Lars and the Real Girl

The town eventually accepts Lars and Bianca's relationship. Meanwhile. Lars and Bianca drift apart. Bianca "dies" when Lars comes out of his shell. He pretends she dies because he does not feel he needs to have her anymore. Everyone in town who became friends with her attends her funeral. At the cemetery, after Bianca is buried, Gus thanks Dr. Dagmar for her help. Lars and Margo talk about Bianca and that they're going to miss her. Lars asks Margo if they can go for a walk and she says yes.

Racer X

Continuity mistake: When Lars approaches Margo in her booth in their office, you can already see some letters in the third line of the last paragraph on her screen. When he is leaving, she continues typing, but there, you see her just beginning the third line. (01:08:00 - 01:09:00)

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Margo: What are you doing Friday night?
Lars Lindstrom: I have a school board meeting. Bianca got elected, so.

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