Drillbit Taylor
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Filkins: You're Siamese queers, bitches.

Emmit: You're the bitch.
Filkins: Huh?
Emmit: Aaaaah that's right.

Drillbit Taylor: I'm Drillbit Taylor... US Army ranger, black-ops operative, decorated marksman, improvised weapons expert.
Wade: Are you still in the military?
Drillbit Taylor: I was discharged - unauthorized heroism.

Ronnie: Holy crap, you guys are retarded.

Buyer: I tell you what, I'll give you 1,500 for everything.
Don: 1,500? Come on, man. This stuff holds a lot of sentimental value.
Buyer: To who?
Don: To the poeple I stole it from.
Buyer: I don't care about them. 1,500.

Ryan: Remember what that douche bag Drillbit taught us? Mind over Pain.

Revealing mistake: Even though Drillbit's pinkie was supposedly cut off by the sword, you can see it is just bent out of sight.

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Trivia: When the boys are interviewing the prospective bodyguards, Adam Baldwin has a brief credited cameo as one of the bodyguard possibilities who states, "Kids hiring a bodyguard to take care of a bully? Stupidest thing I ever heard!" Particularly amusing since this references Adam's first film My Bodyguard, during which he becomes a fellow student's bodyguard.

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