Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie when Kumar is on the toilet you can see his gray underwear, which should have been pulled down when using the toilet.

Correction: Actually, the gray is part of his shirt, or an undershirt. You can see his white boxers were pulled down with his pants.

Corrected entry: The scene where the KKK leader is set on fire is almost an exact parody of a similar scene in the movie "A Time To Kill"

Correction: "Exact parody"? Aside from a KKK leader being set on fire, the two scenes share nothing in common. One occurs in broad daylight, set intentionally as part of a legitimate fight in front of a courthouse on a city street. The other is set in the woods, at night, by accident, in a comedic setting. Not exactly a spot-on parody.

Corrected entry: When Harold and Kumar are in the cell and are going to receive their 'cock meat sandwich', there is light shining into the cell coming from the cell window, clearly indicating it's daytime outside. However, when Harold and Kumar get outside in an attempt to escape, it is night time.


Correction: Or, the light could be coming from one of the many lamp posts seen outside during their escape.


Corrected entry: When 'Big Bob' is about to enter Harold and Kumar's cell, he doesn't even unlock the cell door. He just pulls it back as if it was never locked and there's no security.


Correction: Exactly. The guard left the cell door unlocked so Bob could get in. He even said something to Harold and Kumar about enjoying their time with Bob.


Corrected entry: When Kumar kisses Vanessa after breaking up the wedding, everyone claps. For everyone to clap it would mean that none of them were pissed that Colton just got knocked out and broken up with. And if he was so bad that his own family would clap then she'd have surely picked that up by then. (01:37:55)


Correction: This is not the case. There are people in the front rows on the groom's side (presumably his family) that are not clapping. They are looking unhappily at each other. The groom's friend standing next to Harold is not clapping either.


Corrected entry: When Harold and Kumar are on the plane with the CIA, the guy with glasses takes down the bald guy and is pointing the bald guy's gun down at him. In the next scene, the guy with glasses is sent out the airplane door along with the gun, but when Harold and Kumar are sky diving, the gun is again in the bald guy's hand.

Correction: Wrong. When Bleecher (the guy with glasses) falls from the plane you can see that he drops his gun inside the plane. So, the bald guy having the gun later is not anything strange, because the gun was lying just next to him before Harold and Kumar jumped from the plane.

Continuity mistake: When Harold and Kumar arrive in Texas, the rear license plate on their car is a Texas plate. The car's front plate is from Virginia when they are in front of the whorehouse. The rear plate changes back to Virginia once they get to the house.

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Kumar Patel: I've never sucked a dick before. I bet it sucks dick!

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Trivia: This film was originally produced as a direct-to-video movie, as the first film sold very well on DVD. However, the decision was eventually made to release it theatrically. It ended up grossing nearly twice what the first film did.

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