crew member with headphones that is crouching down. He can only be seen in that shot of Spolka, but disappears in some of those as well.

Correction: The person with headphones is not necessarily a crew member, but more likely one of the scientists / army personnel that were working for Spalko.

Corrected entry: The amphibious vehicle the Soviets have is a GAZ-46. When Karen Allen is driving it, the vehicle is automatic (two pedals), but the GAZ-46 was manual (clutch, gas, brake).

Correction: There are 3 pedals in the GAZ when it shows a shot of Karen Allen's feet slamming on the accelerator.

Corrected entry: During the shootout in the area 51 warehouse scene, there is a point where multiple Russians come around the corner and point their guns at Indiana. They then stop, allow him to finish climbing the boxes he was on, then proceed to fire once he reaches the top of the boxes.

Correction: The only reason they stop is because they are running after him, getting into position, and taking aim again. Indy is near the top of the crates when they open fire again. They don't just stop and watch him climb to the top.

Corrected entry: When Indy and Mutt arrive in Peru, Mutt establishes that he learned Spanish, but a few seconds later Indy must translate the dialogue with the nun.

Correction: That is because he could understand Spanish, but he couldn't understand the local dialect.

Corrected entry: During the movie, somebody brings out a gun and points it close to Indy's neck; you can notice it is a Glock pistol. It was first made in 1963.

Correction: Glock did not begin manufacturing pistols until the 1980s. The pistol shown in the movie was a Tokarev model 1933, which was in service in the Soviet army until 1954.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, when Mutt is standing in the aisle of the church holding a camera to take a picture of the wedding party, the door blows open, and Indy's hat blows down the aisle. Mutt bends over to pick it up, and the camera is suddenly gone from his hands.

Correction: The time that passed from Mutt holding the camera to when the hat's on his feet is about 5 seconds, enough to put the camera on the chair beside him.

Corrected entry: In the diner scene flexible drinking straws are in the drinks. Flexible drinking straws were patented in 1936 and sold to hospitals starting in 1947. Flexible drinking straws were not common in diners in 1957.

Correction: Something being "not common" is not suitable grounds for an error. The straws existed in the time frame of the movie - unless you have a reason why it would be impossible for the straws to be in the diner, then this cannot be considered an error.

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Corrected entry: Sean Connery (who played Henry Jones Sr. in the 3rd film) was asked if he could reprise his role in this film but he declined due to retirement. A picture of Connery as Henry, Sr. appears in one scene on Indy's desk.

Correction: How is this trivia? The camera takes long lingering shots over Sean Connerys and Denholm Elliots pictures, it's not as if even a casual viewer of the movie could miss them.

Corrected entry: When the Russians are leaving the warehouse at the start of the movie, you briefly see the Arc (from Raiders of the lost Arc) sticking out from its damaged box. The US coding and stamp can be seen on the side of the crate, however, in ROTLA one of the final scenes is the Arc burning the US code/stamp off the side of the crate.

Correction: Thats simply not true. The Nazi logo and coding on the box surrounding the Ark in the hold of the ship is burnt off, but the Ark is reboxed before putting into storage, and there are NO scenes to show the US coding and stamp were then burnt off.

Corrected entry: In the early scene where Indiana is in front of a classroom, he says Skara Brae is on the west coast of Scotland. Skara Brae is actually on the Scottish island of mainland Orkney, to the north and slightly east of mainland Scotland.

Correction: Character mistake, not a movie mistake. An understandable one too, since someone just walked in the classroom.

Corrected entry: The movie was supposed to take place in 1957, yet some of the Russian soldiers are armed with AKM assault rifles instead of AK-47s. The AKM was a modernized version of the AK-47 that was introduced in 1959, two years after the movie was supposed to take place.

Correction: The AKM was introduced into the rank and file Red Army in 1959, but it was developed before that. As an elite special force infiltrating a top secret American base in the continental US, the Russian commandos would likely be a priority for new and advanced weaponry.

Corrected entry: In the scene showing the local village you can plainly see a large modern yellow crane above the roof line.

Correction: Much too vague. Which scene? For that matter, which village? A more accurate description is needed here.


Corrected entry: In the shot of the amazon jungle where they are driving with the enemies, at first they show a truck cutting the way through and forming what would be the road in a forest full of trees and woods. After the chopper truck is blown up, a road still exists, and there's even a double road when Shia and Cate Blanchett are fighting in between cars.

Correction: The Jeeps in front of them are running over the underbrush, flattening the plants before they reach LeBeouf and Blanchett.

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Continuity mistake: At the beginning when Indy is talking to Spalko, his hands keep alternating from being in his pockets to just resting at his sides between shots.

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Dean Charles Stanforth: We seem to have reached the age where life stops giving us things and starts taking them away.

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Trivia: In the Mayan temple, Indy comments "I have a bad feeling about this." This line was a running gag in George Lucas' Star Wars saga, and was used by Harrison Ford at least once. (01:46:10)

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