The Last Supper

The Last Supper (1995)

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Corrected entry: The group poison a dozen or so people and dispose of their bodies by burying them in their own garden. Many of their victims are notable celebrities - television presenters, authors, leaders of large and vocal pressure groups. Not one of these people, not ONE, told their assistants or their secretaries where they were going and what they were doing on the night they were murdered? Not one single trace was left for the police to follow? Absolutely impossible.

Correction: Where on earth did you get the idea that most of the victims were celebrities/famous? The Christian minister, the Nation of Islam minister, Zach, the Nazi with the Swastikas and the man who beats up hobos are all ordinary people without any sort of large following or fame. As made clear in the airport meeting at the end with Arbuthnot, the graduates are adept at making friends quickly and inviting them to dinner that same evening, which means that even more high profile figures like the anti-abortion campaigner and Arbuthnot himself would not have had time to discuss the matter with their secretaries/assistants. As seen in the newspaper that Arbuthnot picks up at the end, the victims are all local, making it easier to meet them in person.

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