Brannigan (1975)

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Corrected entry: When Brannigan asks if he should call Swann "sir", the commander says that the title was handed down from some ancestor. However, a knighthood from the British Monarchy is not hereditary. It dies with the holder.

Correction: Swann states that it is a military courtesy title handed down from an ancestor. That opens the possibility of Swann inheriting a Baronet title, since they are addressed as 'Sir'.


Continuity mistake: During the car chase the jaguar goes over Tower Bridge. Look at the landing - there is no skip or roadworks to be seen, but when the Capri comes over it ends up in a skip surrounded by roadworks.

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Cmdr. Charles Swann: This isn't Chicago.
Brannigan: You're right, you can't get a decent burger anywhere in this town.

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Trivia: Production of this movie was not easy for John Wayne. The actor was suffering from heart problems and had only just recovered from a severe bout of pneumonia.

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