Iron Man

Corrected entry: Whilst searching in the desert, the lead terrorist is handed the iron mask. In one shot, the mask is down. But in the next shot, the mask is suddenly raised.

Casual Person

Correction: We don't see the terrorists who found the mask walk the whole way up to the leader (in order to save time). So when we first see him holding the mask, he's much further away. In the next shot, it's next to the leader and would have had plenty of time to rotate the mask in order to present it to the leader.


Corrected entry: Before the final press conference ("I am Iron Man"), Tony Stark's collar is unbuttoned and tie off-centre while getting ready and talking with Pepper, but immediately during the press conference his collar is buttoned and tie much neater (it doesn't seem to be in Stark's character to suddenly bother to button up his collar if he needs Pepper to help him get ready with his jacket and pocket square - which also disappears throughout the whole press conference - and with his tie already on).

01:54:05 - 01:56:10

Correction: The pocket square "mistake" has already been corrected as a joke in the film. However, Tony is extremely vain and would certainly be capable of buttoning his shirt and straightening his tie, and it doesn't take that much time to do so. He would certainly do so and has plenty of time. He didn't need Pepper to help dress him, she was simply caring for him in a loving way. The same way a mother might brush her child's hair down with her hand doesn't mean the child is incapable of combing his own hair.


Corrected entry: When Pepper was helping Tony with replacing his mini reactor she yanked out the electromagnet. lf she did that then simply putting the new reactor in his chest (like Tony did) would do him no good.


Correction: The copper wire was wrapped around a permanent magnet hence why it is obviously a black ferrite ring. The casing the arc reactor is going into either has an electro-magnet at the bottom or is in itself an electro-magnet. The permanent magnet is a just in case solution that only has enough strength to keep the metal particles from shifting for a short while.

Corrected entry: Iron man rescues a man who is about to be executed in front of his family. Before the relieved son runs up to his father you see a shot of the wife with her two children. The scene takes place in an poor afghan mountain village. Still the mother manages to display a set of perfectly manicured fingernails.


Correction: Poor does not mean dirty or scruffy and there is no need to assume a afghani woman will necessarily have soiled fingernails. Grooming fingernails is not a particularly hi-tech task unless you are perhaps a refugee and it is perfectly conceivable in quiet mountain village prior to an armed militia raid. Not a movie mistake.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Tony is trying to get out of the suit and just before he says "Lets face it, this is not the worst thing you have caught me doing", you can see Captain America's shield under his right arm.

Cam Slusser

Correction: Already submitted as trivia.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: In Tony's workshop is a silver clock resting on a shelf with his model airplanes. At one point, this clock is stopped reading a little after midnight (a stopped clock is a common technique used by filmmakers to keep continuity problems to a minimum between shots,) and it is rational that Tony would display the clock for its artistic or sentimental value even if it was broken, but later the clock reads about ten past nine, showing that someone has changed the time.

Correction: If it's later, it is possible someone changed the time for whatever reason. Since it is later, and not the same series of shots, it's not a mistake. Or, it just doesn't work properly. I have a clock on my wall that reads slow, and I just got tired of always correcting it, so it usually shows the wrong time. It's just decorative.


Corrected entry: Tony has a news conference after his escape and is handed a burger as he gets out of his Rolls Royce. As he walks into the room he eats the last bite of the burger.We can tell that there's nothing left in the paper bag. When he sits on the floor in front of the podium he pulls a burger out of his pocket and eats it. The second burger appeared out of nowhere. This mistake can not be explained by saying he bought more than 1 burger because when Obediah asks him if he brought a burger for him Tony says it's the last one left.


Correction: Tony claims that it's the last one left. That doesn't have to be the truth. He's been craving cheeseburgers for months - hardly unreasonable that he wouldn't want to share.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the film Tony Stark's Hummer is ambushed. When the soldier sitting to Stark's left leaves the vehicle, closes the door and is immediately shot, many of the rounds fired at him puncture holes in the side of the car. If these rounds were powerful enough to punch holes through a flack jacket, the soldier's body and a car door, how is it that Tony Stark leaves the Hummer completely unscathed considering how close he is sitting to the holes they made? Given the distribution of the holes in the side of the car, he would almost certainly have been riddled with bullets and killed.


Correction: "Almost certainly" is not a mistake. As improbable as it seems, the bullets missed him. Since we cannot prove the trajectory of the bullets or that he was directly in their path, it is impossible to say that he must have been hit.

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: At the beginning, when Stark is talking to the female soldier driving the Humvee, the communications radio inside the vehicle beside her is not connected to the vehicle's antenna. If it was, you would see a coax cable connected to the antenna connector on the front upper right corner. The radio will not transmit properly without the cable connected.

Correction: When a military radio is mounted in a vehicle the antenna is connected through the mounting rack as this contains the power amplifier for extended range. The antenna connection you are refering to is used when the radio is dismounted from the vehicle and is stuffed in the top of a soldier's rucksack with the antenna sticking up over his/her head.

Corrected entry: During Stark's construction of the Iron Man Mark II suit, a line of 4 cars can be seen in his garage: a grey Audi, a blue Cobra, an orange Saleen and a grey Tesla Roadster. Later, when Stark falls through the roof of his house and lands on the Cobra, a fifth car can be seen between the Saleen and the Tesla: a 30's convertible.

01:01:00 - 01:04:40


Correction: The two scenes occur with quite a lot of time between them. Stark could have moved the car there from some where else, or even have only just bought it within that time.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When Iron Man is creating his miniature arc reactor, he takes apart a missile's core. The kidnapped scientist asks him, "what is that?" Robert Downey says, ".15 grams of palladium. I need at least 1.6 grams. Why don't you start on the other 11?" .15 x 11 = 1.65. But he already has .15 from the first one he took apart. He only needs 10 more to have enough. 11 more would give him a total of 1.80 grams. With a particle as powerful as the movie makes it out to be, that could be the difference between blowing the crap out of yourself and a working product.

Correction: He could be asking the scientist to open up the other 11 cores in case one of the samples is unusable, for whatever reason. Besides, his wording, as you stated, was "at least 1.60 grams". That means he calculated that to be the bare minimum. He does not indicate that more is a problem. In fact, he specifically implies, by saying "at least" rather than "precisely", that more is NOT a problem at all.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Corrected entry: When Iron Monger throws Iron Man into the bus and it explodes, an Audi R8 suddenly appears on the road. This is explained in the deleted scenes, where Rhodes drives an Audi R8 into Iron Monger to help Tony, but still a mistake in the finshed movie.

Brad Premium member

Correction: Though explained in deleted scenes this could also be seen to the audience as just someone else with the car in the wrong spot at the wrong time.

Corrected entry: When Pepper Potts is in Obadiah's office going though his files, she stumbles upon the video filmed by the terrorists when they captured Tony Stark. Obadiah Stane's name is mentioned by the terrorist in his read-out in the presence of Stark, so shouldn't that raise Stark's suspicious that Stane is somehow involved with his capture?


Correction: Not really, no. Stark doesn't speak the language, so he has no idea of the context of what's being said. He's an extremely rich industrialist, so it's entirely reasonable that he would simply assume that they were making the video as a ransom demand. Stane, as his number-two at the company, would be the obvious receipient of such a demand, as Stark has no living family, so hearing Stane's name mentioned would be unsurprising.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: In the opening scene when Tony Stark is riding in a non up armored HMMWV in Afghanistan with several members of the US Air Force. You can tell the HMMWV is not armored by looking at the holes in the side of the vehicle when its attacked. An up armored HMMWV has 1-2 inch thick glass and armor and the holes look dramatically different. There is no way the US military would allow someone of Tony Stark's profile to be riding around in a non-armored vehicle. Months after the US military attacked Afghanistan a General Order prohibited these types of vehicles from leaving protected bases.

Correction: The Army has never, at any point in it's history had enough new equipment to supply everyone, at once. 90%-plus of the up-armoring kits for Humvees are going to Iraq. Whoever was in charge of his security simply didn't have one available.

Grumpy Scot

There is an entry stating that that is no longer like it was a few years ago.

Corrected entry: The broadcast of the news conference at the end of the movie has Lt. Col. Rhodes listed as "Col. James Rhodes". He is a Lt. Col, because of the silver oak leaf cluster. In an official capacity a Lt. Col. would not be referred to as a full Colonel.


Correction: News broadcasts in the real world frequently make mistakes, so it can't really be considered an error when the news media in a movie makes a mistake as well.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Iron Man is shot at by a tank, only a few hundred yards away. Iron Man side steps the shot - which passes by at about chest level then destroys the tank with an arm-mounted missile. However, when the tank fired first, it fired downwardly (based on level of turret). Therefore, when Iron Man side stepped the shot, the round that flew by should have exploded some short distance behind him. It never does.

Correction: Modern tanks are generally between 2.2 and 2.5 metres in height, putting the main cannon at about the two metre mark. If the shell passes Stark at chest height (let's say 1.2 metres), then it's only lost an altitude of eighty centimetres in several hundred yards of flight. To travel the remaining 1.2 metres to impact on the ground would take it a considerable distance, more than enough that we would not see the impact occurring.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where Tony is paralyzed, his shirt covers his RT chest plate (repulsor transmitter)). This remains consistent until Obadiah is about to take the RT out of his chest, in this shot a circle around the RT is cut out of the shirt.

Correction: There's no hole until after Obadiah extracts the reactor. The dark shadow of the extraction device is briefly visible on Tony's shirt just as Obadiah applies it; this could be mistaken for a hole, but the shirt is still fully intact.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: When Obediah inserts the arc into his suit, he twists it and a sound effect is heard that denotes that it's locked into place, yet when he moves his hand away, you can see that the arc moves, almost as if to fall out.

Correction: I watched for this and could not see it, even in slow motion.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When Ironman lowers the Audi SUV back to the ground, the female driver accelerates away in a panic with Ironman trying to hold onto the hood. After he loses his grip you see him slide along the pavement, as the driver continues to drag Ironman along underneath the SUV. When he finally lifts up the end of the rear of the SUV to free himself, he is being dragged in the same direction of travel as the vehicle. However, when he frees himself, he begins to roll back toward the camera. Once he gets free, momentum should have continued to cause him to roll forward/away from the camera, in th direction he had been travelling, not back towards it.

Correction: Incorrect. The camera is not stationary - it's following the SUV at approximately the same speed as the vehicle is travelling. Once Tony frees himself from under the car, friction between his armour and the road surface slows him rapidly, allowing the camera, which is still moving at the same speed, to catch up and overtake him.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: When Stark escapes from his captors wearing the first Iron Man suit, towards the end of the scene he is shot up by a .50 caliber machine gun. Those bullets would have gone straight through the improvised suit, which is only made of those common metals that Stark had access to in the cave and weapons cache, and out the other side.

Correction: We don't know how the suit is designed. He had access to a great deal of advanced technology, as the reason he was there was to build an advanced weapon. He obviously designed the suit with the intention of repelling the weapons he knew they had.

Stark may have had access to a great deal of access to advanced technology, but the only metals he had were metals that are relatively common on earth. Metals that are relatively common on earth are not strong enough to stop bullets from a 50 caliber machine gun bullets, and there is no way to melt common metals on earth, and mix them to create an alloy strong enough to stop 50 caliber machine gun bullets even with advanced technology.

And there's no way to make an arc reactor either, or create much of the technology we see in the movies. Ultimately some degree of suspension of disbelief is necessary.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where Stark is riding in an Air Force convoy that begins to take on small arms fire, one of the troops shouts "Contact Left!" This is to tell everyone else where the hostile contact is coming from so that they don't expose themselves directly to enemy fire. In this scenario all occupants would exit the right side of the vehicle where there is cover and return fire. The driver of that vehicle jumps out on the left side which is absolutely not the way Air Force combat troops are trained - beyond a simple character mistake. (I would know, I am one and I've been there.) It's no surprise that the driver is immediately shot.

Correction: It's not far fetched that an inexperienced soldier would panic and go against his/her training and do something crazy like jump in the line of fire. I would know this, I've seen it many times.

Corrected entry: When Stark tests his boots in the lab, they do not leave burn marks on his cars as he hovers above them. The heat generated is enough to cause red-hot embers to spew across the floor, so they should create significant damage to the cars.

Correction: No, they're repulsors (a fictional technology, as discussed as part of the Jericho missile system) that don't generate heat. The sparks are from the repulsor system, not heating. This is consistent with how all other repulsors are demonstrated (e.g. the ones in his gauntlets).

Corrected entry: When Tony is having his chest generator replaced Pepper pulls out the magnet. When he has to use the old generator again after the new one is stolen the magnet is not replaced.

Correction: We never see him put the old arc reactor back in. He may have re-installed the magnet or the reactor may have functioned without the magnet.

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: Why would Obadiah Stane keep the video message of the 'terrorist' demanding more money for killing Tony Stark? If he wanted the company, just give them the extra money they requested to kill him and be done with it.

Correction: It could be for insurance, as a contingency in case the terrorists ever plan to double-cross him.

Cubs Fan Premium member

Corrected entry: The scene where Yinsen tries to buy Stark more time by firing wildly as he chases the guards down a hallway, only to find himself outnumbered, is almost an exact replica as the scene in Star Wars Episode IV when Han Solo is led into an ambush by stormtroopers.

Correction: Having a scene that is similar to a scene in another movie, or even an exact copy, is not a mistake.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Pepper is in Tony's office downloading the data from the ghost drive, she sees the plans for Obadiah's suit under the heading, 'Sector 16'. Later, however, in the scene where she is in the Stark building with the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents attempting to arrest Obadiah, she says they are looking for 'Section 16'. When they finally find the door, it even says 'Section 16' on it, as opposed to 'Sector 16', as it was labeled in the file.

Correction: Already submitted and corrected.

Corrected entry: Towards the end of the film, when Tony's army friend takes out the Audi instead of the used Iron Man suit, the Audi is, at the same time, being used by Pepper - as in the next shot she is arriving at Stark Industries.

Correction: Pepper has her own car.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Tony is testing the maximum altitude capabilities of the mark 02 suit, a schematic of a jet briefly appears in the bottom right hand corner of his head's up display. The jet is the Blackbird - the same jet used by fellow Marvel characters the X men.

Correction: The schematic shown is of the real life Lockheed SR-71 "Blackbird" aircraft, not the fictional aircraft of the same name used by the X-Men. While the look of the fictional jet was based superficially on the real-life Blackbird, the two are very different.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: The first time he flies and lands on the roof, he goes through the bedroom, living room, then the garage. Then, later when he goes to save Pepper, he flies directly through the roof out of his garage.

Correction: The first time they show him going through the bedroom, living room, then the garage. Later they show him going through the the roof, then cut to him exiting the garage. They just didn't show the other rooms to save time. There's no point: it's already been shown, we know where he passes through on his way out.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: During the scene where Tony finally successfully flies in the garage. One of the robotic arms has a camera on it. This camera is a Phantom brand high speed camera. All of these cameras only have connections for power and video in the back of the camera, but there is nothing connected to it.

Correction: He's just built a flying armored robotic suit which, when finished, ends up armed to the gills with advanced weaponry and technology. I think a comparatively simple modification to a camera isn't out of the question.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When Pepper helps Tony stark get his new electromagnet into his chest, you can see when Pepper fits it in, Tony locks it in place, turning it to the right. When Obediah takes it out, he turns it to the right - the same direction Tony used to lock it in place.

richard dryja

Correction: Many devices use this type of locking mechanism. Turning the device in one direction locks, then unlocks, then locks the device, similar to a ratchet. Since we never see inside Tony's chest we have to accept that the movement is correct.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: In the scene when Tony is brought outside by his captors to inventory what is available to build the rocket, he is seen carrying the car battery in between his right arm and the side of his torso. Tony Stark was never known to have superhuman strength, and he was in a very weakened condition as it is. There is no way that a person of his size would be able to carry a battery that large in such a manner without struggling to support it, even with two hands.

Correction: You don't need to be 'superhuman' to be able to carry a car battery! And seeing as Stark has a vested interest to carry it otherwise he dies, thats plenty of incentive to be able to carry it.

Corrected entry: When we first see the operation where Tony had Pepper take the chest thing out, before she takes it out, it pops out about a half an inch past the metal case that holds it. Later, we see that Pepper has displayed it in a glass case. Later,(SPOILER) when Obediah takes Tony's newer one out, Tony finds the one that Pepper displayed and puts it into his chest. This time, the same chestpiece that popped out a couple of days ago now sinks just below the rim of the metal case inside Tony's chest.

Correction: Pepper pulls out the first chest piece then pulls out the circular electromagnet that it was resting on. When Stark puts the original chest piece back in it is no longer resting on the magnet, so it sinks deeper into the chest socket.

Corrected entry: We spend a good 20 odd minutes of the movie watching Tony Stark getting used to moving around and flying in his Ironman suit. Yet Obidiah manages to use the bigger version of Mach-I the moment he steps into it, including controlled flight.

Correction: We don't see any of the development of the larger suit. Obidiah has obviously been closely involved with it, so he's probably tested out most of the systems.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: The insignia for a Lt. Colonel in the Air Force is an eagle. However, when Rhodes is wearing his dress blues, the insignia on his shoulder lapels is a maple leaf, which denotes a Major.

Correction: No it's not, the "full bird" Eagle badge refers to a Colonel, the rank above Lt. Colonel. The insignia for a Lt.Col is a silver maple leaf, gold leaves denote Major ranks. Rhodes' insignia is correct.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Stark/Iron Man gets off the plane after escaping capture and talks to his assistant (forgot her name), his beard looks as though it has been shaved since his time in that cave where he builds his first Iron Man suit and escapes. Either he carries a shaver with him, or there's one on the plane.

Correction: Clearly time will have passed. Stark will have been debriefed by the military about his experiences, he'll have been checked over medically, they didn't just pull him out of the desert, chuck him in the back of a plane and send him home. There's been plenty of time for Stark to find a shaver, particularly as, given that he'll know that he's facing a press conference when he returns, he'll want to try and clean himself up a little.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: Why do the jihadis in the beginning want Stark to make them the jericho missile system? They obviously were able to buy it from Obidiah anyway.

Correction: This is a question about character choices, not a mistake.


Corrected entry: During the scene where Pepper is replacing Stark's heart device, his breathing in the computer-generated chest area is different from the rest of his (real) chest area. The computer-generated chest area looks rather fake, especially when his real chest is shown a few minutes later.

Correction: As has already been noted in the previous submission that was corrected, there is no computer-generated chest area. Robert Downey, Jr. wore a prosthetic on his real chest. The only thing that is faked is the illusion of a "hole." The rest of it is real.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: In the scene that shows Pepper Potts helping stark install his new heart, she pushes it in his chest, then turns it to the right. How would she know she had to turn it after putting it in?

Correction: This is a question, not a mistake. However, the answer is "habit". If she's ever opened a jar, she'd know the cap goes on, then gets turned. Here she places the part, then gives it a turn as a normal check to assure it's secured. If I were putting it there, I wouldn't assume to just push it in and let go. I'd give it a wiggle and turn to assure it would stay put.


Corrected entry: In The scene right after Pepper changes Tony's "heart," you can see right through him.

Correction: How? Explain this mistake more, please.

Brad Premium member

Corrected entry: In the US Military control room one of the men says something about having an "A-Whack" in the area. What he means is an AWACS. AWACS is an acronym that stands for Airborne Early Warning and Control and is never called "A-Whack".

Correction: As the submitter himself chose not to include the word that 'S' stands for, he has disproved his own claim that it is "never" called "AWAC". Even the Air Force finds AWAC acceptable enough to put on their uniforms (See:


Corrected entry: Tony Stark is seen with a LG VX9400, a phone only available on Verizon's network and not a world phone. He also seen having a video conference call with Obadiah Stane, but this is not possible because the phone does not have this feature and the camera is on the other side of the phone. For phone: For service:

Good Job!

Correction: Stark is a genius with unlimited wealth. It would be easy for him to obtain one of these phones and modify it to do many things. For all we know the only thing original about the phone is the case.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: When Stark needs to have his power cell replaced by Pepper, the fake chest used for the effect moves up and down to simulate breathing. But watch him closely and you can see that his real breathing doesn't match what the chest's doing.

Correction: That's not likely as the top part of the opening was a physical prop attached to RDJ's chest during the scene. The "hole" was the added special effect.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: In the scene where Iron Man is shot down by the tank he emerges from the crater and stands to face the tank, at which point the tank fires a second round at him. You can see the smoke trail of the round as he dodges it, but the round just keeps flying into thin air. Given the trajectory and velocity of the smoke trail the round should have immediately struck an object behind Iron Man, a building or structure perhaps? The ground even, but if you listen carefully the round flies by Iron Man and there is complete silence, no explosion behind Iron Man whatsoever.

lil samurai

Correction: Iron Man is standing in the main "street" of the town, with nothing in the path behind him. There were no buildings or cars behind him, so the missile simply flew straight out into the desert.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: In the scene when Obediah approaches the Middle-Eastern villain and makes him act stunned, the scar on the side of the villain's head is redder than it was in previous scenes.

Correction: The device Obediah uses causes the "villain's" veins to bulge all over his face. This would likely cause his wounds to swell and begin bleeding/seeping.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: When Iron Man tells the refugees, "He's all yours," his voice is robotic like. But later in the film, when he faces off against Jeff Bridges, his voice is normal and not disguised at all.

Correction: When talking to the refugees he disguises his voice through the computer because he doesn't want anyone to know who he is. Jeff Bridges' character already knows who he is so there's no need for it.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: Stane calls his secret lab Sector 16, and it comes up in the computer files as Sector 16. However, when it is first approached, Potts calls it Section 16, which is how it is labeled on the door.

Correction: This is a character human error. Not a fault of the film-makers. Sector and Section can be easily mistaken and interchanged even in our real world.

Corrected entry: When Tony Stark orders drinks for him and Pepper, he places a $100 bill in the tip jar, but in the next shot, the bill is gone.

Correction: The bartender took it. Who wouldn't seize a $100 tip as fast as they could?

Corrected entry: Towards the end when Stark is going to the press conference where he reveals he is Iron Man, Pepper fixes his pocket square, but at the press conference it is not there anymore. The pocket square disappeared.

Correction: The joke here is that despite Pepper fussing so much with the pocket square, Stark just removes it after he leaves the room since he doesn't want it there anyway. Favreau has even discussed this subtle joke a few times in interviews.

Corrected entry: In his lab Tony drinks from a glass filled with nasty-looking green liquid. Look very carefully at the glass; it's a movie prop with an inner wall to make it look full when there's very little liquid in it (you can see the residue of the liquid on the outer and inner walls of the glass).

Correction: Your imaginary "prop glass" submission for Batman Begins was already corrected as false, and the case is the same in this movie. I just watched the scene and there's no such insert. And what would be the point of such a thing? Could they not afford to fill a glass all the way with green liquid? In the scene he's shown with the glass only about 1.5 inches of liquid in it. If your proposed prop insert were actually there, it would be only taking up about 5% of the volume of the glass.

Corrected entry: After facing the silver robot, Tony Stark is lying on the roof of his building as his heart electromagnet is flickering on and off due to low power. In the next scene, Tony Stark is fine. However, he needs the magnet to survive. There are only two in existence; the one dying in his chest and the one in the incinerated machine below. Since Tony Stark is the only one who seems to know how to build a new one, and since neither is available to keep him alive, how is he apparently just fine in the next scene with a working heart machine?

Correction: In that scene, the electromagnet is completely off at the start. It then begins to flicker back to life, and at the end of the scene is shown pretty much back on again. It's supposed to show that he had a pretty close call, but pulled through. He could easily survive the 1-2 seconds where the magnet is completely off (as shown earlier where his advanced power supply gets stolen).

Gary O'Reilly

Corrected entry: In the scene right after Iron Man saves the refugees in Afghanistan and he is flying away he is randomly shot down by a tank's main cannon. Tank guns can't hit fast-moving airborne targets - it would be impossible to track and shoot them down.

lil samurai

Correction: It's simply a lucky shot. They aimed the gun ahead of him and got a hit.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: Tony's driver is named Hoagie, as a reference to Happy Hogan, who saved Tony's life in the comics, and became his chauffeur.

Correction: This isn't a "reference"; it's the same character, even listed in the credits.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: The car battery's connection to the electronmagnet in Tony's chest changes appearance several times, from being one wire, to two, and in some cases there's no wire visible at all.

Correction: There are always two wires. In some scenes the wires are not easily seen but they're always there.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: Stark supposedly graduated from MIT "summa cum laude", but MIT doesn't assign honours to graduates.

Correction: Even when schools don't issue the honors, they've come to be accepted as terms for specific grade point averages. Summa cum laude means 4.0 or perfect to near-perfect grades.

Corrected entry: During the scene when Iron Man is being attacked by the two jets, a red light is flashing in the command center. That red light is supposed to signify an "uncleared" person in the room. Not an intense situation like it did in the movie.

Correction: The light exists in an imaginary room full of imaginary characters made up for the movie. How can you know what anything should or shouldn't do contrary to its function inside the movie?

Corrected entry: Towards the end of the flashback that occurs in the beginning of the movie, Tony is taking a video conference call. The LG logo to the left of the screen disappears at the end of the call.

Correction: The phone used was a LG VX9400 slide phone. The screen slides up and flips. The logo moves from the left to the bottom of the screen when it closes.

Corrected entry: One scene shows two children eating ice cream cones on a ferris wheel. Amusement parks/carnivals do not allow food on the rides.

Correction: Just wrong. I've been on plenty of ferris wheels with ice cream, drinks and other snacks (such as cotton candy).

Gary O'Reilly

Corrected entry: When the two planes are flying beside Iron Man he uses the boosters on the palm of his hand but never moves his hand.

Correction: More than likely, he has alternative means of controlling them other than his hand movements, as he would want to keep himself as aerodynamic as possible during flight, and moving his hands around could throw him off.

Corrected entry: When Tony first crash-lands in the desert after escaping from his captives, there should have been a crater formed from landing with such a velocity.

Correction: He crashed in sand. Sand has a tendency to fill in holes when they are made. This would include craters.

Corrected entry: Watch Robert Downey Jr.'s mustache at the beginning of the movie. At one point, his mustache only extends about half-way up his lip; supposedly 36 hours later, his mustache is completely covering his upper lip. This weird facial hair change occurs several times throughout the movie.

Correction: Some people's mustache hair grows very quickly. It took me 6 months to grow one, but I need to trim it at least once a week to keep it from growing over my lip. My brother-in-law has to trim his daily, and his beard twice a day.

Corrected entry: When the local villagers are backing away into their caves, as the terrorists are shooting them all, a boom mic can be seen overhead briefly.

Correction: A fault of the theatre you watched it in, not the movie.

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Tony Stark: My old man had a philosophy: Peace means having a bigger stick than the other guy.
Christine Everheart: That's a great line coming from the guy selling the sticks.



When Iron Man and Iron Monger are fighting, Iron Man catches the SUV, and you can see the family inside the car. Although the car is completely vertical, the hair of the people in the car seem to defy gravity.



Notice they don't play the lyrics with the "Iron Man" song in the closing credits. That's because the Black Sabbath song was not about the comic book Iron Man. There are many theories about what the song means, but the most popular is that it is about a man who travels to the future and sees the apocalypse. They couldn't use the lyrics to describe the Iron Man in the movie: He was turned to steel - In the great magnetic field - Where he traveled time - For the future of mankind. Now the time is here - For Iron Man to spread fear - Vengeance from the grave - Kills the people he once saved.