Drillbit Taylor

Drillbit Taylor (2008)

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When it seems that Wade, Ryan and Emmit are gonna lose the fight against Filkins and Ronnie.. Drillbit (Owen Wilson) shows up to save the day. He gets punched a few times by Filkins and doesn't fight back because he's afraid of hitting a minor... until some kid that's watching the fight tells Drillbit that Filkins is 18 years old. Drillbit fights back and beats up Filkins. The cops show up and Drillbit runs away. Filkins, not wanting to lose the fight, throws a sword at the three friends but Drillbit catches it and loses his pinky. Wade and Brooke kiss. Ryan accepts Emmit as his friend. Drillbit is arrested and gets out of jail in 3 weeks. He and the English teacher get back together. Filkins goes to Hong Kong to live with his parents. Wade and his friends continue their high school days without any bully problems...

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Even though Drillbit's pinkie was supposedly cut off by the sword, you can see it is just bent out of sight.



When the boys are interviewing the prospective bodyguards, Adam Baldwin has a brief credited cameo as one of the bodyguard possibilities who states, "Kids hiring a bodyguard to take care of a bully? Stupidest thing I ever heard!" Particularly amusing since this references Adam's first film My Bodyguard, during which he becomes a fellow student's bodyguard.